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Socket Mobile SoMo 655Rx Health Care Handheld Computer

Socket Mobile SoMo 655Rx Health Care Handheld Computer
Item# HC20041389
Regular price: $680.00
Web price: $649.10

Product Description

Socket Mobile SoMo 655Rx Health Care Handheld ComputerSocket Mobile's SoMo 655 is a durable, high performance mobile computer that enables businesses to increase productivity of mobile workers, improve visibility in the field, and automate manual processes anywhere. Durability and Performance for Enterprise Applications. Socket Mobile's SoMo 655 family of mobile computers delivers the performance, features and value required by today's businesses.

Designed with investment protection and flexibility in mind, the SoMo 655 features the Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system, an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi radio, enterprise class Bluetooth®, industry leading 4GB memory, a robust connector design and flexible docking station that charges a spare battery and the SoMo 655 with or without Socket's optional extended protection DuraCase.

The SoMo 655 provides an ergonomic design with contoured grip surfaces, is lightweight and small enough to fit into your pocket. Socket completes the offering with a complete set of data capture choices and a broad range of accessories to assure that the SoMo 655 fits perfectly into your application environment.

Socket Mobile SoMo 655 Handheld Computer Feature & Benefits

• Small form factor for portability and comfort: At only 7.2 oz (204 g) the SoMo 655 is one of the lightest in its class
• Operating System: Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (formerly Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic)
• PXA270M processor running at 624 MHz for fast application responsiveness
• Memory: Large 4 GB standard Flash memory and user accessible microSD slot for up to 32 GB of additional storage
• High-quality 3.5 inch color touchscreen display for easy viewing and data entry
• WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi technology for great coverage, fast roaming and robust network security
• Best-in-class wireless management: Socket’s Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion (e-WFC) management software delivers advanced network security and seamless roaming
• Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR Class 2 for maximum support of 3rd party peripherals
• Versatile data collection options offer flexibility and expandability: Add barcode scanning, magnetic Stripe Reading, RFID or combo barcode scanning and RFID
• Socket’s SoMo FileStore provides non-volatile storage that survives a hard reset: Restore device ROM image, applications and configuration settings without the need to re-load software.
• Long available life you can count on: Socket recognizes the need for extended product availability far longer than is common with consumer products companies. When it is time to upgrade, Socket provides realistic thoughtful migration options to ensure a smooth transition

Socket Mobile SoMo 655 Handheld Computer Business Applications: • Patient care
• Hospitality POS
• Sales force automation
• Inventory tracking
• Asset management
• Retail merchandising

Socket Mobile SoMo 655RX Handheld Computer Data Sheet (.pdf 166KB)

Order Online the Socket Mobile SoMo 655Rx Wireless Handheld Computer with Anti-Microbial housing.