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Fargo Clear Overlay Ribbons, Holographic Overlaminate

Fargo Printers, Fargo Ribbons, Fargo SuppliesFargo YMCKO - Clear Overlay Ribbons - Holographic Overlaminate

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Fargo 081733  YMCKO Persona Full Color Resin Ribbon with Black Panel, Clear Overlay, Yield: 250 Prints.   Compatibility: Fargo Card Printers: C10, C11, C15, C16, C25, Pro-L, Pro-LX, Persona, Persona II, PersonaPlus, Cheetah, Cheetah II, Pro, 4250, Quatro.
Regular price: $222.50
Web price: $148.70
Fargo 081740  YMCKOK Full Color Ribbon (2 Resin Black Panels w/ Clear Overlay Panel, 250 Prints).   For use with FargoPro-L, Pro-LX, C25, Cheetah II Printers
Regular price: $175.00
Web price: $126.10
Fargo 081774-001  PolyGuard 1.0 mil Overlaminate, with left side cutout for smart chip, Clear, 125 count.    Compatibility:   Fargo ID Card Printers: DTC-LC Series , HDP-LC Series
Regular price: $62.75
Web price: $49.90
Fargo 081780  Thermal Transfer Overlaminate (Clear - 500 Count).  Compatibility: Fargo Card Printers: DTC515-LC , DTC525-LC , DTC550-LC , HDP600-LC , HDP820-LC , HDP825-LC , Cheetah II , Persona II , Pro-LX , Pro-L  printers.
Regular price: $45.83
Web price: $43.10
Fargo 081783 PolyGuard Overlaminate (0.6 Mil, Clear - 250 Count).   Compatibility:  Fargo DTC550 ID Card Printer.
Regular price: $110.09
Web price: $74.90
Fargo 081789  PolyGuard Overlaminate (1.0 Mil - 250 Image).   Compatibility: Fargo DTC515LC ID Card Printer, Fargo DTC525LC ID Card Printer, Fargo DTC550LC ID Card Printer, Fargo HDP600LC ID Card Printer, Fargo HDP820LC ID Card Printer, Fargo HDP825LC ID Card Printer, Fargo Pro-L ID Card Printer, Fargo Pro-LX ID Card Printer, Fargo Cheetah II ID Card Printer, Fargo Persona II ID Card Printer.
Regular price: $105.04
Web price: $74.90
Fargo 082222 PolyGuard Overlaminate (.6 Mil, Globe Design Hologram with Secure - 250 Image).  Fargo Card Printers: DTC515-LC, DTC525-LC, DTC550-LC, HDP600-LC, HDP820-LC, HDP825-LC, Cheetah II, Persona II, Pro-LX, Pro-L printers.
Regular price: $118.65
Web price: $101.60
Fargo HID 082224  PolyGuard Overlaminate (1.0 Mil, Globe Design Hologram - 250 Image).  Fargo DTC515LC, DTC525LC, DTC550LC, HDP600LC,  HDP820LC, HDP825LC,  Pro-L, Pro-LX,  Cheetah II,  Persona  printers.
Regular price: $150.00
Web price: $99.90
Fargo 082226 Thermal Transfer Overlaminate (High Resolution Globe Design Hologram with Secure - 500 Image)
Regular price: $154.50
Web price: $106.10
Fargo 82243 PolyGuard 1.0 mil Overlaminate, alternating full-patch/half-patch, Clear, 150 count; will cover 75 cards front and back. (Now compatible with DTC-LC and HDP-LC).
Regular price: $62.00
Web price: $52.30
Fargo 082600 HDP5000 PolyGuard Overlaminate (0.6 Mil, Overlaminate Clear, 250 Count)  (P/N 82600).     Compatibility: Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer
Regular price: $74.24
Web price: $59.10