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Cognitive EZ-LP Desktop Barcode Label Printer

Cognitive EZ-LP Desktop Barcode Label Printer
Item# EZD42-2185-Z1S
Regular price: $525.00
Web price: $326.22

Product Description

CognitiveTPG EZ-LP Desktop Barcode Label Printer - The EZ-LP is a DROP IN REPLACEMENT for the Zebra LP-2844!

NEW! CognitiveTPG's new EZ-LP Desktop Label printer combines reliability with enhanced emulations and standard communication interfaces for an attractive price. The EZ-LP is a perfect alternative to replace or upgrade legacy installations while saving money. The EZ-LP comes with a durable print mechanism, extended flash memory, 5-inch media roll capacity and multiple communication interface options and programming emulations, ideal for a wide range of applications including work in progress, logistics, shipping and retail.

Change is good... when it’s easy, better, and costs less. The CognitiveTPG EZ-LP desktop printer is your alternative to more expensive legacy printers, providing a better value with drop-in compatibility. The EZ-LP is a 4” wide direct thermal printer that comes standard with a durable print mechanism, extensive flash memory, 5” media roll capacity, and multiple communication interface options and programming emulations. The EZ-LP is ideal for a wide range of applications, including work-in-process (WIP), logistics, and retail.

CognitiveTPG EZ-LP desktop printer overview
The EZ-LP desktop label printer is a smart alternative for replacing or refreshing legacy ZPL and EPL desktop applications. In many cases the EZ-LP represents an upgrade in performance without the upgrade in price.

Based on a proven 4” wide mechanical platform, the EZ-LP offers greater durability than installed legacy desktop printers. With its small footprint, the direct thermal EZ-LP printer comes standard with 8MB RAM, 4 MB Flash, and 5 inch media roll capability with industry standard communication interfaces. The printer's robust ZcPL and EcPL emulations means less time and money spent recreating your existing label formats.

CognitiveTPG EZ-LP Desktop Printer Features
Print Features: Direct Thermal
Resolution: 203 dpi
Max Print Width: 4.1” (104 mm)
Max Print Speed: 5 ips
Memory: 8 MB RAM, 4 MB Flash
Interface: Serial/USB Standard
Serial/Parallel/USB Optional
Ethernet/USB Optional
USB-A Standard
Programming Language: EcPL/ZcPL
Cabinetry: Plastic/Metal Print Mech w/Tear Bar
Options: Label Peeler, Real Time Clock
Warranty: 1 Year

CognitiveTPG EZ-LP desktop printer benefits
  • The best choice to refresh legacy ZPL and EPL desktop applications
  • Robust ZcPL and EcPL emulations
  • Industry standard communication interfaces (serial, parallel, USB, and Ethernet)
  • Only standard USB-A (host) port in its class
  • Rugged field proven mechanical design
  • 4” model (4.25” media width)
  • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) DT print mode

    Industries and Applications
    Retail Price Markings, Returns, Gift Registry, Specialty Printing, Logistics Product Labeling, Inventory Tracking, WIP, Shipping Labels, Healthcare Specimen Labeling, Script Document Tracking, Safety Labels

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the EZ-LP compatible with other CognitiveTPG printers?
    No. The EZ-LP was designed to provide an alternative to refreshing legacy desktop printer applications. All other CognitiveTPG label printers use Cognitive Printer Language (CPL) as the primary programming language. DLX and C-Series also include the EcPL and ZcPL emulations same as the EZ-LP but the EZ-LP printer will not print using CPL programming language. Additionally, the serial port on the EZ-LP is designed to work with standard RS-232 DB9 (wired straight through) cable. All printers include international print capability incorporating multiple code page and support for Unicode UTF-8 character sets.
    How else does the EZ-LP differ from CognitiveTPG DLX printers?
    In order to keep the price competitive but still exceed the performance of most installed desktop printers, the EZ-LP offers 8 MB RAM & 4 MB Flash memory. The DLX printer provides 16 MB RAM; 8 MB Flash memory. The EZ-LP does incorporate a new media holder which will accommodate inward or outward wound media rolls up to 5 inches (127 mm) in diameter.
    What kind of media can be used on the EZ-LP?
    EZ-LP will work with direct thermal labels or tags in either outward or inward wound configuration. Maximum media roll OD is 5 inches (127 mm) and it can use media with 1 inch (25.4 mm) or 1.5 inch (38.1 mm) core ID. Media width range is 2.0 to 4.25 inches (51 to 108 mm). The printer is set up for direct thermal mode printing only.
    What is included with the EZ-LP printer?
    The base model includes Serial (DB9), USB-A (host), and USB-B (device) communications interfaces. Optional
    communications interfaces are Parallel (Centronics) or Ethernet. Other options are a peeler and/or RTC (real time clock). The shipment includes the printer, power supply, power supply cord, and Quick Start Guide. The communications cables required for the printer are common industry standard cables and are not supplied with the printer. If necessary, these cables can be ordered separately.
    Are popular linear and 2D barcode symbologies included?
    Yes, but the printer runs in one of two emulation modes so the supported barcode symbologies differ slightly between EcPL and ZcPL. Reference the EZ-LP Datasheet for more information.
    What is the USB-A (host) port and how is it used?
    The EZ-LP, DLX, and C-Series all feature a USB-A (host) port which is the same type of USB port found on most computers. It allows for easy upgrading of rmware or loading of formats whether or not the printer is connected to a computer.
    With what certifications does the EZ-LP comply?
    EZ-LP complies with the following: RoHS (Directive 2002/95/EC), WEEE (Directive 2002/96/EC), FCC (Class A digital device), Industry Canada (Class A digital apparatus), UL Listed (UL60950), IEC60950-1 (2001) CE Mark.
    Are the EZ-LP printer drivers Windows compatible and does Cognitive Administrator Utility support it?
    Yes, additionally the EZ-LP can be set-up to run with some legacy printer drivers as well
    Can the EZ-LP connect to a wired or wireless network?
    The EZ-LP is available with an optional internal Ethernet interface for network connections however a wireless
    interface is not offered.
    What language emulations are supported for a drop-in compatibility legacy printer replacement?
    The printer uses EcPL and ZcPL program language emulations for compatibility with other competitor brand desktop printer label formats.
    When should an end-user buy an EZ–LP in place of other legacy printers?<
    Many legacy desktop label print applications can be refreshed with the direct thermal EZ-LP printer but new applications or situations of business improvement might require such features as moveable sensor, 300dpi resolution, Cognitive Programming language, or increased print speed and/or memory which would require our DLX and C-Series models. The EZ-LP is based on a proven mechanical platform offering greater durability than installed legacy desktop printers.

    CognitiveTPG EZ-LP desktop printer data sheet (.pdf 450KB)
    CognitiveTPG EZ-LP desktop printer User Guide (.pdf 2.9MB)
    Order Online the CognitiveTPG EZ-LP Bar Code Printer featuring: EZ LP Direct Thermal Printer (203 dpi, 4 Inch, 5 ips Print Speed, 4MB, US Cord, USB A/B and Serial).

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