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Zebra DS8108 1D/2D, Hand Held Area Imager, Corded, DL-Drivers License, HC-Health Care, SR-Standard Range

Zebra DS8108 1D/2D, Hand Held Area Imager, Corded, DL-Drivers License, HC-Health Care, SR-Standard Range
Item# DS8108-SR00007ZZWW
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Product Description

Zebra DS8108 Hand Held Area Imager, Corded, 1D/2D, DL-Drivers License Parsing Age Verification, HC-Health Care, SR-Standard Range, Stands, Cables

The checkout stand is the last chance you have to leave shoppers with a good impression. The quality of the checkout experience is heavily dependent upon the performance of the scanner you choose. Now, you can leave every shopper with the ultimate last impression with the DS8100 Series handheld imager.

The DS8100 Series rises above conventional imagers to deliver unprecedented scanning performance on virtually every 1D and 2D barcode, keeping your checkout lines moving and your cashiers free to deliver a more personal checkout experience. The DS8100 Series — because when it comes to the checkout experience in your store, only the best will do.

Only the DS8100 Series combines the power of an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM technology. With this unique combination of hardware and advanced algorithms, the DS8100 Series instantly captures the most problematic barcodes with lightning speed, including dense, poorly printed, crinkled, faded, distorted, dirty or damaged barcodes and electronic barcodes on smartphones — even when the screen is dimly lit.

A wide range of innovations allows workers to do much more than scan barcodes one at a time. Workers can simultaneously capture multiple barcodes and transmit only those required in the proper order directly to your application. Only the DS8100 Series can capture the information on a full 8.5 x 11 or A4 page, process the desired information into the right format for electronic storage and transmit the data to your applications — all with one press of the trigger. And support for Digimarc*© barcodes provides future-proofing, ensuring that the DS8100 Series you deploy today can support the barcodes of tomorrow.

Our complimentary tools deliver unrivaled manageability. With visionary visibility into scanning performance and battery metrics, you can spot and correct issues before they impact device uptime, worker productivity and the quality of your customer service. You can control many aspects of your scanners from any Android, iOS and Windows smartphone or tablet, as well as any iOS or Windows PC. You can create a single configuration barcode to customize settings. And you can stage, configure and update firmware on all your DS8100 devices in all of your locations — no user actions required.
Zebra DS8108 2D Area Imager Data Sheet (.pdf 375KB)
Order Online the Zebra DS8108 Standard Range Area Imager Kit. Includes DS8108 1D/2D Area Imager, Color: Twilight Black, Corded, Requires Cable (available below). Warranty: 5 Years from Zebra.


Zebra DS8108-DL Drivers License Parsing 2D Scanner.  For age verification, identification applications.
Zebra DS8108-DL7U2100AZW DS8108-DL Drivers License Scanner, Black USB Kit.   Includes DS8108-DL and CBA-U21-S07ZBR Shielded USB Cable, Length: 7 ft, Color: Midnight Black, Warranty:  Zebra 5 Years.
Regular price: $583.15
Web price: $368.16
Zebra DS8108-DL700000SGW-Ruby-Verifone-Kit.  Includes DS8108-DL Drivers License Parsing Scanner (1D/2D, Corded), Color: Black,  Stand (20-71043-04R), Ruby Verifone Cable (Length: 9', RS232, Coiled), User Guide, Warranty: 5 Years.
Regular price: $656.86
Web price: $414.70
Zebra DS8108-DL700000SGW-Gilbarco-Passport-Kit.  Includes DS8108-DL Drivers License Parsing Scanner (1D/2D, Corded),  Color: Black, Stand (20-71043-04R), Gilbarco Passport Cable (Length: 7', Straight), Power Supply (PWR-WUA5V4W0US), User Guide, Warranty:  5 Years
Regular price: $594.00
Web price: $379.90
Zebra DS8108-SR7U2100AZW  DS8108 DS8108-SR, Black USB Kit.   Includes: DS8108-SR00007ZZWW Scanner, CBA-U21-S07ZBR Shielded USB Cable, Length: 7 ft.  Color: Midnight Black,  Warranty: Zebra 5 Years.
Regular price: $488.00
Web price: $308.21
Zebra 20-71043-04R Gooseneck Intellistand DS2208, DS4308, DS8108
Regular price: $49.32
Web price: $43.90
 Zebra CBA-U21-S07ZBR USB Cable | 7', Type A, Shielded, Straight.   Replaces CBA-U21-S07ZAR.
Regular price: $37.58
Web price: $35.16
Zebra CBA-M01-S07ZAR IBM: 468x/9x, 7' 2m Straight, Port 9B
Regular price: $76.04
Web price: $65.90
Zebra  CBA-U12-C09ZAR USB Type A Cable, Lenght:  9', Coiled,
Regular price: $37.00
Web price: $30.90
Zebra CBA-U09-C15ZAR USB Cable, 15', Coiled
Regular price: $102.00
Web price: $80.70
Zebra CBA-U03-S07ZAR Cable USB Power Plus Connector 7ft. Straight
Regular price: $46.97
Web price: $41.92
Zebra CBA-R37-C09ZBR  RS232 Cable DB9F, 9 ft., Power on Pin 9 with TTL Current Limit Protection, Coiled.   Requires power supply PWR-WUA5V4W0US.
Regular price: $103.33
Web price: $87.80
Zebra CBA-K02-C09PAR KBW/PS2 Cable,  9',  Power Port, Coiled. Standard KBW Cable.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $26.70
 Zebra 25-127558-02R Dex Cable. For use with the Zebra MC55/MC65/MC67 Mobile Computers
Regular price: $107.00
Web price: $85.90