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Wasp MobileAsset Tracking Software (P/N 633808390006)

Wasp MobileAsset Tracking Software (P/N 633808390006)
Item# 633808390006
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Product Description

Wasp MobileAsset Tracking Software (P/N 633808390006)
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Wasp MobileAsset Tracking Software Standard Ed.

WASP's MobileAsset offers the quickest and easiest way to track all your company assets including computers, printers, software, phones, tools, books, even personnel. Have the knowledge of where all your valuable assets are at your fingertips. MobileAsset gives you detailed information on each asset including where it is, what department it is in, who checked it in or out, and even if it’s scheduled to have maintenance. MobileAsset allows you to calculate depreciation on each asset to give you an up-to-date assessment of the asset’s value.

Wasp MobileAsset is the no.1 selling, industry-leading asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Wasp has perfected an all in one solution to solve the asset management needs of government and educational agencies, health care, and small to large companies across the globe. This asset tracking solution is capable of meeting the high demands of your business while still remaining simple enough to master right out of the box.

MobileAsset keeps the locations of your valuable assets at your fingertips, preventing you from having to search for misplaced, unreturned, or lost assets. In addition, detailed information on each asset, including what site, location and even department it is currently in, who checked it in or out, the cost of the asset, when the warranty period expires, and even when maintenance is due on the asset is all captured by the system. MobileAsset also stores the transaction history of an asset, so you know where it has been, how many times it has been broken or serviced, and who was the last person to check it out and for how long. MobileAsset even gives you the power to easily audit your assets to ensure 100% accuracy.

MobileAsset is also the ideal solution for companies that are already tracking their assets, but need a better solution for remote assets, such as a cable operator keeping track of cable boxes at specific customer's homes, or remote and fixed assets such as in the case of a cellular repeater tower. But that’s not all MobileAsset does. Just take a look at some of the powerful features

Features: Know what assets your company owns and which employee or client has them. , Reduce expenses. Don’t buy unnecessary items. , Know the cost of your assets & depreciation amounts. , Spend less time searching for your equipment and assets. , Reduce&ldquo, borrowing&rdquo, without permission. , Reduce lost or unreturned items. , Operate on a tighter budget with better service. , 1-PC user, 1-mobile user. , Track assets by site, location, department, item, and serial number. , Easily add, edit, move or dispose of assets. , Move by location, department, purchase order or custom filter. , Check-in and check-out assets to track who has the assets and when they are due back. , Capture purchase order, invoice, and warranty details. , Customize the system with over 20 user-defined tracking fields to ensure a perfect fit for your environment. , 46 professional reports are included to keep you on top of your business. , Create your own barcode asset tags/labels (fully integrates barcode technology). , Data pinning on PC & mobile devices (streamline data entry). , Attach any type of file to an asset - pictures, warranties, user manuals, invoices. , Import/export information quickly to reduce data entry and external processing. , Audit your assets on your PC or mobile device (Inventory reconciliation). , Secure your system with advanced feature-based security - More than 10 different security options. , Print receipts on both PC and mobile printers. , Schedule maintenance service for your assets. , Includes Microsoft SQL MSDE Database. Handheld Features: , Check-In/Check-Out your assets with your portable data collector. , Audit your assets -Portable data collectors allow you the flexibility to audit your assets where your assets are located. , Add, remove, adjust, move, and retrieve detailed information about your organization's assets anywhere you go. , Divide the work with multiple portable data collectors. MobileAsset comes with one mobile device license. Additional mobile device licenses are available.

WASP MobileAsset Features & Benefits
  • Track assets by Site, Location, Department, Item ID, Serial Number, and more!
  • Add, Edit, Move, Dispose, Check-in/Out and Audit assets
  • Move by Location, Department, Purchase order or Custom filter
  • Check-in and Check-out assets to track who has the asset and when it is due back.
  • Print Receipts on both the PC and Mobile printers
  • Schedule Maintenance to ensure assets are properly serviced
  • Attach any type of File to an asset - Pictures, Warranties, User Manuals and More
  • Import and Export Asset Data for external processing
  • Create your own asset bar code tags
  • Calculate Depreciation to determine the value of an asset
  • Easy, One-click synchronization between your PC and the handheld Data Collector
  • Secure Logon guards your asset information and tracks who did what
  • Available in single computer Desktop Edition or Network Edition (5 named PCs)
  • Includes one mobile device license. Additional mobile device licenses may be purchased

    WASP MobileAsset Handheld Features
  • Extend, Track, Check-In/Out Your Assets to Your Handheld Device
  • Divide the work with multiple handheld devices.
  • MobileAsset comes with one handheld device license.
  • Additional handheld device licenses are available
  • Add, Remove, Move, Adjust, Audit and Retrieve Detailed information about your organization's assets WASP MobileAsset PC System Requirements
  • Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, and NT
  • 200MHz or higher processor
  • 128 MB RAM minimum
  • 350 MB disk space minimum
  • 256 color minimum
  • CD-ROM drive

    WASP MobileAsset Handheld Requirements
    Wasp MobileAsset supports both Palm and Pocket PC devices

    Palm Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher
  • Palm desktop version 4.0 or higher
  • 4MB of RAM (8MB recommended)

    Pocket PC Requirements
  • Windows® Mobile 2003 or later
  • CE 4.2 or higher

    The following Mobile Devices have been tested and will run Wasp Inventory Control and Asset Tracking Software:
    MobileInventory 3.5 MobileAsset 4.06

    Palm® Devices that support both MobileInventory 3.5/MobileAsset 4.06
  • Symbol® SPT1500
  • Symbol® SPT1550
  • Symbol® SPT1700
  • Symbol® SPT1800

    Pocket PC Devices that support both MobileInventory 3.5/MobileAsset 4.06
  • Wasp WPA 206
  • WorkAboutPro model 7525
  • PSC Falcon 4410/4420

    Pocket PC Devices that support MobileInventory 3.5
  • Symbol PPT 8800 Pocket PC
  • Symbol PPT 8800 Windows CE
  • Compaq iPAQ / hp IPAQ h4150
  • Dell AXIM X30
  • Symbol MC50 Pocket PC Unit

    ***Order Online the WASP MobileAsset Standard Edition Software V4.06. For use with one Desktop-PC User, 1- Mobile User (P/N 633808390006)***