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Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e

Honeywell Datamax  I-4212E Mark II Direct Thermal Printer
Honeywell Datamax I-4212E Mark II Direct Thermal Printer
Item# I12-00-08000007-Refurb
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Product Description

*There are a limited number of Refurbished Honeywell I-412e Printers available. The Honeywell I-412e has been discontinued and replaced by the Honeywell PM45A Industrial Printer

Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e is the replacement for the I-4208 Industrial Printer

The Honeywell I-412e is the replacement for the long running I-4208 Printer.
Datamax-O’Neil’s I-Class revolutionized the barcode printer industry with its award winning modular design, field installable options and rugged reliability. For the past several years, resellers have named the I-Class the “best channel product” in some of the industry’s largest third-party surveys. Now we’ve raised the bar even higher, with the redesigned I-Class Mark II.

Offering the fastest processor, largest memory and widest selection of communication ports available in a mid-range printer, the I-Class Mark II provides lower operating costs and flawless print quality. For applications as diverse as shipping and receiving, product identification, pharmacy labeling and asset tracking, the I-Class Mark II will maintain its reputation for providing outstanding for performance, reliability and value.

Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e Specifications at-a-glance:
•Direct thermal, thermal transfer (optional) •4.16” [105.7 mm] maximum print width
•203 dpi [8 dots/mm], 300 dpi [12 dots/mm], 600 dpi [24 dots/mm] optional resolution.
•12 ips [304 mm/s] maximum print speed
•Ethernet wired LAN 10/100, W-LAN with WPA2 security protocol, 2 USB Host Ports and SDIO, GPIO interface card

Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e Features & Benefits:
Versatile – I-Class Mark II printers can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications with a range of media compatibility, connectivity, emulation support, and options. I-Class Mark II offers a complete range of printers with 203, 300, and 600 dpi models with the best value proposition for mid range industrial class printers.

Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e Increased productivity – I-Class Mark II easily keeps up with high speed label demand applications, boasting 20% faster performance than the nearest competitor in its class. With a 400 MHz processor, the throughput of the printer is fastest in the mid range industrial printers in the industry. Its modular design facilitates adding and/or changing options with ease, making it easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.

•OPTIMedia reduces set-up time by enabling the printer to automatically adjust to optimum heat and speed setting to produce the best print quality
•Lower power consumption delivers 25 % lower power consumption in its category. The ECO IntelliSEAQ™ print head has durable coating, better abrasion resistance, and longer life
•Multiple Communication Ports: Offers the largest selection of communication ports in the mid level industrial printer range including serial, parallel, USB, LAN, 2 USB Host ports and SDIO, W-LAN, and GPIO interface card
•Graphical Display includes a 7-button 128x64 LCD graphical backlit display that is easy to read, enabling user friendly label configuration set-up
•Rugged construction features a geardriven design and durable die-cast aluminum frame
•Wide access to the printhead makes the I-Class Mark II very easy to maintain; both printhead and platen roller can be changed in less than 5 minutes
•Field installable options such as cutters, peel & present sensors, and thermal transfer option can be added easily to upgrade a base printer
•Multi-language menu available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French
•Software: Includes DPL and other popular language emulations that allow the printer to integrate easily into new or existing applications
•I-Class Mark II printers are offered with a wide variety of options and accessories to meet the needs of many industrial applications. A complete list of options and accessories are available on the partner center. The most commonly used options are listed below:

Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e Options & Accessories:
Thermal Transfer - A printing method that uses ribbon to produce exceptional image clarity, as compared to most direct thermal media types. The 4-section split-hub design allows for lower torque on narrow ribbons. This option can be used with either coated-side-in or coated-side-out ribbons.

Present Sensor - An output control device that allows subsequent printing to occur only after the removal of a previously printed label.

External Rewinder - The external rewinder (up to 4.5" wide and 8" OD roll) is used for rewinding labels onto a roll as they are printed. This allows for batch printing large continuous rolls of labels or tags and distributed for use.

Peel & Present - An internally "overdriven" design for heavy duty requirements using aggressive adhesive or polyester type media. Minimum label length is 1.5 inches (38 mm).

Cutter - Plug-and -play: attach the cutter and it is auto detected during power up. The rotary style mechanism is capable of cutting media from 0.0025” to 0.0100” (0.0635mm -0.254mm) thick, and has a minimum lifespan of 500,000 cuts.

Internal Rewind - A heavy-duty label rewind option to tightly rewind a partial 5.5" roll of labels and backing onto a 3" diameter core.

Internal LAN (Ethernet) Port - allows for network connectivity, sharing and management. LAN connectivity provides more efficient use of the printer.

GPIO Option (applicator card) - The GPIO signals provide the Applicator (external device) the ability to control the printer using TTL logic.

Wireless LAN Option - has the same benefits as the LAN port with the additional benefit of not requiring a wired connection which allows for mobility and eliminates investing in network wiring expansion.

Two USB Host Ports - allows for connecting and hosting input devices like scanners, keyboards, and memory sticks. This allows the printer to be used in a standalone application eliminating the need for a computer.

SDIO Memory Option - provides a removable memory option for the printer. This memory may hold labels, fonts, fir ware and graphics. The user can use this memory to transfer these types of files to the printer’s internal memory or leave the memory inserted for real time access to the SDIO memory files.

In addition to the above field installable options, I-Class Mark II is offers the above mentioned LAN, W-LAN, 2 USB Host Ports & SDIO as options that can be installed in the field by certified technicians.

Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-412e Software:

Datamax-O'Neil printer solutions offer easy software setup, navigation and customization for personal requirements. Combined with optional remote management and software tools, Datamax-O'Neil printers minimize human intervention and automate many of the tasks usually required by operators and technicians.

Windows Drivers - The I-Class Mark II has drivers for use on the latest Windows operating systems. The drivers allow the user to view and change printer settings from any Windows software application, simplifying the print process. Windows drivers are available on the CD included with the printer or can be downloaded at

NETira CT - NETira Configuration Tool is part of the Datamax-O’Neil suite of applications. It is a Windows based software application that allows easy access and setup of the I-Class Mark II printer. It can be used with any communication port available on your printer and allows you to store settings to be applied to a different printer. This is ideal when you are replacing or adding printers to your application.

Embedded Browser Configurator - The I-Class Mark II has a resident web page embedded into the firmware that is accessible via a web browser. The web page allows full access to the printer’s settings and allows complete configuration. Accessing the printer via the Embedded Browser Configurator is easy: simply connect the printer to the network, start the browser program, and enter the printer’s IP address. The resident web page will pop up and printer is up and running without needing to install software or a specific operating system.

Honeywell Datamax I-Class 4208 Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer Data Sheet (.pdf 231KB)
Honeywell Datamax I-Class Online Scanner Data Sheet (.pdf 517KB)
Honeywell Datamax I-Class Accessories (.html 2KB)
Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-4212e Data Sheet (.pdf 643KB)
Honeywell Datamax O'Neil I-4212e Installation Manual (.pdf 2.5MB)

*Order Online the Honeywell I12-00-08000007-Refurb Printer | I-4212E Base Model | Features I-4212E Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Mark II Printer (203 dpi, 12 ips, Interfaces: Serial RS232, USB 2.0, Parallel and RTC Media Hub) | Part# I12-00-08000007-Refurb | Fully Refurbished | Warranty: 3 Months
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