Drivers License Bar Code Scanners: schools, bars, convenient stores, law enforcement, public administration.

Drivers License Bar Code Scanners: schools, bars, convenient stores, law enforcement, public administration.

Bar Code Scanners for scanning Drivers License, School Id's, Employee Id's, Military Id's. Ideal for use in : schools, bars, convenient stores, law enforcement, public administration

Parsing capability is available with Honeywell 1900/1902, Datalogic GD4430, Zebra DS6708.

Does your bar code scanner read a driver license with one pass or does it take multiple passes? US retailers who sell regulated goods such as alcohol, lottery tickets and tobacco must follow local, state, and federal requirements to accurately verify customers’ age and identity. Datalogic, Honeywell, and Symbol Motorola offer multiple bar code readers capable of reading PDF417 bar codes commonly found on IDs that can automate the age verification process, so that retailers can more effectively comply with government regulations.

Reading and sending the data found from bar codes on Government issued identification cards (including most state driver licenses) to the point-of-sale quickly verifies and assures the customer’s legal age. This verification process protects the retailer from fines or potential loss of license when selling age-restricted goods. Using a scanner and POS host system to verify ID or age removes the burden of the decision-making process from the cashier and eliminates the need for separate “verification only” equipment.

Using a bar code reader for age verification reduces manual data entry, increases efficiency at the point-of-sale and prevents errors in the sale of controlled items such as alcohol and tobacco.

Top Ten Reasons Retailers Upgrade to Area-Imagers (.pdf 250KB)

State Drivers License Bar Code Scanners - PDF417 Low Cost Hand Held  Scanners
Datalogic QuickScan QD2400 1D/2D Omnidirectional, Area Imager
Regular price: $302.00
Web price: $166.90
Honeywell Voyager 1400g2D-2USB-1 USB Kit: Omni-directional 1D, PDF417, 2D (limited), black, rigid presentation stand (STND-19R02002-4), USB Type A 1.5m straight cable (CBL-500-150-S00)
Regular price: $338.00
Web price: $229.90
Datalogic Gryphon GD4430 2D Area Imager Kits <font color=white><b>Gryphon 2D  Promo!</font color></b>
Regular price: $405.00
Web price: $223.90
2D Area Imagers for parsing data from drivers license into software program automatically
Zebra DS4208 2D Handheld BarCode Scanner
Regular price: $338.00
Web price: $236.10
Zebra DS4208-DL00007WR DS4208 Handheld 2D Area Imager (DS4208-DL, Driver's License Parsing) - Color: Twilight Black.   ***Capable of parsing out information from standard US driver's licenses and (AAMVA) compliant ID cards***
Regular price: $333.00
Web price: $233.10
Honeywell Xenon 1900G SR/HHD/HD/ER/ESD/1D/2D/PDF Area Imager
Regular price: $443.00
Web price: $271.90
Zebra DS6708-DL Driver's License Handheld Bar Code Imager Scanner
Regular price: $414.00
Web price: $332.10
United States & Canada Drivers License 2D Bar Code Scanners - Stationary & Fixed Mount
Opticon M5WU1S-00 M5 Stationary Scanner (2D Presentation Imager with USB Connection Kit) - Color: White
Regular price: $349.00
Web price: $199.10
Zebra DS9208-DL00004NNWW DS9208-SR DL Parsing, Omnidirectional, Hands-Free,  Presentation 1d/2d/PDF Imager, “scanner only, requires a cable”, Manual.    Color: Black.  Click link to order cables/power supply.  Note: DL Parsing is for Scanning Drivers Licenses.
Regular price: $365.00
Web price: $286.10
Honeywell Genesis Area Imager MK7580-30B38-12-A USB Kit: 1D, PDF417, 2D, Color: Black,  (7580g-2) scanner, USB Type A 3m straight cable (CBL-500-300-S00) EasyDL Software Pre-Installed for parsing data and documentation
Regular price: $540.00
Web price: $364.10
Datalogic Magellan 1400i
Regular price: $995.00
Web price: $439.40
Honeywell Vuquest MS4980 Fixed Mount 1D/2D/PDF417 Bar Code Reader
Regular price: $475.00
Web price: $329.90
Datalogic Gryphon GPS4490 GPS4490-BK-USB Kit.    Includes the Gryphon GPS4490 (1D/2D Presentation Scanner with Stand, RS232/USB Interfaces, Color: Black).   USB Cable (Straight, 6.5ft.) and User Guide.
Regular price: $407.00
Web price: $229.10
2D Bar Code Scanners Parsing Data from Drivers License
Honeywell 1452g Cordless, Omni-Directional, Linear Imager, BlueTooth, BarCode Scanner Kits (1D/2D Models).  <font color=red><b><I>New!</font color></b ></i>
Regular price: $525.36
Web price: $349.10
Honeywell TF2-EZDL EasyDL license key for Xenon/VuQuest/Captuvo.    Supports all 50 US States, Canadian Provinces and  military id's.
Regular price: $104.74
Web price: $80.44
Ruby Verifone POS Bar Code Scanners (1D/2D, Corded).  Compatible with Ruby2, RubyCi, Verifone Sapphire, TopazXL, Commander Site Controller.
Gilbarco Passport POS Bar Code Scanner Kits: (1D/2D, Hand Held, Corded,/Cordless).