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Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer Docks - Battery Chargers - Batteries - Cables - Power Supply

Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer Docks - Battery Chargers - Batteries - Cables - Power Supply
Order Online Honeywell CK65 Docks Batteries Battery Chargers Cables Power Supplyy
Honeywell CK65 Multi-Dock Instructions (.pdf 295KB)

Honeywell 871-228-301 CK65 CK3X CK3R Mobile Computers Desktop Single Dock, US Only | Fits one device and one battery | Requires power supply 3011-8248-001 and US AC power cord 974-028-025
Regular price: $340.91
Web price: $234.10
Honeywell  CK65 Chargebase  Kit.  Includes a 4 Device Dock, Power Supply and Power Cord.   (not compatible with rubber boot).  Replaces 871-229-301
Regular price: $777.48
Web price: $446.28
Honeywell Intermec 203-990-001 CK3X, CK3R CK65 Universal AC Adapter Kit, 10W with cable. Universal Wall Charger kit includes wall power supply, changeable plug type, and power active sync cable (236-297-001).  Plugs directly to heel connector. Included in CK3R-Kit configurations. Global Level VI Certified
Regular price: $170.16
Web price: $122.10
Honeywell 871-230-301  CK3 CK65 (AC20) CEC Compliant Quad Battery Charger US Only |  Not for charging Smart Battery Pack 318-046-113 | Requires Power Supply 851-810-002, NA Power Cord 1-974028-025 | Replaces 871-230-101
Regular price: $621.98
Web price: $414.90
Honeywell Intermec DX2A2BB10 4-Position Battery Charger CK3X/CK70/CK71/CK65/CK75.  Includes Level VI North American Power Supply and Power Cord.    Accommodates two pack chargers.   Capable of charging four batteries.   For use with the Honeywell Intermec CK3X/CK70/CK71/CK75 Mobile Computers.
Regular price: $628.34
Web price: $428.60
Honeywell Intermec DX4A2BBBB10 | CK3 CK65 CK70 CK71 CK75 | 8-Position Battery Charger | Accommodates 4 Pack Chargers | Supports 8 Battery Packs | Includes LVI PS & NA Power Cord
Regular price: $1,114.65
Web price: $748.70
Honeywell DX4A2444410 Quad Dock - Charge Only.  (CK3/CK65/CK75)  Accommodates four mobile computers  CHARGE ONLY. Includes power supply and North American power cord.
Regular price: $1,188.77
Web price: $798.70
Honeywell 871-229-301 MultiDock Charge Only | CK3X, CK3R, CK65 NA |Requires global power supply part# 851-064-416
Regular price: $658.25
Web price: $446.28
Honeywell 318-063-001 Li-Ion CK65  Battery | Rechargeable 7000 mAh Smart Battery Pack | Replaces 318-034-033, 318-034-034
Regular price: $130.85
Web price: $89.90
Honeywell 318-033-021 CK65 CK3R CK3X Li-Ion Battery 7.4W 2000 Mah.   Not certified with CK3N, CK3G.   Replaces 318-033-011.
Regular price: $191.93
Web price: $132.90
Honeywell 318-063-002 CK65 Lithium Ion Battery, COLD STORAGE.
Regular price: $157.03
Web price: $108.70