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Drivers License BarCode Scanners - Applications: Age Verification, Identification - Form Factor: Corded, Cordless, Presentation Scanner, Fixed Mount

Drivers License BarCode Scanners - Applications:  Age Verification, Identification - Form Factor: Corded, Cordless, Presentation Scanner, Fixed Mount
Order Online 2D BarCode Scanners for Scanning Drivers License. Applications: Age Verification, Identification. Device Form Factor: Corded, Cordless, Presentation Scanner, Fixed Mount. Business Sector: Retail, Health Care, Manufacturing, Transportation, Public Administration, Education, Hospitality, e-Commerce

What type of barcode symbology is on a driver's license? The Id BarCode - Portable Display Format (PDF417) is the 2D BarCode Symbology used on drivers licenses and government id's. The PDF417 is a 2D, stacked linear barcode format used in a variety of applications such as transport, identification cards and inventory management.

Why should you purchase a 2D BarCode Scanner for your business? US retailers who sell regulated goods such as alcohol, lottery tickets and tobacco must follow local, state, and federal requirements to accurately verify customers’ age and identity. BarCodeScannersDiscount offer's multiple barcode readers capable of reading 1D, 2D, PDF417 Barcodes on drivers licenses and government id's to automate the age verification process and comply with government regulations.

Reading and sending the data found on barcodes from government issued identification cards (including most state driver licenses) to the point-of-sale quickly verifies and assures the customer’s legal age. This verification process protects the retailer from fines or potential loss of license when selling age-restricted goods. Using a scanner and POS host system to verify ID or age removes the burden of the decision-making process from the cashier and eliminates the need for separate “verification only” equipment.

Top 3 Reason to Upgrade Stores POS Checkout Hardware Today!
  • Automation: Using a bar code reader for age verification reduces manual data entry, increases efficiency at the point-of-sale and prevents errors in the sale of controlled items such as alcohol and tobacco.
  • Verification: Verify your Customer's ID by scanning their drivers license and government id with our 2D BarCode Scanners featuring Pre-Installed EASY DL and Aladdin Drivers License Parsing Software). DL Scanners automatically populate fields in your POS Software
  • Protection: Protect your liquor & tobaco license, fines and litigaton by scanning customers id when purchasing age verification products at checkout.

    What happens when they scan my id? When an age verification product is being checked out at the point of sale a 2D BarCode Scanner is used to verify a person's age and to make sure they are who they say they are.

    Where are 2D BarCode Scanners found:
    Retail - Point of Sale Checkout for age verification products
    Law Enforcement - Scanning drivers license to auto fill a traffic ticket.
    Public Administration - DMV, Courts, Airports
    Health Care - Bedside Point of Care (BOP) Patient Id
    Voting -Voter Id

    Top 10 Reasons Retailers Upgrade to 2D Area Imagers (.pdf 125KB)