Datalogic QuickScan 6500

Datalogic QuickScan 6500
Item# QS65-1040001-401
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Product Description

Datalogic QuickScan 6500

The Datalogic QuickScan QS6500 handheld linear imaging scanner offers a high performance scanner for retail and general purpose applications. The QS6500 linear imaging scanner has the ability to read most 1D bar codes while also offering the ability to read stacked 2D codes like PDF-417, Micro PDF and EAN 128 stacked composite codes. The QS6500 features a durable and reliable solid-state design, eliminating the moving parts associated with lasers, and comes standard with a five year warranty.

The QuickScan QS6500 is Datalogic's newest general purpose handheld scanner, featuring the latest in linear imaging technology. For retail, office, healthcare and light industrial customers looking for a handheld scanner that has premium performance and durability at an affordable price, the QuickScan QS6500 offers the best price/performance in the market. The QS6500 provides many benefits including aggressive scanning performance, an ergonomic enclosure, excellent depth-of-field, snappy 1D and PDF bar code reading, bright targeting beam, and superior durability and reliability.

Datalogic QuickScan QS6500 Features and Benefits

  • Aggressive linear imaging performance with up to 15" / 38 cm reading on 100% UPC labels
  • Supports RSS and PDF-417 for future industry compatibility
  • Multi-interface solution supports all popular host terminal interfaces
  • Flash memory for easy software upgrades
  • Built tough to withstand common POS abuse for many years
  • 2005 Sunrise compliant
  • Five-year factory warranty
  • Ergonomic and Innovative Design Combined with Value and Performance.

    RoHSRoHS Compliant

    Datalogic QuickScan 6500 Data Sheet(.pdf 351KB)
    Datalogic QuickScan 6500 User Guide - Installation Instructions(.pdf 6.73MB)
    *Order Online the Datalogic QS6500 1D Imager featuring (USB, with CD, POT Cable #8-0481-08 and No Power Kit) - Color: Gray. RoHS compliant.

  • Accessories

    Datalogic QS65-3040001-401 QuickScan 6500 1D Imager Kit (USB HID KB, Series A 12 Foot POT, CD and ROHS) - Color: Black
    Regular price: $260.00
    Web price: $229.90
    Datalogic QS65-1040032-401R QuickScan 6500 1D Imager (USB, N, Goose Neck Stand, STD/CD, POT and ROHS) - Color: Gray
    Regular price: $300.00
    Web price: $259.90
    Datalogic QS65-3040042-401 QuickScan 6500 1D Imager (12 Foot POT USB Cable, Stand and CD) - Color: Black.
    Regular price: $300.00
    Web price: $259.90
    Datalogic QS65-3010142-105R RS232 Kit.  Includes: 1D, RS-232, DB9 12 Cable, P/S, Stand , CD, Color: Black.
    Regular price: $325.00
    Web price: $279.10
    Datalogic QS65-2030000R QuickScan  PDF Imager (1D Plus PDF, Micro-PDF Decode-IN with Multi Interface and ROHS) - Color: Gray.   Scanner Only.   Requries cable.
    Regular price: $240.00
    Web price: $209.90
    Datalogic 8-0734-16 Cable Assembly (12 Feet, USB,  Type A, POT, Full Speed, Coiled, ROHS).  For use with the QS6500. Magellan.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $22.90
    Datalogic 7-0393 QS2500/QS6000/QS6500 Plus Mountable Tabletop Stand w/Mounting Tape
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $21.10
    Datalogic 8-0736-01 IM8000/PowerScan/QS1000/QS6000 RS232 Cable.  8', 25 Pin-F, Coiled, Power off external brick.  Requires power supply part# 4004-0794
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $21.90
    Datalogic 8-0736-02 RS232 Cable 25 DSUB, 12', Coiled, Color: Black,  RoHS.   For use with PowerScan/QuickScan scanners.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $22.90
    Datalogic  8-0736-03  RS232 8' Coiled Cable,  9 pin "D" connector, Socket, Power off the terminal @ pin 9, RoHS.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $26.50
    Datalogic 8-0681-02  Hands Free Stand, Black.  For use with the  QS6500.
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $28.10
    Datalogic 8-0681-01 Hands Free Stand, Gray.  For use with the QS6500.
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $28.10
    Datalogic  4004-0794 PowerScan/QuickScan6000/QS6500BT/VS800/DUET Power Supply,  Wall Mount, 110/120 Volt,  US Standard.
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $20.00