Datalogic QuickScan Desk - L D2330 Laser Scanner

Datalogic QuickScan Desk - L D2330 Laser Scanner
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Datalogic QuickScan Desk - L D2330 Laser Scanner

NEW! The Datalogic QuickScan Laser Desk barcode scanner is a compact and lightweight corded laser scanner. It features a wide scanning angle to allow larger barcodes to be read from a shorter distance. The Datalogic QuickScan scanner is ideal for office and retail applications including gift shops, boutiques, sporting goods, jewellers, video stores and florists. Optional gooseneck stand for hands free scanning of barcodes.

The QuickScan reader series is Datalogic Scanning’s value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. As an entry level scanner, the QuickScan L scanner provides a simple solution for those who prefer laser scanning technology and need to read bar codes at nominal distances. A wider than usual scan angle provides the ability to read a longer bar code from a shorter distance.

Perfect for use in retail and office environments, its small, lightweight and ergonomic design is comfortable to use during daily operations. The QuickScan L reader has snappy reading performance and is capable of reading a wide range of symbologies including the majority of 1D codes plus GS1 DataBar™ linear codes.

The QuickScan L reader has been designed with durability in mind. One of the most vulnerable features of any scanner is damage to the scan window. When such incidents happen, the scanner may have to be replaced. The QuickScan L reader was specifically designed so that a replacement window pack can be ordered to replace damaged or scratched windows without having to send the scanner away for repairs. This helps to reduce the total cost of ownership during the life of the scanner and helps to ensure that it is always available for use.

Each QuickScan L reader comes with multiple interfaces which cover the most popular interfaces and includes various packaging options so that it can be ordered as the scanner only or as a kit equipped with a scanner, cable and stand to facilitate hand-free reading options.

Datalogic QuickScan D2330 Laser Scanner Features and Benefits

  • Wider scan angle for longer code reading
  • User replaceable scan window
  • Multi-interface solution for the most popular interfaces
  • Supports GS1 DataBar™ linear codes
  • Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP42
  • Drop resistance to 1.5 m / 4.9 ft
  • 20 kV Electrostatic protection (air discharge)
  • 3-Year Factory Warranty

    Datalogic QuickScan D2330 Laser Scanner Data Sheet (.pdf 220KB)
    Datalogic QuickScan D2330 Laser Scanner Install/User Guide (.pdf 1.2MB)

    *Order Online the Datalogic QuickScan D2330 Laser USB Kit. Includes scanner, cable, and manual. Color: Black. Cable P/N CAB-426. (CAB-426 is for use with the QuickScan/Gryphon/Dragon/Lynx/Heron/Touch USB - 2 Meter (6'), USB , Plug, Power off Terminal , Straight , Direct-connect cable). PC/MAC compatible. No Stand. Order Stand seperately.

  • Accessories

    Datalogic QD2330-BKK1S QuickScan D2330 Laser Kit (USB, Cable and Stand) - Color: Black.  Cable:  CAB-426.  ( USB Type A - 2 Meter (6'), USB , Plug, Power off Terminal , Straight )
    Regular price: $195.00
    Web price: $137.10
    Datalogic QD2330-BKK3 QuickScan D2330 Laser Keyboard Wedge Kit  (Includes: Keyboard Wedge Cable, Manual). Color: Black.  Cable (CAB-321, IBM PS/2 Straight Cable, 6.5',  Power Off Terminal, MiniDin Wedge)
    Regular price: $170.00
    Web price: $123.90
    Datalogic QD2330-BK  QuickScan D2330 (Laser) - Color: Black.  Scanner Only.  Requires a cable.
    Regular price: $170.00
    Web price: $123.90
    Datalogic STD-QD20-WH Stand, Gooseneck, White.   For use with the QuickScan 2XXX Series Scanners.
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $21.10
    Datalogic STD-QD20-BK  Quickscan QD2100 and Desk - L QD2330 Gooseneck Stand, Color:  Black
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $21.10
    Datalogic 90ACC1882 PG5-05P55 AC/DC Power Supply.   Does not inlcude a power cord.   Requires power cord.   Order power cord part# 90ACC1886 below.
    Regular price: $23.00
    Web price: $18.20
    Datalogic 90ACC1886 Power Cord (US 2-Pin,  2-Prong)
    Regular price: $7.00
    Web price: $5.90
    Datalogic 90G001020  Cable (IBM AT/XT Straight 5 Pin Din Wedge, 7 foot, straight).   For use with all scanners.
    Regular price: $16.00
    Web price: $16.00
    Datalogic 11-0318 Scan Window Replace | QuickScan Laser, Imager Pack of 5
    Regular price: $15.00
    Web price: $14.90
    Datalogic 4004-0849 Power Supply, 5VDC, ROHS (Power Adapter USA Part# 6003-0936, Sold Separately.)   For use with the Gryphon.
    Regular price: $16.00
    Web price: $16.00
    Datalogic 6003-0936 Adapter, Power Plug, US/Japan (Use with 4004-0849)
    Regular price: $16.00
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    Datalogic 90G000008 CAB-327 Gilbarco Passport RS232 Cable, 2M (6'), 9 pin "D" connector, Socket, Straight, Power off external brick.  For use with the Gryphon 4000/Gryphon Legacy/Dragon/Lynx/Heron/Touch/QSI/Touch.
    Regular price: $16.00
    Web price: $16.00