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BarCode Scanner Apps for AppleŽ iOS devices

BarCode Scanner Apps for AppleŽ iOS devices
Honeywell Captuvo Enterprises Sleds

Bar Code Scanner Apps for AppleŽ iOS devices

In order to scan bar codes with the Captuvo an App is needed, which is developed specifically for the Captuvo SL22. Honeywell provides an 'add-on' SDK to develop iPod / iPhone /Captuvo App's for which it is required to register first.

The SDK allows control of the decoder and MSR, which are subsystems and responsible for scanning, processing bar codes and data from magnetic strips. The SDK also provides methods for getting the battery status and the remaining battery life of the Captuvo device.

Test Apps:

To evaluate, test and demo the Captuvo, there is an IOS 5 and 6 compatible Honeywell Captuvo App by Dryrain Technologies available on the App Store. Working from the Apple iPod touch, use the App Store search function and search for 'Honeywell Price Check'.

The application allows testing without actually having a Captuvo, by selecting Demo Mode 'ON'. Go on the iPod under 'Settings/Captuvo/'.

Customers (outside the U.S.) who will require test bar codes supporting the price check functionality can use the linked 'Captuvo Bar Code Test Sheet'.

There is also a web browser designed specifically for use with the Captuvo sleds. It is called 'Dryrain Technologies' Enterprise Browser for the Honeywell Captuvo - 2015 Edition and is available from the Apple App store.

This browser was developed by Dryrain Technologies. Instead of requiring dedicated and proprietary software to automate barcode data entry the Enterprise Browser will automatically transcribe the barcode contents into a text field of any web page - whether designed specifically for data entry or entirely generic.

When the browser is active the barcode scanner is enabled to scan data into any field on a webpage.

App development:

For customers and App Developers, eager to develop an App for the Captuvo SL22 obtain the Captuvo SDK for Apple iOS's. Once obtained the SDK, read the getting started document to set-up the Xcode environment.

Applies To:
Captuvo Enterprise Sleds For AppleŽ Devices
AppleŽ iPod TouchŽ 4 and 5
AppleŽ iPhoneŽ 5
iOS5, iOS6