Featuring Axicon BarCode Verifiers 6015, 6515, 7015, PV1000, Honeywell QC8501, Display, Printers.

BarCode Verifiers
Axicon BarCode Verifiers 6015 6515 7015 PV1000, Honeywell Quick Check QC8501, Displays, Printers.
Select from Axicon 1d/2d ISO/ANSI Hand Held BarCode Verifiers & Accessories. Also, see Honeywell QuickCheck 800 Series Verifiers & Accessories below.
Axicon BarCode Verifiers are fully ANSI/CEN/ISO compliant. We offer the Axicon 6015, 6515, 7015 and 15000 1d/2d Hand Held BarCode Verifier's, Printers, Portable Displays, Calibration Kits, and accessories. The Axicon Barcode Verifiers conform to the latest ISO/ANSI print quality standards. Axicon Verifier's have been independently tested and conforms to ISO/IEC 15426-1. All Axicon Verifiers have a USB connection and come with free software. Axicon Verifiers sit right on top of the bar code so it's fully ISO compliant and extremely accurate, but the scan window is a fixed width. Here's the breakdown:

Axiconís USB tethered verifiers do not require an optional printeróthe verification report is displayed directly on the host PCís display where they can be easily printed, saved or emailed. Verification reports are easily transferred to a PC (or Mac) from the PV1000 PDU with any USB flash drive, or printed on any 110V wall current or portable serial printer.

These three devices are tethered to the user's PC with the included USB cable. They are complete kits including the verifier, software, cable and calibration card in a hard plastic transit case.

Because they are PC-tethered, they use the computer's display to view the full-color report and the local or network printer to capture a hard copy.

These three devices can also become completely portable with the addition of the PV1000 Portable Display Unit.

Axicon has either a 110V wall-current printer that attaches to the PV1000 or a battery powered printer that makes verification completely portable.

