Datacard Magna M, M2, ML, & M2L Printers

Datacard Magna M, M2, ML, & M2L Printers

Datacard® ImageCard® M, M2, ML and M2L Card Printers

Discontinued Replacement... Datacard SP35/SP55/SP75 Card Printers (see below).. These high quality, mid-range card printers were engineered for applications that require highly durable, secure laminated cards. With the optional built-in lamination system, Magna" Platinum Series printers have the capacity to laminate both sides of a card with several DuraGard® laminate or topcoat choices and implement any number of advanced security features.

The ImageCard M, M2, ML an M2L models print up to 180 cards per hour in full color, letting you choose between one-sided or duplex printing, with or without inline overlay or topcoat application.

Key features include a "smart" printer driver, operator-replaceable printhead, and a continuous cleaning system to simplify operation. Options include a laminator to apply DuraGard overlay or topcoat material, magnetic stripe encoding, smart card personalization, or both.

Magna Platinum Series printers feature Datacard® proprietary Platinum™ Series ribbons which are designed specifically for Magna printers. If another color ribbon is installed, the printer will continue to prompt the user to install Datacard's proprietary Platinum Series ribbons. The printer will only successfully print cards when Platinum Series ribbons are installed.

Datacard Magna Printers Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Imaging Technology
  • Operator-replaceable printhead
  • One-step ribbon and cartridge replacement
  • "Smart" printer driver
  • Edge-to-Edge printing
  • Continuous cleaning system
  • "True" exception card system
  • Automatic card feed (cartridge)
  • Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP drivers
  • Audio and visual error prompts
  • 18 month factory depot printer warranty included in purchase price, with Depot Service offered at authorized Depot Service Centers worldwide
  • 18 month printhead warranty with no pass restriction or proration
  • USB or parallel connectivity

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  • Entrust Datacard SP75 Plus Card Printer
    Regular price: $6,395.00
    Web price: $3,392.71
    Datacard SP35 Plus Card Printer
    Regular price: $1,895.00
    Web price: $1,009.10
    Datacard SP55 Plus Card Printer
    Regular price: $2,685.00
    Web price: $1,464.80
    Datacard 549081-204 YMCKT Four Color  Platinum Series Ribbon w/Topcoat.   For use with Select/Magna Class AIT card printers.  Yield 135.
    Regular price: $62.77
    Web price: $40.80
    Datacard 549081-206  YMCKT-KT Four Color Platinum Series Ribbon w/Topcoat.  (YMCKT-KT Ribbon.  For use with Datacard Select/Magna card printers, 1 - black, yellow, cyan, magenta - print ribbon color), Platinum Series, Yield 95.
    Regular price: $67.08
    Web price: $58.10
    Datacard 806124-109 KT Monochrome Black Resin (with Topcoat, 300 Card Yield) .  For use with Select/Magna/ImageCard Select/ImageCard Express/ImageCard  Magna card printers.
    Regular price: $58.36
    Web price: $49.10
    Datacard 549718-001  Cleaning Kit - 5 Cleaning Sleeves; 5 Cleaning Cards. For use with Magna and Select Card Printers with Mag Stripe Option.
    Regular price: $30.26
    Web price: $30.26
    Datacard 549717-001  Cleaning Kit -  Contains 5 Cleaning Sleeves.   For Select/ Magna Card Printers without  mag stripe option.
    Regular price: $19.10
    Web price: $18.95
    Datacard 557297-001 Adhesive Cleaning Cards.   For use with Select, Magna, ImageCard Select, ImageCard Express and ImageCard Magna printers.  (300 Card Yield).
    Regular price: $29.00
    Web price: $24.70
    Entrust Datacard 548714-001  Cleaning Cards Cleans Transport Rollers.  10 Cards/Pack.
    Regular price: $10.00
    Web price: $9.95
    Datacard 557668-001  Cleaning Cards.    10 per pack.  For use with Select, Magna, ImageCard Select,  ImageCard Express and  ImageCard Magna Printers
    Regular price: $12.00
    Web price: $11.95
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