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Axicon 6515 1D Linear Verifier 4.9" MAX Auto-selects 5,6,10,20 mil aperture (Part# V16515)

Axicon 6515 1D Linear Verifier 4.9" MAX Auto-selects 5,6,10,20 mil aperture (Part# V16515)
Item# V16515
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Product Description

Axicon 6515 1D Linear BarCode Verifier
The Axicon 6515 is designed to verify linear barcodes (with a maximum width, including quiet zones, of 66 mm) such as EAN and UPC barcodes used on products scanned at the retail point-of-sale. This verifier is perfect for product manufacturers, label printers, printers and packagers, and pre-press studios. It is widely used by major retailers worldwide.

Axicon 6515 BarCode Verifier Features & Benefits
Light weight and portable, needing only a USB connection. Verifies to ISO/ IEC standards, with ANSI reporting as an option. Results are immediately displayed on screen, and reports can be printed or e-mailed for remote diagnosis. Reports may be saved automatically to support ISO 9001 quality control procedures. Simple user-friendly calibration, and configuration of how results are displayed. Software

Designed to function with any PC running any currently supported version of Microsoft Windows, Axicon PV-1000 portable display unit and Adndroid devices. Software is always updated to meet latest requirements of the GS1 General Specifications, and is available free of charge from our website.

Product Summary
Independently tested & certified to meet international standards, the Axicon 6515 has been specifically designed to read all linear barcodes with a width of up to 125mm (4.9) including quiet zones. Our development program means that not only will your verifier always meet the latest ISO/ANSI standard, but also a wide range of application standards including GS1-128 & ISBN/ISSN. A wide range of additional reporting tools is also provided

Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier Typical Application
The Axicon 6515 is capable of verifing linear barcodes up to 125mm (4.9) wide making it ideal for both point of sale and traded unit barcodes typically those printed on thermal/thermal transfer printers. For this reason it is widely regarded as the industry standard across many business sectors.

Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier Installation
Simply Install the software on your computer, plug in the verifier and you can be confident that your barcodes are being checked to the highest standards.

Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier Features & Benefits
ISO/ANSI verification standards & traditional verification, symbology auto-dscrimination, automatic variable aperture, scan saving & loading, static reflectance meter, display of X dimension/magnification. product look-up option. Individual bar/space dimensional analysis.

Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier Benefits
  • ISO/ANSI Verification Standards
  • Static Scan Reflectance Measurement
  • AI Data Content Checker (For GS1-128 & GS1 DataBar etc.)
  • Multi Language User Interface
  • USB Connectivity
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labor - return to bench.

    Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier Hardware
    CCD trigger ISO compliant linear barcode verifier. Aperture automatically switchable between 3, 5, 6,10 and 20mil. Scan width 4.9 inches (including light margin). Wavelength of light 660 nm. Weight: 180g. Size: 145 x 113 x 128 mm.

    Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier Connectivity
    USB or RS232 (optional)

    System Requirements
    PC running Windows (95 or later), Apple Macintosh running Mac OSX version 10.2 or later, Axicon PV-1000 portable display unit.

    Axicon 6515 CCD Barcode Verifier Data Sheet(.pdf 455KB)
    Axicon 6515 User Manual (.pdf 255KB)
    YouTube Axicon 6515: How to verify bar codes
    Competitive Advantages of the Axicon 6515 Bar Code Verifier (html. 19KB)
    Axicon Linear BarCode Verifiers User Guide (.pdf 905KB)
    Axicon PV-1000 Portable Display Unit Data Sheet (.pdf 454KB)

    *Order Online theAxicon 6515 1D Linear BarCode Verifier 4.9" MAX Auto-selects 5,6,10,20 mil aperture (Part# V16515). The Axicon 6515 verification system is delivered complete with the bar code scanner (hardware), a CD with the Axicon verifier software (in several languages), a data cable, a quick start guide, a calibration card, compliance certificates, and a protective carry case. *Order Part# V16515 at the top of the page.

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