Intermec SR61T 2D - Standard Area Imager (EA20x)

Intermec SR61T 2D - Standard Area Imager (EA20x)
Intermec SR61T 2D - Standard Area Imager (EA20x)

Intermec SR61T2D-USB001 USB Kit.   Includes SR61T2D Scanner with EA20 Imager  (a 1D/2D - Standard Range Area Imager) and a  USB 2 Cable (length: 6.5 feet,  (p/n 236-240-001)  power from host.
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Honeywell Intermec 203-877-001 Hands Free Stand (for the SR61T)
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Intermec 851-089-201 SR30A/SR60A/SF51B Universal Supply (5V with Ferrite, 5.5 x 2.1 CEC/ROHS).   SR30A/SR60A/SF51B/SR61B scanners.  Requires AC Power Cord Part# 1-974028-025.
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Intermec 754-815-001 Universal Mounting Kit  for the SR61T BarCode Scanner.  Securely holds the SR61 scanner  in place, whether mounted on a vehicle or to a wall  Includes all necessary installation hardware.
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Intermec 321-637-002 SR60 Scanner USB Cable. Connects SR60 to USB Port of host devices. 6 feet long, RoHS.
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Intermec 236-197-001 RS232 Cable 12ft 9pin coil for CV30/CV60 (Power from host. Can also be used for connection to Intermec handheld terminals via RS232 adapter for all configs. Contact your Intermec representative for SR61TXR connection to battery operated handheld terminals
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Intermec 236-182-001 Cbl, USB 6.5ft (Receives power from host PC/Lapto. For use with legacy SR61T models only, SR61TE0001, SR61TE0101, SR61TL0000, SR61TL0100, SR61TA0000, and SR61TV0000)
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