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BarCode Verifiers

BarCode Verifiers
BarCode Verifiers ISO/ANSI, GS1 Standards - Axicon BarCode Verifiers 6015 6515 7015 PV1000 Displays
Select from Axicon 1d/2d ISO/ANSI Hand Held BarCode Verifiers & Accessories. Also, see Honeywell QuickCheck 800 Series Verifiers & Accessories below.

Axicon BarCode Verifiers are fully ANSI/CEN/ISO compliant. We offer the Axicon 6015, 6515, 7015 and 15000 1d/2d Hand Held BarCode Verifier's, Printers, Portable Displays, Calibration Kits, and accessories. The Axicon Barcode Verifiers conform to the latest ISO/ANSI print quality standards. Axicon Verifier's have been independently tested and conforms to ISO/IEC 15426-1. All Axicon Verifiers have a USB connection and come with free software. Axicon Verifiers sit right on top of the bar code so it's fully ISO compliant and extremely accurate, but the scan window is a fixed width. Here's the breakdown:

Axiconís USB tethered verifiers do not require an optional printeróthe verification report is displayed directly on the host PCís display where they can be easily printed, saved or emailed. Verification reports are easily transferred to a PC (or Mac) from the PV1000 PDU with any USB flash drive, or printed on any 110V wall current or portable serial printer.

The 6015, 6515 and the 7015 barcode verifiers are tethered to the user's PC with the included USB cable. They are complete kits including the verifier, software, cable and calibration card in a hard plastic transit case.

Because they are PC-tethered, they use the computer's display to view the full-color report and the local or network printer to capture a hard copy.

These three devices can also become completely portable with the addition of the PV1000 Portable Display Unit. Axicon has either a 110V wall-current printer that attaches to the PV1000 or a battery powered printer that makes verification completely portable.