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Fargo DTC4250E ID Card Printer & Encoder

Fargo DTC4250E ID Card Printer & Encoder
Item# 052000
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Product Description

Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer & Encoder

From plastic loyalty and photo ID cards to more sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics, HID Global’s professional-grade FARGO DTC4250e ID card printer and encoder is able to produce large quantities of extremely durable credentials both quickly and easily. Ideal for small to mid-size businesses, schools, and local government agencies that require reliable printing, the DTC4250e ID card printer and encoder features a flexible and modular design that can be easily adapted whenever your organization grows or your printing needs change.

The DTC4250e also features new security enhancements, such as the embedded iCLASS SE smart card encoder for encoding organizational or personnel data directly onto the card and AES-256 data decryption for protection of financial information. The DTC4250e can also be password protected so only approved operators can print and encode security cards and visitor badges.

With its small footprint, an optional, same-side input/output hopper and an optional Wi-Fi® accessory that allows you to print anytime and anywhere, the DTC4250e consumes minimal space and offers maximum flexibility. The card printer is also fully compatible with Asure ID® Card Personalization Software for creating custom credentials and Color Assist™ software that can help you match spot colors, ensuring accurate reproduction of such complex graphics as company logos or employee photos.

Backed by a global three-year warranty, each of our seventh generation FARGO card printers can be seamlessly integrated to work with other HID products, ensuring that you receive and retain the maximum value from the most trusted name in secure identity solutions.

  • Highly versatile – Powerful printing in a modular, scalable design that simplifies equipment upgrades and migration to higher levels of security.
  • End-to-End Control, Flexibility and Security – The optional iCLASS SE® encoder (part of the iCLASS SE open encoder platform) can be fully integrated into your printer, allowing you to create, encode (read/write) and manage your secure credentials from start-to-finish. Design personalized ID badges locally and then program them to work with your current physical access control system (PACS), streamlining your ordering, inventory management, and issuance processes.
  • Easy-to-use – Efficient set-up, loading and printing with all-in-one print ribbon and card cleaning cartridge (EZ), and SmartScreen™ graphical display.
  • Enhanced protection – Standard printer password protection and fluorescent panel printing provide a cost-effective and dynamic means of increasing card security.
  • Earth friendly – GreenCircle Certified for efficient energy consumption and ecofriendly (ECO) refill ribbons.

    Designed for medium-sized businesses, schools and local government institutions seeking versatility in a convenient, professional and secure printer/encoder system, the DTC4250e is ideal for flexible, easy and reliable color printing and encoding of technology cards. The DTC4250e combines versatility with simplicity to easily print what you need including:
  • A sleek design with changeable footprint to accommodate office environments where space is at a premium.
  • SmartScreen graphical display with easy-to-follow prompts ensures you’ll always know printer status.
  • Eco-friendly erase and rewrite feature is ideal for creating temporary ID cards.

  • FARGO Workbench™ diagnostic utility facilitates printer maintenance. Its Color Assist™ tool matches spot colors, ensuring accurate prints of graphics such as company logos.
  • Fully compatible with Asure ID® card personalization software for badge design, database management and technology card encoding, as well as EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management solutions.

    The FARGO® DTC4250e is built with Genuine HID® technology and is fully interoperable with other products in the HID ecosystem, enabling organizations to leverage their existing technology investments.

    HID Fargo DTC450e Data Sheet (.pdf 500KB

    Order Online the Fargo DTC450e Base Model (Part# 052000) Features: Single Sided with Ethernet and USB, 100 Input Hopper Standard, Internal Print Server , Three Year Printer Warranty. Order link top of page.

  • Accessories

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    Web price: $40.90
    Fargo 045130 EZ Gold Ribbon Cartridge with Cleaning Roller (1000 images).   For use with the Fargo DTC1000 DTC1250e, DTC4000 Card Printers.
    Regular price: $63.15
    Web price: $47.80
    Fargo HID 045111 Premium Black Dye Sublimation Ribbon with Cleaning Roller, Clear Overlay Cartridge Ribbon, Yield: 500 images/cartridge.   Compatible with the C30/ C30e/DTC1000/DTC1000M/DTC4000/DTC4500 Printers.
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    Web price: $79.90
    Fargo 045113 EZ BO: Dye-sublimation black and clear overlay panel (500 images).   For use with the Fargo C30/DTC400/DTC1000/DTC1250e/DTC4000  Card Printers.
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    Web price: $548.70