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HHP 3870LXK-A2-PS2 Cordless Bar Code Scanner KBW Kit

HHP 3870LXK-A2-PS2 Cordless Bar Code Scanner KBW Kit
Item# 3870LXK-A2-PS2
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Product Description

HHP 3870 Cordless Bar Code Scanner

***HHP 3870 Cordless Bar Code Scanner replaced by the Honeywell Granit 1911i Wireless Industrial Bar Code Scanner***

For Cordless Bar Code Scanning there is simply "No Better" Scanner available! The HHP 3870LX is built of Solid State construction with no moving parts, Linear Imaging Technology with a brighter aiming line than standard laser scanners, a snappy 270 scans per second scan rate (7 x's faster than laser scanners), and the best IP 54 rating in the industry. Ideal for tough industrial environments, manufacturing applications, interfacing to RF LAN based terminals mounted on forklift trucks, tool crib management, asset tracking, inventory control, and point-of-sale terminals.

The IT3870 joins a family of rugged and reliable cordless products, including the SCANTEAM® 2070 host interface base unit. The IT3870PDF is designed for aggressive reading performance on PDF417 and MicroPDF417. The IT3870HD reads high density bar codes with dimensions as small as 3 mil., while the IT3870LX reads 15 mil. codes out to 18 inches. All these configurations feature an IP 54 sealed-enclosure rating and the industry’s best drop specification for cordless scanners.

HHP 3870 Cordless BarCode Scanner Features & Benefits

  • Unique Battery Design NiMH battery last for 25 hours. Recharged by plugging into a 110 Volt wall socket. Operates throughout the entire workday.

  • Robust Radio 2.4 GHz of reliable, snappy, error free communication.
  • Powerful Scan Engine 270 scans per second.
  • Multiple Scanner Support 2070-5A Base Station supports up to 9 scanners simultaneously. Thereby, increasing productivity and flexibility without the added costs of additional bases and terminals. Application Work Groups Are able to perform multiple jobs simply by switching between workgroups or base units.

  • Broad Scanner Coverage Up to 31,000 square feet.
  • Rugged Design IP54 Rated for tough field conditions.
  • Ergonomic Design and Easy to Use.
  • No Cable Improves safety conditions by avoiding accidents and injury as a result of cables becoming entangled in equipment and machinery.
  • 3 Year Warranty...Best in its class

    HHP 3870 Cordless Bar Code Scanner Accessories (.pdf 540KB)
    HHP 3870 Cordless Bar Code Scanner Data Sheet(.pdf 887KB)
    HHP Cordless Series Quick Start Guide(.pdf 1.67MB)
    HHP 3870 Cordless Scanner System Manual(.pdf 4.37MB)

    *Order Online the HHP-IT3870LXK-A2-PS2 KIT includes 3870 Standard Range Linear Imager, NiMh Battery, Cordless Base Station 2070-10, Quick Start Guide, System Manual, IBM PS/2 key board wedge cable (PN 42205021-01). Everything needed to get started today!

    ***Replaced by the Honeywell 4820i Cordless Scanner***