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BlueTooth, Pocket, Laser, Memory, Batch Bar Code Scanners

BlueTooth, Pocket, Laser, Memory, Batch Bar Code Scanners
Order Online BlueTooth, Pocket, Laser, Memory, Batch Bar Code Scanners

WASP 633809000201 Cordless Pocket BarCode Scanner | Bluetooth | 1D/2D | IOS | Android | Windows| 2MB Internal Storage | IP55 | USB Charging Cable | Hand Strap | Warranty 2 Years  -     <font size=3><font color=2b46cc><b>Excellent Value!</font size></font color></b>
Regular price: $325.00
Web price: $306.90
Unitech MS912-FUBB00-TG Bluetooth Companion Bar Code Scanner (1D) Kit Includes MS912 Cordless Micro Scanner, Linear Imager, BlueTooth, Batch Mode, 2MB Memory, (Windows, Android, IOS).
Regular price: $217.00
Web price: $152.47
Unitech MS925-2UBB00-S MS925 Pocket Companion Health Care Scanner, (1D/2D) Imager, Bluetooth.  Includes:  MS925, USB Cable, Neck Lanyard.
Regular price: $378.00
Web price: $254.10
Opticon OPN-2006 Bluetooth Laser Companion Memory Batch  Bar Code Scanner (1D, Postal Codes).  Works with Apple IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android.
Regular price: $315.00
Web price: $204.10
Opticon OPN3102i 1D/2D CMOS 2D Imager, BT, Companion BarCode Scanner - Compatible OS: Apple IOS MFI, Android, Windows
Regular price: $495.00
Web price: $329.90
Opticon OPN4000I-00 Bluetooth HID, SPP CCD (1D) BarCode Scanner.  Apple Devices: iPod, iPad, iPhone.
Regular price: $299.00
Web price: $192.10
Opticon OPN4000N-00 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (OPN4002N, No MFi Chip (1D, CCD) .
Regular price: $299.00
Web price: $192.10
Opticon OPL-9815-SK1  GPS, Date/Time Stamp, BlueTooth, Batch Data Collector.   Includes Cradle, usb/rs232 cable and power supply.
Regular price: $549.00
Web price: $419.10
Zebra CS60, CS60-HC Companion Scanners (1D, 2D, Corded, Cordless)   <font color=red><b><font size=3><i>NEW!</font color></b></i></font size>