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Zebra DS9308 Presentation Scanner (1D/2D) Replaces the DS9208

Zebra DS9308 Presentation Scanner (1D/2D)  Replaces the DS9208
Item# DS9308-SR4U2100AZW
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Product Description

Zebra DS9308 Presentation Scanner (1D/2D) Replaces the DS9208. Models available: DL-Drivers License/SR-Standard Range: USB, DL-Ruby-Verifone, DL-Gilbarco-Passport, RS232, Digimarc Kits available
From convenience and drug stores to quick serve restaurants and other retail environments — counterspace is limited, bumps and spills may be an everyday occurrence, and the need for high customer satisfaction is always critical. Introducing the Zebra DS9300 Series, the presentation scanner that fits anywhere, scans everything, and is built for all-day reliability. You get a compact form factor coupled with stylish aesthetics ideal for trendy boutiques or convenience stores with limited real-estate at the checkout counter. With the ability to scan challenging barcodes at your point of sale, you get unmatched performance for speedier checkout times and happier customers, along with a design that is built to handle everyday drops, bumps and spills to keep you up and running. The DS9300 Series — the little presentation scanner with big functionality.

Innovation-driven design and performance
A fit-everywhere modern design with a near-zero footprint The new design of the DS9300 Series is at home everywhere, from the trendiest boutique to a petroleum convenience store. With a near-zero footprint, there’s always room for the DS9300 Series, no matter how space-constrained your counters may be. And the 45° angle cable connector reduces the already tiny footprint, even when the scanner is tilted forward.

Scan it all — with virtually no exceptions
Quickly and easily capture 1D and 2D barcodes, including tiny, high density codes, codes printed on a label or displayed on a phone, DotCode and dotted DataMatrix codes through cellophane, as well as new invisible Digimarc codes. Zebra’s DS9300 Series’ state-of-the-art technology captures barcodes in virtually any condition, on any media. The 800 MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology work together to easily capture poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, faded, truncated and low contrast barcodes. The curved exit window helps minimize stray light, reducing reflections from barcodes printed on glossy paper or displayed on a screen that can blind the sensor.

Rapid-fire can’t-miss scanning
When it comes to ease of use, the DS9300 Series outshines the competition. With swipe speeds that are up to 50% faster than competitive scanners, the DS9300 Series can capture barcodes as fast as they are presented. And the largest field of view in this class eliminates the need to move items around to find the “sweet spot”.

Intelligent adaptive illumination
The LEDs dynamically adapt to the environment, automatically dimming when not in use and activated when a barcode is present. The LEDs are also recessed and virtually invisible, reducing eye annoyance.

Instantly capture and process driver’s license data
Use the information on a driver’s license to instantly verify age, populate loyalty and credit card applications and monitor returns to prevent fraud.

Eliminate paper with document capture
With Intelligent Document Capture, the DS9300 Series can turn prescriptions, passports, checks and other A6 or smaller documents into clear and easy-to-read electronic images — the smart software automatically corrects lighting issues and more to ensure optimum document clarity. There’s no need to locate and scan documents on a separate scanner, enabling faster checkout and a better customer experience at the POS.

Automatically deactivate anti-theft tags
Support for Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) eliminates a step at the POS for faster checkout — a single pass in front of the DS9300 Series captures barcodes and deactivates tags.

Capture multiple barcodes with one press of the scan trigger
With Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF), the DS9300 Series can capture multiple barcodes with a single scan and transmit only the barcodes you need, in the order your application expects.

Markets and Applications
• Point of sale (1D/2D)
• Mobile coupons/ loyalty (eCoupons/ eLoyalty)
• Driver’s License parsing for age verification/loyalty and credit applications (North America only)
• Cigarette and liquor tax verification
• Checkpoint EAS
• Point of sale (1D/2D)
• Mobile coupons/ loyalty (eCoupons/ eLoyalty)
• Concession stands
• Ticket processing (paper/mobile, 1D/2D)
Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
• Point of sale (1D/2D)
• Mobile coupons/ loyalty (eCoupons/ eLoyalty)
• Driver’s License parsing for age verification/loyalty and credit applications (North America only)
• Point of sale (1D/2D)
• Ticket processing (paper/mobile, 1D/2D)
• Gate/business lounge check-in (paper/mobile boarding passes)
• Driver’s License parsing (Department of Motor Vehicles — NA only)
Zebra DS9308 Presentation Bar Code Scanner Data Sheet (.pdf 565KB)
Zebra DS9308 Quick Start Guide, North America (.pdf 3MB)
Zebra DS9308 Programming Reference Guide (.pdf 750KB)
Zebra DS9308 Lock Mount Illustration (.jpg 75KB)
Order Online the Zebra DS9308-SR4U2100AZW DS9308-SR Standard Range USB Kit. Includes DS9308-SR00004ZZWW Scanner, Color: Black, Shielded USB Cable (CBA-U21-S07ZBR), Quick Start Guide, Warranty: 3 Years. Order Button for part# DS9308-SR4U2100AZW is at the top of the page.