What Type of bar code do you need to scan or print?  Know your Bar Codes (1D, GS1, 2D, QR)
Axicon BarCode Verifiers 6015 6515 7015 Portable Displays PV1000
Axicon 6015 CCD 1D Linear Bar Code Verifier 2.6" MAX 4,5,6,10,20 mil.
Regular price: $2,595.00
Web price: $2,395.00
Axicon PV6015c Bundle.   Includes Axicon PV1000 and 6015 verifier.
Regular price: $3,495.00
Web price: $3,495.00
Axicon V01687 Verification Software Upgrade
Regular price: $355.00
Web price: $355.00
Axicon 6000-W Pharmacode Verifier.  6015 Verifier with White Light for Laetus Bar Codes.
Regular price: $2,235.00
Web price: $2,235.00
Axicon 6515 1D Linear Barcode Verifier. 4.9" MAX 5,6,10,20 mil.
Regular price: $4,195.00
Web price: $4,155.00
Axicon PV1065 Bundle ( PV1000 and 6515) for Portable Verification 4.9" Max.
Regular price: $4,990.00
Web price: $4,990.00
Axicon 6515c Bundle (6015 and  6515)
Regular price: $5,895.00
Web price: $5,895.00
Axicon 7015 1D Linear Verifier Width 7.6" MAX,  8, 10, 20 mil.
Regular price: $4,645.00
Web price: $4,645.00
Axicon PV1070 Verifier Bundle (PV1000 and 7015)
Regular price: $5,390.00
Web price: $5,390.00
Axicon PV1000 PV-1000 Portable Display Unit (PDU)
Regular price: $1,125.00
Web price: $1,125.00
Axicon PV1000A4-C 110V Citizen CT-S601 RS232 Serial Thermal Printer
Regular price: $475.00
Web price: $455.00
Axicon PV1000A5-C RS232 25 pin connector at the printer end and a  proprietary 2-pin connector at the PV1000 end.   (Desktop Printer Cable)
Regular price: $55.00
Web price: $55.00
Axicon PV1000A4-P Battery Powered Star T300 thermal printer (cable p/n PV1000A5-P sold separately).  Portable 2" receipt-style printer; cable and supplies sold separately.
Regular price: $850.00
Web price: $789.10
Axicon PV1000A5-P 25 pin connector at the printer end and a  proprietary 2-pin connector at the PV1000 end.   (Portable Printer Cable)00 thermal printer (cable p/n PV1000A5P sold separately)
Regular price: $65.00
Web price: $64.10
Axicon PV1072 Portable 1D CCD Linear Verifier, 2.6" Auto-Selects Apertures, 3, 5, 6, 10, 20 mil.
Regular price: $2,890.00
Web price: $2,890.00
Bixolon SPP-R200IIIIK  Direct Thermal Printer; Monochrome, Handheld Label/Receipt Printer, 1.89" Print Width, 3.94 in/s Mono, 203 dpi, 64 MB, Bluetooth, USB, Serial Interface, Label 1.57" Roll Diameter 2.28" Label Width 2IN SERIAL USB WIRELESS SCR CHRGER.   Battery included.   Package Contents: SPP-R200IIIIK (2") Portable Printer, Battery, Battery charger, Power cord, Belt strap, Paper
Regular price: $319.00
Web price: $269.10
Axicon V01691 1D Annual Service Contract (includes swap-out unit and factory recalibration).   Ideal for ISO certified business.   Adds a 3rd year to the 2 year factory warranty and includes a swap out device while the user's verifier is in Cincinnati.
Regular price: $595.00
Web price: $575.00
Axicon V01692 1D Verifier Calibration and Service VCAS.  Factory calibration and re-certification to ISO compliance.
Regular price: $395.00
Web price: $379.00
Honeywell QuickCheck QC8501 BarCode Verifier All Industry Applications, All Symbologies Kit.  Includes: QC3800VE Linear Imager with QC800 Cable to 3800 (P/N 42206231-01), plastic ruler gauge, metal ruler, reference symbols, reflectance page, Printed User's Guide (QC600/800/UG).  110 Volt NA Power Cord.  Warranty: 2 Years.
Regular price: $3,225.00
Web price: $2,198.70
Honeywell Quick Check 650 Bar Code Verifier Desktop with 6 mil Pen Wand
Regular price: $2,495.00
Web price: $2,269.00
Honeywell Quick Check 800 Bar Code Verifier Desktop
Regular price: $3,100.00
Web price: $2,295.00
Honeywell Quick Check 600/800 Verifier Mouse Wands, Printers, Calibration Kit,  Accessories
Honeywell MOUSE6MVR Mouse Wand (6mil, Visible Red) for the QuickCheck 600-800 Series Barcode Verifiers
Regular price: $430.00
Web price: $389.10
Honeywell MOUSE10MVR Mouse Wand (10 mil, Visible Red) for the QC600 and QC800 Verifiers
Regular price: $430.00
Web price: $389.10
Honeywell MOUSE20MVR Mouse Wand (20 mil, Visible Red).   For use with the QuickCheck 600, 800, 890  Verifiers
Regular price: $430.00
Web price: $389.10
Honeywell QC3800VE Custom 3800.  For use with Quick Check 600/800 Series Verifiers.   (Order with cable p/n 42206231-01).  End of Life.   ***For replacement see the Honeywell Pen & Mouse Wands***
Regular price: $580.00
Web price: $480.10
Honeywell QCHSP68-USA Quick Check Printer (9600 Baud Rate High-Speed Dot Matrix, US Version, 110V, US Power Supply and power cord).  Includes one roll of paper and 3 black ribbons.   For use with the Hand Held Products/Honeywell Quick Check 600 (QC600) and Quick Check  800 (QC800) Series Bar Code Verifiers.
Regular price: $895.00
Web price: $598.10
Honeywell QCPC Interface Cable (QC600-QC800 Series Verifiers to QCP-QCHSP Printers)
Regular price: $64.00
Web price: $64.00
Honeywell Quick Check 890 BT Wireless BarCode Verification System
Regular price: $3,400.00
Web price: $3,400.00
Honeywell Quick Check On-Line Verifier OLV-SV100
Regular price: $2,495.00
Web price: $2,495.00
Honeywell Quick Check 2D Print Quality Assessment .  For use with the 4410, 4710, 4600g, 4800i
How Label Verification Helps Avoid Costly Fines and Chargebacks Due to Defective Labels