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Intermec (EA15) 2D Imager - Available Configurations

Intermec (EA15) 2D Imager - Available Configurations
Intermec (EA15) 2D Imager - Available Configurations

Intermec 225-734-001 2D Area Imager USB Kit.  Includes SR30AATT00 (EA15), USB (SR30AA Area Imager and USB cable 6.5 ft, keyboard emulation.)
Regular price: $445.00
Web price: $321.40
Intermec 225-761-003 2D Area Imager EA15 RS232 Kit.   Includes: SR30AATT00 (EA15), RS232 (SR30AA Area Imager, RS232 cable 6.5 ft, 9 pin, coiled and, Univ Supply, 5V w/ferrite 5.5x2.1 CEC/RoHS. Order power cord separately.)
Regular price: $510.00
Web price: $368.70
Intermec SR30AATT00 SR30 Linear Imager (Scanner Only, Area Imager, EA15,  ROHS).   (Supports RS232, Keyboard Wedge, USB).    User Guide.
Regular price: $415.00
Web price: $299.80
Intermec  203-847-001 Wall Mount Stand - SR30
Regular price: $40.00
Web price: $39.90
Intermec 203-846-001 SR30 Desktop Stand
Regular price: $40.00
Web price: $39.90
Intermec 203-845-001 SR30 Hands Free Stand
Regular price: $45.00
Web price: $44.90
Honeywell  Intermec 236-164-002 USB cable 6.5 ft, keyboard emulation.  For use with SR30A/SD61/Intermec 2420 Trakker Antares PDT  Wireless Base Station
Regular price: $49.47
Web price: $34.90
Honeywell Intermec 236-161-002 RS232 Cable (6.5 Feet, External Power - Requires External Power Supply).  Order Part#'s 851-089-104/ 1-974028-025.
Regular price: $66.78
Web price: $46.28
Honeywell Intermec 851-089-201 SR30A/SR60A/SF51B Universal Supply (5V with Ferrite, 5.5 x 2.1 CEC/ROHS).   SR30A/SR60A/SF51B/SR61B scanners.  Requires AC Power Cord Part# 1-974028-025.  ***EOL*** Due to it being a Level V Power Supply
Regular price: $66.78
Web price: $46.28
Honeywell Intermec 236-163-003  Wand Emulation Cable, 6.5 ft.  For use with connecting to Antares products.  Works only with SD61 or the SR30AVTT01.
Regular price: $66.78
Web price: $46.80