Zebra DS9308-DL Drivers License Presentation BarCode Scanner  Kits USB, Ruby Verifone, Gilbarco Passport, Digimarc
Zebra DS9308-DL4U2100AZN  DS9308-DL USB Kit.  Includes DS9308-DL Drivers License Parsing Scanner,   7', Shielded USB Cable (CBA-U21-S07ZBR), Warranty: 3 Years.  Color: Midnight Black
Regular price: $547.42
Web price: $342.51
Zebra DS9308-DL-Ruby-Verifone-Kit.   Includes DS9308-DL with Drivers License Parsing and Ruby Verifone Cable (RS232, 9 ft., Coiled) , Warranty:  3 Years.   Includes Quick Start Installation Guide.  Color:  Midnight Black.    <font color=#40ff00><b>In Stock</font color></b>
Regular price: $607.35
Web price: $379.10
Zebra DS9308-DL-Gilbarco-Passport-Kit.   Includes Zebra DS9308-DL with Drivers License Parsing, Gilbarco Cable (RS232, Length: 7 ft., Straight),  Level VI Power Supply Wall Adapter, w/Captive DC cable and US Adapter Clip AC Input: 100-240V, 0.2A DC Output: 5.2V, 1.1A, 5.7W, Warranty:  3 Years, Includes Quick Start Install Guide, Color:  Midnight Black     <font color=#40ff00><b>In Stock</font color></b>
Regular price: $593.07
Web price: $375.10
Zebra DS9308-DLD0004ZZNA DS9308 Standard Range - DL Parsing Scanner Only - Requires Cable (order cable separately) - Warranty: 3 Years - Color: Midnight Black
Regular price: $515.56
Web price: $317.10
Zebra DS9308-DL00004ZCNA DS9308: DL Parsing Scanner Only, Requires Cable. Checkpoint EAS.  Includes Quick Start Guide. Warranty: 3 Years. Color: Midnight Black. ***Order cable separately. Click link to order***
Regular price: $524.72
Web price: $328.80
Zebra DS9308-SR Standard Range Presentation BarCode Scanners Kits USB, Ruby Verifone, Gilbarco Passport, Digimarc
Zebra DS9308-SR4R0110AZU DS9308-SR, Standard Range RS232 Serial Kit.  (DS9308-SR Scanner, RS232 Cable, Power Supply, Color Black).
Regular price: $553.32
Web price: $346.10
Zebra DS9308-SR-Standard-Range-Ruby-Verifone-Kit.   Includes the DS9308-SR 1D/2D Scanner, Ruby Verifone Cable (Length: 7 ft., Straight), Quick Start Guide, Warranty:  3 Years, Color:  Midnight Black.
Regular price: $451.00
Web price: $349.90
Zebra DS9308 Mounting Bracket - Locking Bracket - Stand
Zebra BRKT-MM0093C-04 DS9308 Multi-Mount Bracket.  Color: Midnight Black
Regular price: $19.47
Web price: $19.47
Zebra BRKT-LM0093C-04 DS9308 Locking Mount (Midnight Black)
Regular price: $16.78
Web price: $16.78
Zebra DS9308 Presentation Scanner Cables, Power Supply
 Zebra CBA-U21-S07ZBR USB Cable | 7', Type A, Shielded, Straight.   Replaces CBA-U21-S07ZAR.
Regular price: $38.97
Web price: $36.28
Zebra CBA-U32-C09ZAR 9 ft. Shielded USB Cable, Type A, Coiled
Regular price: $45.06
Web price: $41.10
Zebra CBA-U29-C15ZBR 15FT. (4.6M) USB Type A Cable, Shielded, Coiled.   Replaces CBA-U29-C15ZAR
Regular price: $107.61
Web price: $84.70
Zebra CBA-U30-S15ZBR 15 ft (4.6M) USB Cable, Shielded, Series A
Regular price: $64.54
Web price: $56.81