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Honeywell Metrologic SP5502 Optimus S Laser Batch (SP5502) and OptimusS/Bluetooth (SP5535) Mobile Computers

Honeywell Metrologic SP5502 Optimus S Laser Batch (SP5502) and OptimusS/Bluetooth (SP5535) Mobile Computers
Item# MK5502-79B6107
Regular price: $1,070.00
Web price: $745.10

Product Description

Honeywell Metrologic SP5502 OptimusS Laser Batch Mobile Computer and OptimusS Bluetooth Laser, Batch SP5535 Mobile Computers

Honeywell - Metrologic OptimusS is a compact mobile computer designed for retail and light warehouse data collection applications, including inventory and stocking.

Put Metrologic’s OptimusS right in your pocket and take it wherever data collection needs take you. This stylish batch portable data terminal (PDT) combines powerful features with easy-to-use software to get up and running in no time. The OptimusS enables users to quickly scan and store their product information. After data collection is done, simply drop the unit into its cradle and send the data back to the host to keep information up-to-date and accurate.

Each OptimusS comes with the Optimizer software package to facilitate application development. This graphically-oriented program allows even computer beginners to quickly and easily setup the applications they wish to run on their PDT. There are also several simple utilities for uploading and downloading of data. The entire software suite is designed to make PDT application development a painless process.

Besides great software, the OptimusS comes with a long list of other features. The OptimusS comes with 2MB RAM to accommodate users with larger inventory. Never worry about switching batteries again, either. The rechargeable battery that comes with every OptimusS has a long battery life, allowing approximately 100 hours of scanning before needing to be recharged. The battery is also Lithium Ion, so users don’t need to worry about it wearing out any time soon. All these features and the excellent laser bar code scanning you’ve come to expect from Metrologic products make the OptimusS optimal for all your data collection needs.

Honeywell SP5502 OptimusS™ Series Laser Batch (SP5502) and OptimusS/Bluetooth (SP5535) Mobile Computers Data Collection Setup
The OptimusS Series has various ways of communicating with a host device. Depending on the model of Optimus, it can communicate via RS232, USB, or via a wireless Bluetooth connection. The two models available are the OptimusS Batch (SP5502) and OptimusS/Bluetooth (SP5535). These two models have various ways of data collection as well. Depending on the model it may store the data on the terminal itself or transmit live data back to a host device.

The SP5502 stores data in the unit and has the ability to utilize a RS232 or USB connection to communicate to a host device for both application program downloads and data uploads. The SP5502 includes either a USB or RS232 cable.

The OptimusSBT Bluetooth model is similarly connected to the host device and programmed however, there are some key differences in the data collection process. The OptimusSBT Bluetooth supports transmission of data wirelessly and as such has the capability of communicating that data in two distinctive methods, Network Emulation and Serial Emulation.

Network Emulation: Because of the wireless capability of the Optimus Bluetooth it has the capability to transmit data wirelessly to a Bluetooth equipped access point. An access point that exists and is connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) allows users to collect and transmit data in real time, minimizing time lost to transfer data to a host device.

Serial Emulation: Serial Emulation is another manner in which the wireless capable Optimus Bluetooth can transmit data and upload an application program. With Serial Emulation the Optimus Bluetooth can transmit wirelessly to any Bluetooth device that supports Serial Port Profile (SPP). The SPP supported device also allows users to download an application program to the OptimusSBT Bluetooth wirelessly.

CPU 16-bit CMOS, low power consumption
Program Memory 1 MB flash ROM
Data Memory 2 MB SRAM
Display LCD - 100 x 64 pixels, back-lit
Resolution 8 lines x 16 characters (max), 4 lines x 12 characters (min)
Keypad 21 rubber keys; alpha/numeric, function, scanner
Indicators Buzzer - programmable audible indicator (1 KHz - 4KHz)
LED - Dual-color, programmable green and red
Communication (Unit) lrDA or Cradle IR
Communication (Cradle) RS232, USB
Application Development Windows-based Optimizer; optional C & BASIC compilers

Weight 140 g (4.9 oz) - including batteries
Battery Operation Li-ion
Battery Backup 3.7V, 7.0mA hours, rechargeable lithium battery
EMC regulation FCC Class A, CE and C-Tick approved

Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Shock resistance 1.2 m (4’) drop onto concrete

Laser Scanner Visible Laser Diode 650 nm
Minimum Bar Width 0.127 mm (5.0 mil)
Width of Scan Field 290 mm (11.4”) @ 222 mm (8.75”)
Depth of Scan Field 20 mm - 222 mm (.75” - 8.75”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar codes
Scan Speed 100 scan lines per second
Print Contrast 35% minimum reflective difference.

Manufacturers Warranty - 2 Year

RoHSRoHS Compliant

OptimusS™ and OptimusSBT™ Kit Pricing/List Price (USD)

OptimusS - Laser Batch unit with 2MB, RS232 Cable, standard cradle/$850
OptimusS - Laser Batch unit with 2MB, USB Cable, standard cradle/$880
OptimusS - Laser Batch unit with 2MB, RS232 Cable, modem cradle/ $980
OptimusSBT - Laser Bluetooth unit, RS232 Cable, standard cradle/$1,070
OptimusSBT - Laser Bluetooth unit, USB Cable, standard cradle/$1,100

Honeywell Metrologic MK5502 OptimusS Mobile Computer Data Sheet (.pdf - 407KB)
Honeywell Metrologic MK5502 OptimusS Mobile Computer Installation Instuctions(.pdf 509KB)
Order Online the Honeywell MK5502 OptimusS Batch Portable Mobile Computer. Featuring (Laser, Modem Cradle, RS232 Cable DB9, Power Supply, Belt Clip and Software). Color: Gray.