Honeywell Datamax I-4212

Honeywell Datamax I-4212
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Product Description

Datamax I-4212
Datamax I-Class Printer

The Datamax I-4212 Printer is a work horse that is engineered for high speed, large volume applications with its 12 inches per second (304mm/sec)print speed. By combining high speeds with the its rugged, precision crafted die-cast aluminum frame, the I-4212 is the ideal choice for your high volume, mission critical printing applications, either on-demand or in batches.

The I-Class supports a 4.65-inch(118mm) maximum label width making the product ideal for labeling applications in industrial, commercial, business and clinical environments. A field installable flash/font expansion card allows for storage of label formats, graphics, downloadable fonts and international language print capabilities, thus minimizing formatting download time and maximizing printer output.

Datamax I-4212 High Speed Bar Code Printer Features & Benefits

  • High Speed Bar Code Printer
  • A powerful 32-bit multi-tasking processor and an industry leading 16MB of addressable RAM;
  • An easy-to-read front LCD display;
  • Color coded operator cues;
  • Embossed media loading diagrams;
  • Easily accessible printhead mechanism;
  • A unique collapsible ribbon hub that makes loading and unloading a snap.
  • Flash upgradeable firmware.
  • Engineered to Protect Your Investment
  • Modular design makes adding and/or changing options easy.
  • Easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.
  • Extremely easy to maintain-change the printhead and the platen roller in less than 5 minutes.
  • Standard bi-directional parallel and high-speed serial interfaces allow easy integration into your system.
  • Optional USB, Ethernet and Twinax/Coax support allows the printer to connect to virtually any host system environment.

    The Datamax I-Class Series has what it takes to solve your barcode printing needs. When it comes to high-speed, large volume, mission critical applications, there is just one choice—the Datamax I-Class I-4212. It's the industry's answer to your high performance printing needs.

    Datamax I-4212 Direct/Thermal Transfer Printer Data Sheet (.pdf 139KB)
    Datamax I-Class Accessories (.html 2KB)
    *Order Online the Datamax I-4212DT/TT Printer (PN R22-00-18000007) featuring the I-4212 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Printer (203 dpi, 4 Inch Print Width, 12 Inches Per Second with Parallel and Serial Interfaces).

  • Accessories

    Honeywell Datamax R22-00-18400007  I-4212 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Printer (203 dpi, 4 Inch Print Width, 12 ips Print Speed, Serial and Parallel Interfaces with Rewind)
    Regular price: $2,295.00
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    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil OPT78-2444-01 I Class Peel and Present Sensor.  Compatibility:  Datamax I-Class Printers
    Regular price: $225.00
    Web price: $169.70
    Honeywell 70-2020-01 Universal  Professional Cleaning Kit.  Includes: 10 Cleaning Cards, Clean Air Compressed Dusting Gas, Cleaning Pen, Ozone Safe Printhead Cleaning Solution, Adhesive Remover, Cleaning Solution, Platen Cleaning Solution, 50 Clean Wipes, 100 Cotton Swabs, 10 Bendable Swabs, Label Scraper, Rubber Roller Platen Cleaning Tool, Metal Brush, Cleaning Card Storage Bag w/ usage label, 1 Pair of Clean Gloves, 1 Apron and Instruction Manual.    Compatibility:   for use with all thermal label printers desktop, tabletop, and mobile.
    Regular price: $99.43
    Web price: $96.10
    Honeywell Datamax O-Neil 70-2019-01 A-Class, E-Class, M-Class, I-Class, H-Class printer Cleaning Pens.  Box of 12.
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $18.90
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil 70-2018-01 Pop Swabs for cleaning A-Class, E-Class, M-Class, I-Class, H-Class printers.  Box of 50.
    Regular price: $28.77
    Web price: $28.77
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Printer Spare Parts, Power Supply & Accessories
    Honeywell Datamax ROL15-2761-04  Platen Roller Assembly (Package of 1) for I-Class Printers
    Regular price: $55.00
    Web price: $40.90
    Honeywelll Datamax O'Neil DPR78-2330-01 Media Hub (Revolving, 3 in.).   For use with the I-Class Series Printers.
    Regular price: $53.00
    Web price: $39.10
    Honeywell PHD20-2181-01 Print Head, 203 dpi.   For use with the Datamax   I-4206 , I-4208 , I-4210, I-4212 Printer, Mark I Printers, (part# PHD20-2181-01)
    Regular price: $517.88
    Web price: $359.10
    Honeywell  Datamax O'Neil DMXREW1 DPO78-2394-01 External Rewinder (For use with any Label Printer).  Rewinds labels up to 4.5 inches wide.   Includes power supply part# DPO50-2051-01.
    Regular price: $598.95
    Web price: $404.90
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil OPT78-2388-01 I-Class/W-Class Printers USB Interface Card    ***Discontinued - No replacement***
    Regular price: $150.00
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    Honeywell Datamax 556001 Printer Cable (Serial, DB9, 9-Pin Female to 25-Pin Male)
    Regular price: $24.39
    Web price: $24.39
    Honeywell Datamax OPT78-2887-01 Ethernet Card  - Ethernet Wired LAN 10/100 (for I-Class Mark II Printers)
    Regular price: $286.00
    Web price: $196.10
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil IQ-4X6  4” x 6” Card Printhead Cleaning Cards (25/box).   For use with I-Class, M-Class, H-Class, and E-Class Printers.
    Regular price: $28.30
    Web price: $28.30
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil DPR24-2504-01 Media Sensor Assembly (1 per Pack) for the I-Class Printers
    Regular price: $75.00
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    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil DPO11-5219-01 I-Class Series Tear Bar
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $21.42
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil OPT78-2302-02 I-Class Internal Rewinder
    Regular price: $300.00
    Web price: $229.84
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Direct Thermal Labels
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Thermal Transfer Labels (FanTastock GreatLabel Kim-Syn)
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Thermal Transfer Ribbons - Wax - Wax/Resin - Resin
    Datamax O'Neil Windows (32/64-bit; XP, Vista, Win 7/8) Printer Drivers, Firmware Updates, DMXConfig Utility