Honeywell Datamax I-4212

Honeywell Datamax I-4212
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Product Description

Datamax I-4212
Datamax I-Class Printer

The Datamax I-4212 Printer is a work horse that is engineered for high speed, large volume applications with its 12 inches per second (304mm/sec)print speed. By combining high speeds with the its rugged, precision crafted die-cast aluminum frame, the I-4212 is the ideal choice for your high volume, mission critical printing applications, either on-demand or in batches.

The I-Class supports a 4.65-inch(118mm) maximum label width making the product ideal for labeling applications in industrial, commercial, business and clinical environments. A field installable flash/font expansion card allows for storage of label formats, graphics, downloadable fonts and international language print capabilities, thus minimizing formatting download time and maximizing printer output.

Datamax I-4212 High Speed Bar Code Printer Features & Benefits

  • High Speed Bar Code Printer
  • A powerful 32-bit multi-tasking processor and an industry leading 16MB of addressable RAM;
  • An easy-to-read front LCD display;
  • Color coded operator cues;
  • Embossed media loading diagrams;
  • Easily accessible printhead mechanism;
  • A unique collapsible ribbon hub that makes loading and unloading a snap.
  • Flash upgradeable firmware.
  • Engineered to Protect Your Investment
  • Modular design makes adding and/or changing options easy.
  • Easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.
  • Extremely easy to maintain-change the printhead and the platen roller in less than 5 minutes.
  • Standard bi-directional parallel and high-speed serial interfaces allow easy integration into your system.
  • Optional USB, Ethernet and Twinax/Coax support allows the printer to connect to virtually any host system environment.

    The Datamax I-Class Series has what it takes to solve your barcode printing needs. When it comes to high-speed, large volume, mission critical applications, there is just one choice—the Datamax I-Class I-4212. It's the industry's answer to your high performance printing needs.

    Datamax I-4212 Direct/Thermal Transfer Printer Data Sheet (.pdf 139KB)
    Datamax I-Class Accessories (.html 2KB)
    *Order Online the Datamax I-4212DT/TT Printer (PN R22-00-18000007) featuring the I-4212 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Printer (203 dpi, 4 Inch Print Width, 12 Inches Per Second with Parallel and Serial Interfaces).

  • Accessories

    Honeywell Datamax R22-00-18400007  I-4212 Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Printer (203 dpi, 4 Inch Print Width, 12 ips Print Speed, Serial and Parallel Interfaces with Rewind)
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    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil OPT78-2444-01 I Class Peel and Present Sensor.  Compatibility:  Datamax I-Class Printers
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    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil 70-2020-01 A-Class, E-Class, H-Class, I-Class and M-Class printers Professional Cleaning Kit
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    Honeywell Datamax O-Neil 70-2019-01 A-Class, E-Class, M-Class, I-Class, H-Class printer Cleaning Pens.  Box of 12.
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    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil 70-2018-01 Pop Swabs for cleaning A-Class, E-Class, M-Class, I-Class, H-Class printers.  Box of 50.
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    Web price: $28.77
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Printer Spare Parts, Power Supply & Accessories
    Honeywell Datamax ROL15-2761-04  Platen Roller Assembly (Package of 1) for I-Class Printers
    Regular price: $55.00
    Web price: $40.90
    Honeywelll Datamax O'Neil DPR78-2330-01 Media Hub (Revolving, 3 in.).   For use with the I-Class Series Printers.
    Regular price: $53.00
    Web price: $39.10
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil PHD20-2181-01  I-4206 , I-4208 ,  I-4210,  I-4212 Print Head Replacement 203 dpi  (part# PHD20-2181-01)
    Regular price: $428.00
    Web price: $296.10
    Honeywell  Datamax O'Neil DMXREW1 DPO78-2394-01 External Rewinder (For use with any Label Printer).  Rewinds labels up to 4.5 inches wide.   Includes power supply part# DPO50-2051-01.
    Regular price: $495.00
    Web price: $337.10
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil OPT78-2388-01 I-Class/W-Class Printers USB Interface Card
    Regular price: $150.00
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    Honeywell Datamax 556001 Printer Cable (Serial, DB9, 9-Pin Female to 25-Pin Male)
    Regular price: $35.00
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    Honeywell Datamax OPT78-2887-01 Ethernet Card  - Ethernet Wired LAN 10/100 (for I-Class Mark II Printers)
    Regular price: $286.00
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    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil IQ-4X6  4” x 6” Card Printhead Cleaning Cards (25/box).   For use with I-Class, M-Class, H-Class, and E-Class Printers.
    Regular price: $39.00
    Web price: $39.00
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil DPR24-2504-01 Media Sensor Assembly (1 per Pack) for the I-Class Printers
    Regular price: $75.00
    Web price: $52.10
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil DPO11-5219-01 I-Class Series Tear Bar
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $21.42
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil OPT78-2302-02 I-Class Internal Rewinder
    Regular price: $300.00
    Web price: $229.84
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Direct Thermal Labels
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Thermal Transfer Labels & Tags, Floodcoated Color Lables
    Honeywell Datamax O'Neil Thermal Transfer Ribbons - Wax - Wax/Resin - Resin
    Datamax O'Neil Windows (32/64-bit; XP, Vista, Win 7/8) Printer Drivers, Firmware Updates, DMXConfig Utility