Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Handheld Mobile Computer WiFi, Bluetooth

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Handheld Mobile Computer WiFi, Bluetooth
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Product Description

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Handheld Mobile Computer WiFi, Bluetooth
The Unitech SRD650 is a rugged handheld computer unlike any other. Our Solution Ready Design allows you to begin your data collection the same day the device arrives on your doorstep. Our SRD650 is so much more than a mobile computer; it’s a complete solution.

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSOIdeal for use in:

• Retail
• Inventory
• Look-ups / Ordering
• Merchandising
• Light Industrial
• Shipping / Receiving
• Stock / Put-away
• Asset Management

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Features & Benefits

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Out-of-the-Box Applications
The SRD650 is a rugged handheld computer powerful in its own right. We have paired this device with four robust applications: Barcode Compare, Memory Scanner, Asset Tracker, and Inventory Manager. Use one of these pre-installed apps and start working right away. You can also export the data you’ve collected on your handheld device to your computer via USB or WiFi communication.

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSODesign Your Own Solution
Save time and money on software development by taking advantage of the SRD650’s built-in capabilities. We have paired the device with a software solution—the Kalipso Application Generator—so you don’t have to. The Kalipso Application Generator allows you to edit our applications to fit your own unique workflow. You can even use Kalipso to build your own application from scratch. This mobile computer makes high-level customization a reality.

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO No Hidden Costs
A license to use Kalipso and access to all pre-installed applications are available completely free of charge. Our Solution Ready Design includes absolutely everything you need for a smooth and easy set-up process, saving you valuable time and resources. All of the required accessories will ship out in the same box, no need to buy them separately. The SRD650 handheld computer also features a rugged design to withstand moisture, dust, and 4-foot drops to concrete, ensuring your investment is a lasting one.

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Applications
The SRD650 will facilitate operations everywhere, including small-to-medium businesses (SMB), and retail locations.

Use the out-of-the-box apps to find barcode matches quickly and easily, a useful tool for picking, material prep, medication administration and much more.

These easy on-screen tools will help you keep your shelves well stocked and your inventory up-to-date. Streamline your data collection, simplify price management, and track company assets using this efficient and compact device. With our Solution Ready Design, you’ll have more time, money and resources to dedicate to other facets of your business.

Unitech SRD650 KALIPSO Summary
• Access to free pre-installed applications
• Fast and easy application generator
• Out-of-the-box functionality
• Aggressive 1D laser scan engine
• IP54 environmental seal
• 4 ft drop threshold
• One year warranty