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Zebra Handheld Mobile Computers - Batteries - Chargers - Cradles - Power Supply - Holders

Zebra Handheld Mobile Computers - Batteries - Chargers - Cradles - Power Supply - Holders
Order Online Order Online Zebra Handheld Mobile Computers - Batteries - Chargers - Cradles - Power Supply - Holders

Zebra BTRY-MPP-34MA1-01 Smart Battery.   For use with the Zebra QLN2/3, ZQ510/20, ZQ511/21, ZQ610/20/ZQ610 Plus/620 Mobile Printers.  UNSPC Code:  26111700
Regular price: $141.52
Web price: $116.68
Zebra 25-127558-02R Dex Cable - MC55 MC65 MC67 Mobile Computers
Regular price: $125.64
Web price: $104.10
Zebra FLC9000-1001R MC90xx Fork Lift Cradle.  Compatible with part# MC9190-G or MC92N0-G.    This cradle can also power the unit. To power the forklift cradle please order the following two power supplies: (for 18-75 VDC, PWRS-14000-251R) or (9-30 VDC PWRS-14000-252R).
Regular price: $1,110.00
Web price: $868.10
Zebra  BTRY-LS42RAA0E-01 lithium ion battery, for use with the LI4278, LS4278, DS6878 Scanners.
Regular price: $35.87
Web price: $28.80
Zebra (Motorola) KT-21-61261-01 MC9000-G Lithium Ion Battery (Standard for the MC9000G and MC9000K).  RoHS.   For MC90XX-G, MC9190 & MC90XX-K Mobile Computers Only, RoHS.   Item# 21-65587-03
Regular price: $91.00
Web price: $72.10
Zebra (Formerly Motorola) KT-BTYPL-01 Phaser P370/460/470 Battery Pack (LI-ION, 3.6V, 1250mAH).  For use with the Symbolh Phaser P370/460/470
Regular price: $69.00
Web price: $56.90
Zebra BTRY-LS34IAB00-00 LS3478, LS3578, DS3478 Battery Pack (NGIS, XS3478)
Regular price: $50.00
Web price: $41.10
Zebra (Formerly Motorola)  21-58236-01 PPT 8800 Spare Battery (1700 mAh, Lithium Ion ).  For use with the PPT 8800/PDT 8100
Regular price: $50.00
Web price: $42.10
Zebra 50-14000-266R (100-250VAC, 9VDC, 2A) RoHS.   Requires Power Cord  Part# 50-16000-182R
Regular price: $41.00
Web price: $32.60
Zebra (Formerly Motorola) 50-14001-006R  Power Supply (85-264VAC, 24VDC 1.3A).  (REQUIRES DC LINE CORD AND AC LINE CORD)
Regular price: $84.00
Web price: $66.76
Zebra PWRS-14000-249R Power Supply with Barrel Jack for CRD5000-1000UR.   Used with Multiple Cable CupS/Cradles.   Power supply used with MC50, MC1000 Single Slot Cradles and MC55, MC70, MC75, MC1000, MC3000 and MC3100 Cable Chargers.   Requires AC Line Cord P/N  50-16000-182R, (100 240VAC, 5.4 VDC, 3A).   Replaces part# Symbol Motorola 50-14000-249R
Regular price: $46.00
Web price: $38.70
Zebra (Formerly Motorola) CRD5501-401EES MC55 / MC65 / MC67  4 Slot Ethernet cradle kit includes power supply and DC cable, requires US line cord part # 23844-00-00R.  Available below.   For use with the  Motorola MC55 / MC65 / MC67 Mobile Computers
Regular price: $716.00
Web price: $579.10
Zebra (Formerly Motorola) BTRY-MC70EAB02 MC70  3800 mAh spare Lithium Ion Battery.   Requires battery door if switching battery size KT-79429-01R.  Does not fit MC75.
Regular price: $92.00
Web price: $72.10
Zebra 25-54956-02R FL370 Cable Connects DC Power Supply (PWRS-14000-122)   to Forklift Cradle.
Regular price: $139.26
Web price: $111.70
Zebra (formerly Motorola) 20-147076-07 DS4208 Gooseneck Stand (Twilight Black)
Regular price: $36.00
Web price: $30.90
Zebra 50-16000-182R  Line Cord (AC Power, 6, 18AWG)
Regular price: $5.61
Web price: $5.61
Zebra PWRS-14000-251R Power Supply (18-75VDC, 12VDC, High).   Requires DC cable part # CBL-36-452A-01.
Regular price: $999.28
Web price: $762.10
Zebra PWRS-14000-252R Power Supply (9-30VDC, 12VDC, Low).    Requires DC cable part # CBL-36-452A-01, available below.
Regular price: $1,010.29
Web price: $778.10
Zebra (Formerly Motorola) BTRY-MC55EAB02  Mobile Computer  Battery - 3600mAh.    Compatibility:  Motorola MC5590 Enterprise Digital Assistant
Regular price: $75.00
Web price: $63.50
Zebra BTRY-WT40IAB0E WT4090 Lithium Ion Battery (18650, 3.6V, 2330MAH NGW)
Regular price: $101.28
Web price: $79.90
Zebra BTRY-MC10EAB00   MC1000 Li-Ion, 1800 mAh,  Rechargeable Battery,  1 mos warranty.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $29.10
Zebra KT-MC9X3X-STLSG-10  MC3X-G and MC92 Stylus. Spare.  Packaged Quantity: 10  Stylus  per packag
Regular price: $36.00
Web price: $31.90
Zebra (Formerly Motorola)  PWRS-14000-148R  12 V DC Power supply.   For use with the MC50, MC1000, four slot cradles and MC55, MC55A0, MC55A0-HC, MC70, MC75, MC3000, MC3100, MC90XX, MC9190-G, WT4000,  MC75A, DS6878 single slot cradles.   Requires North American Power Cord P/N 23844-00-00R)
Regular price: $58.00
Web price: $47.90
Zebra PWRS-14000-253R Power Supply (5VDC, 850MA, CA-MX-JP-TW).   For use with Symbol LS1220/22XX/3408/4000/400XI/920XX,DS3408/660X;M200X;MS120X; MS220X;MS320X;MS804;MS904 Scanners. Also, compatible with CS3000/CS3070 and MT2000.   Includes:  Line Cord .   Replaces p/n 50-14000-253R.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $28.60
Zebra 50-14000-253R Power Supply Kit (90V 264VAC, 5.0VDC, 850MA) ,  RoHS.    For use in  US, CA, MX, UK, JP, TW.   Does not require a AC/DC Line Cord.   It works with Symol LS and DS scanners.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $28.60
Zebra PWRS-14000-122R  DS/LS3578 Forklift Mount Power Supply (9-60VDC, 9VDC, 1A and SAE J1455).  Requires Line Cord P/N 25-54956-02R.
Regular price: $390.00
Web price: $319.10
Zebra MC1000 Handheld Mobile Computer - Batteries - Accessories
Regular price: $695.00
Web price: $532.10