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Bixolon F310 3 Inch Waterproof, Thermal Kitchen Printer & SRP275 3 Inch Impact Kitchen Printer

Bixolon F310 3 Inch Waterproof, Thermal Kitchen Printer & SRP275 3 Inch Impact Kitchen Printer

Samsung Bixolon F310 3 Inch Waterproof, Thermal Kitchen Printer

Bixolon SRP-F310 Highlights
  • 3 inch Thermal POS Printer
  • Experience a truly Waterproof 3 inch Thermal POS Printer
  • Front exit printer
  • Under counter thermal printer
  • mPOS-ible Receipt Printer

    Bixolon SRP-F310 Waterproof Thermal Receipt Printer
    The SRP-F310II is a front exit type receipt POS printer adapting structure for preventing liquid  infiltration and certified under the electrical protection level, IP12 Class. Its design components  include an exterior cover as well as dual layers on both sides of the printer which discharge liquid  preventing it from infiltrating inside. In addition, it is designed with an outlet at the bottom of the  printer for liquid that may seep inside through the cover open button

    It includes USB 2.0 Onboard for fast data transfer and USB host port for the use of WLAN dongle and Ethernet, which is sold separately. The four interfaces are provided as a built-in feature. All you have to do is choosing one between Serial and Parallel. One option here, BIXOLON Interactive Linker is an advanced printer option that allows users to add commands to four customizable buttons.(Receipt on demand, Cash drawer, Printing stop, Signal back to the host POS.

    Bixolon SRP-F310 Thermal Receipt Printer Highlights
    • Liquid-Barrier ™ front exit printer IPX 2 certified
    - Downpour water resistance
    - Water resistant up to 15 degree from vertical

    • All in one plus™ Interfaces
    Ethernet + USB port + USB + Serial or Parallel all in one!
    - Ethernet interface on board standard
    - USB host port on board for WLAN dongles standard
    - High speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0 on board standard
    - Interchangeable interface card ; Serial or Parallel

    • Fastest BIXOLON receipt printer ever- 270mm/second
    - Optimized mechanical components and software to enable fast and stable printing
    - Improved CPU (333 MHz) and Larger memory (256k byte)

    • Larger paper roll diameter up to 105mm
    - Reduces paper changes by 50% with support for 105mm rolls

    • Optional BIXOLON Interactive Linker
    - Programmable choice using 4 buttons Receipt on demand printing / Cash drawer open / Printing stop / Signal back to host POS etc..

    • Built-in Power Supply
    - An ideal design for compact counters and highly traffic cashier desks

    • User-convenience design
    - Click-in, Click-out cover for easy maintenance (Dip Switch / SMPS / Main Board)
    - Easy replacement of TPH and Auto-Cutter
    - Adjustable paper width guide (80mm or 83mm)

    • Ergonomic design front control panel
    - Additional front angle for ergonomic design
    - High-gloss front panel to allow easy LED status check
    - Three LEDs, Paper / Power / Error

    • Eco-friendly printer
    - Smallest margin (Auto-Cutter <-> TPH : 9mm) reduces unused paper
    - PowerSaver™ with BIXOLON Windows driver

    • Full featured BIXOLON POS Software Package (PSP)
    1) Smart unified Windows driver - Advanced design tool included Image Rotate, Reverse printing and Text Macro / Margin crop

    2) Intelligent Interface auto-installer
    - Automatic setting for interfaces even Serial baud rate

    3) Advanced Utility
    - Font Artist™
    - Water-mark tool

    Samsung Bixolon SRP-F310 Data Sheet (.pdf 2.1MB)

    Recommended Applications
  • Receipt
  • Coupon
  • Ticket
  • Daily Reports
  • Kitchen
  • Delivery