Honeywell 3320G Vuquest Fixed Mount 2D Omnidirectional Imager, Cables, Stands, Power Supply

Honeywell 3320G Vuquest Fixed Mount 2D Omnidirectional Imager, Cables, Stands, Power Supply
Item# 3320G-2USB-0-N
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Product Description

Honeywell 3320G Vuquest Fixed Mount 2D Omnidirectional Imager, Cables, Stands, Power Supply
Honeywell 3320G Vuquest Fixed Mount, Omnidirectional (1D, PDF417, 2D) Imager, Cables, Stands The modern and compact Honeywell Vuquest™ 3320g incorporates Honeywell Adaptus™ 6.0 area-imaging technology and delivers superior-performance scanning of all kinds of barcodes while requiring a minimal mounting footprint and providing maximum integration flexibility, making it a natural successor to the previous-generation Honeywell fixed-mount scanner – Vuquest 3310g.

• `Omnidirectional and fast scanning of virtually all barcodes
• Read digital barcodes on display with ease FLEXIBLE
• Minimal footprint requirement
• External input/output interfaces provide maximum flexibility for custom applications where additional I/Os are needed
• TotalFreedom™ open-system architecture offers unlimited possibilities for developing plug-ins for specific applications
• Software licenses for evolving needs SMART
• Automatic interface identification
• Automatic signature capture
with character recognition
• CodeGate™ technology allows user to easily target the desired barcode during menu scanning

• The Vuquest 3320g scanner can read barcodes on digital displays with the lowest brightness.
• The Vuquest 3320g scanner is seamlessly backwards compatible with the Vuquest 3310g scanner in terms of accessories, drivers, plug-ins, software tools and mounting position.

Honeywell 3320G Fixed Mount 1D/2D Scanner Data Sheet (.pdf 554KB)
***Order Online the Honeywell 3320G-2USB-0-N Vuquest 3320g USB Kit:Kit includes: 3320g-2 Scanner (1D, PDF417, 2D), USB Cable Part# 52559-N-3-FR (2.9M, 9.5 feet, Straight, Type A ), Color: Black, Warranty: 2 Years. (Kit Part# 3320G-2USB-0-N)***


Honeywell 3320G-Ruby-Verifone-Kit.  Includes 3320G Fixed Mount Scanner (1D/2D),  Ruby Cable (Straight, 9.8')  Gooseneck Intellistand, Quick Install Guide.
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Honeywell 3320G-4USB-0-N 3320g Vuquest USB Kit:   Kit includes: 3310G  Scanner (1D, PDF417, 2D), Color: Ivory (3320g-4) and USB Cable  2.9m (9.5 feet), straight, Type A (part# 52559-N-3-FR), documentation
Regular price: $443.55
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Honeywell 3320G-2USB-0EZDN Vuquest 3320g 2D Scanner USB Kit: PDF417, ivory scanner (3320g-4), 2.9m (9.5ft) straight USB Type A, cable (52-52559-N-3-FR), documentation, EasyDL 2.0
Regular price: $579.37
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Honeywell 3320G-2-N Vuquest 3320g 2D Fixed Mount Scanner. Scanner Only: Color:Black, RS232,USB,Key Board Wedge Interfaces, Order Cable Separately.
Regular price: $433.99
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Honeywell  3320GHD-4-N Vuquest 3320g 2D Scanner Only: PDF417, High Density Focus, ivory scanner (3320g-4) RS232,USB,Key Board Wedge Interfaces, Cable not Included, order below.  Assembled in Mexico
Regular price: $464.62
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Honeywell Vuquest 3320 Cables, Power Supply and Stand
Honeywell 52-52559-N-3-FR Cable: USB, Color: Black, Type A, 5V, 2.9m (9.5’) straight.   Host power with Ferrite.  For use with the Vuquest 3320
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Honeywell 52-52562-3-FR Cable: RS232, black, DB9, 5V, 2.9m (9.5´) straight, External IO.  For use with the VUQUEST 3310G, 3320G.
Regular price: $24.73
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Honeywell 52-52557-3-FR Cable: RS232, Color: Black, DB9 Female, 5V  External Power with Ferrite,  Length: 2.9m (9.5ft), straight.    For use with the Vuquest 3320.
Regular price: $18.00
Web price: $17.90
Honeywell 46-00525-6 Level 6 Power Supply, North America, 1.0A @ 5.2VDC, 90-255VAC @ 50-60Hz.  For use with the 1200G, 1250G, 1300G, 1400G, 3320g, Xenon 1900/1950/1902/1952/ Voyager MS9520/MS9540/MS9590/MS3780/MS7120/MS5145/MS1690/MS7625  AC to DC PowerLink Power Supply (NA plug, 1.0A @ 5.2VDC, 90-255VAC @ 50-60Hz)
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Zebra 20-60136-02R Gooseneck Intellistand.  For use with All Fixed Mount/MiniScan Products, Honeywell 3320G (3310g's mounting holes match those on the Motorola DS457 & MS440x devices).  Includes mounting screws.
Regular price: $36.93
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Honeywell 46-01210 Vuquest MK4980 Area Imager Presentation Stand.  Compatibility:  Vuquest MK4980, 3320G.  Includes mounting screws.
Regular price: $101.00
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