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Zebra 10006995K Z-Band Adult White 1" x 11" Antimicrobial DT Wristbands, 200/cartridge , 6/case, HC100

Zebra 10006995K  Z-Band Adult White 1" x 11" Antimicrobial DT Wristbands, 200/cartridge , 6/case,  HC100
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Product Description

Zebra Z-Band Antimicrobial Coated Z-Band Direct Thermal Adult Wristbands (Zebra HC100 Direct Thermal Printer)

Zebra's award-winning Z-Band Direct wristbands enable automated ID verification for hospitals and other facilities seeking to boost efficiency and accuracy to reduce costly and dangerous errors. Offering ribbon-free printing, Z-Band Direct wristbands meet healthcare patient ID and safety requirements, including those defined by JCAHO and HIPAA. These latex-free wristbands with special UV coating are waterproof and provide durability with resistance to alcohol, solvents, and mild soaps.

Patient ID wristbands are a hotbed for infection-causing bacteria. Now, with Zebra’s antimicrobial coated Z-Band direct thermal wristbands, your patients can wear durable, scannable and comfortable wristbands that resist the four leading causes of infections in U.S. hospitals today. Zebra’s Z-Band direct thermal wristbands feature an inorganic ionic silver coating that kills microorganisms that come into contact with it. As the silver ions are taken into the microorganisms, they react and bond to the cellular enzyme. This inhibits the microorganisms’ enzyme activity and multiplication, which eliminates them. Zebra’s antimicrobial coating has been clinically proven to prevent the growth and survival of the following icroorganisms on our wristbands:
• S. aureus
• P. aeruginosa
• E. coli
• MRSA Types II, III, and IV

Available with a pressure-sensitive pull tab or a clip closure, Zebra’s Z-Band direct thermal wristbands are also:
• Easy to use: within seconds you can print and secure the wristband.
• Highly durable: they’re specially coated to resist water, soaps, chemicals and other elements so the printed bar codes remain crisp and scannable for up to 14 days.

Bar coded patient identification wristbands provide the necessary foundation for preventing medical errors by making accurate patient information available at the point of care. With Zebra’s antimicrobial coated wristbands, you can further extend those powerful benefits by protecting your hospital’s wristbands from dangerous, infection causing bacteria.

Quick Specs Z-Band Direct Wristbands
• Direct thermal printing
• Clinically proven antimicrobial coating
• Pressure-sensitive adhesive tab
• Six color options
• Three sizes: adult, pediatric and infant

Zebra Z-Band Direct Wristband Data Sheet (.pdf 431KB)
Order Online the Zebra 10006995K Z-Band Adult White 1" x 11" Antimicrobial DT Wristbands, 200/cartridge , 6/case). No ribbon required. Compatible Printer: Zebra HC100 Direct Thermal Printer.