Entrust Datacard SD360 2 Sided, Color Id Card Printer

Entrust Datacard SD360 2 Sided, Color Id Card Printer
Item# 506339-001
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Product Description

Entrust DataCard SD360 2 Sided, Color Card Printer The best card issuance value on anyone’s desktop, the Entrust SD360 two-sided and SD260 one-sided card printers are packed with industry-leading innovations that make desktop ID card printing simple and economical. SD Series printers are ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses, schools, hospitals, fitness clubs and anyone who prints ID cards as part of their busy workday. With their competitive features and price, SD Series printers are a great value. Dozens of great innovations in one great card printer family

New Entrust Datacard SD360 and SD260 Innovations
Issue secure credentials more easily with automatic two-sided printing. Create customized cards and badges with automatic two-sided printing. The SD360 card printer produces outstanding, dual-sided ID cards that are both visually impressive and easy to produce.

Superior speed for higher productivity. Reduce the hassle of jamming with Datacard’s exclusive TruePick™ card handling. Work time and efficiency can both be increased with the SD360 card printer, which produces clean credentials at industry-leading speeds.

New technology prints brighter, high-quality images. Impress cardholders with the crisp, clean images and vibrant colors printed by the SD360 card printer. Datacard’s exclusive TrueMatch™ printing technology closely matches the colors on your card to the colors on your screen. Produce two-sided cards in full-color, up to 256 shades per color panel.

Intuitive operation simplifies card printing. There’s very little learning curve with the SD360 card printer. Printer operations are easy to understand with the help of the intuitive soft-touch LCD panel. Load cards, replace supplies and access all the industry-leading features from one location on the compact SD360 printer, which includes a built-in 100-card input hopper and 25-card output hopper.

All the right connections for easy set-up Standard, built-in Ethernet and US ports, and the browser-based Printer Manager, help you integrate the SD360 printer into just about any application or typical IT environment.

Engineered for Earth-friendly performance. Save energy and strengthen corporate environmental commitments with the Earth-friendly and ENERGY STAR® qualified SD360 card printer, which is built to consume less electricity than its predecessors. Biodegradable supply cores, recyclable materials and power-down button set new benchmarks for environmentally responsible card printing

Datacard SD260 & SD360 Printer Standard Features
Print technology
Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/resin thermal transfer
Print capabilities
SD260: One-sided, edge-to-edge printing; manual two-sided printing
SD360: One- or two-sided, edge-to-edge printing
Full-color and monochrome printing capability
Alphanumeric text, logos and digitized signatures
Variety of bar codes: 1D/2D bar code images
Printer pooling/sharing (available soon)
Print resolution
300 dots per inch, 256 shades per color panel
Print quality
Ability to conform to sRGB standard
Flexible color management options
Print speed
Full-color printing: up to 200 cards per hour, single- sided (YMCKT*), up to 155 cards per hour, two-sided (YMCKT-K*)
Monochrome printing: up to 830 cards per hour, one-sided (black HQ*)
Printer memory
128 MB standard
Printer display
Printer status messages
Multiple backlight settings
International languages available: English, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese
Card capacity
Automatic feed: 100-card input for 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) cards; 25-card output standard
Manual feed: 1-card input; 5-card output for 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) cards (SD260)
Front exception card slot
Separate reject location and holding tray (SD360)
Input hopper empty detection (SD360)
Printer driver
Adjustable color controls with image preview
Pre-set area to block printing on magnetic stripe, with escapes for custom areas
Utilizes Windows® XPS-based technology for high-fidelity printing
Secure disabling of card remake
SDK for Windows operating system printer driver
User interface languages available: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Portugese, Korean and Arabic
User-friendly operation
Printer messages display on LCD panel
Graphical display on Windows 7 and Windows Vista® operating systems
Easy, fast installation
Card remake standard with cancel option
Operator-replaceable printhead
Front panel soft power button
Datacard® Certified Supplies
featuring Intelligent Supplies Technology™
Automatic identification and validation for ribbons
Adjustable low ribbon and cleaning cycle alerts
Ribbon saver
*Ribbon type and number of panels; Y=Yellow, M=Magenta, C=Cyan, K=Black, T=Inline Topcoat, HQ=High Quality

Entrust DataCard SD260/SD360 Data Sheet (.pdf 354KB)
Entrust DataCard SD260/SD360 Specifications Sheet (.pdf 335KB)
Order Online the Entrust DataCard SD360 Printer, Duplex, 100-Card Input Hopper. Featuring: Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer - Color - Desktop - Card Print - 4.3 Second Mono - 18 Second Color - 300 dpi - Fast Ethernet - USB - LCD. (part# 506339-001)


Entrust Datacard 506339-002 SD360 Card Printer (Duplex, ISO MAG, 100 Card Input Hopper, USB/Ethernet, D3 Board)
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Entrust Datacard YMCKT, YMCKO, Color, Monochrome, KT Ribbons, DuraGard Overlays, DuraGard Laminates, Topcoats, Cleaning Kits.   For use with the SP/SD, CP80/C80 Plus Printers
Entrust DataCard YMCKT Color Ribbons, KT Black Ribbons, and Monochrome Ribbons for the SD260, SD360, SP25, SP25Plus, SP35, SP35Plus, SP55, SP55Plus, SP75, SP75Plus, FP65, FP65i Card Printers.
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