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Datalogic PowerScan RF

Datalogic PowerScan RF
Item# PSRF-1000
Regular price: $1,080.00
Web price: $693.10

Product Description

Datalogic - PSC PowerScan RF
Cordless Bar Code Scanners

PSC PowerScan RF has been discontinued and replaced by the Datalogic PowerScan PM8300 Industrial Cordless Laser Scanner

The Datalogic PowerScan RF Scanner Series is an economical solution for scanning applications in the Warehouse, on the Loading Docks, Outdoors, or in a Retail/ Point of Sale environment. The PowerScan RF Scanner and Base Station are capable of handling your toughest job requirements.

Datalogic PowerScan RF Features & Benefits

  • Working range of 150' feet
  • Able to withstand 30, six foot drops to concrete
  • IP54 environmentally sealed
  • Battery Life of 8 hours per charge
  • Diamond coated, shatter-proof window
  • Installs up to 8 scanners per base station
  • Base Station mountable on a counter, a wall, or even a fork truck.
  • Three year warranty

    RoHSRoHS Compliant

    Datalogic PowerScan RF Cordless Bar Code Scanner Data Sheet (.pdf 589KB)
    Datalogic PowerScan RF Installation Specifications (.pdf 884KB)

    Datalogic PowerScan RF Common Cables:
    RS232: 8-0736-01, 8-0736-02, 8-0736-03, 8-0736-80
    KBW: 8-0738-03, 8-0738-06
    WAND/EM: 8-0740-01, 8-0740-02, 8-0740-09
    USB: 8-0734-08, 8-0734-10

    Base Station:
    RS232/STD KBW/WE: PSB-1000
    UKBW/USB: PSB-8000
    USB: PSB-7000
    Base Station Power Supply: 4004-0794
    PowerScan RF NiMH Battery (615 MhZ): 10-2427

    *Order Online the Datalogic PSRF-1000 PowerScan RF Standard Range (SR)Cordless Scanner. Includes the PowerScan RF Cordless Scanner with RS232/KBW Interface and 915 Mhz Battery. Color: Yellow/Black. Requires Base + Cable. Use base station PSB-1000 and Power Supply 4004-0794.

  • Accessories

    Datalogic PSRF-7000-01 PowerScan RF Standard Range USB Kit
    Regular price: $1,595.00
    Web price: $999.10
    Datalogic 94ACC0082 Elf PDA Battery (Extended Cap, 5000MAPH).   For use with the Elf PDA.  Replaces p/n 94ACC1376.
    Regular price: $135.00
    Web price: $95.20
    Datalogic 11-0180 4 Station, 110V AC,  Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Pack Charger.  For use with Datalogic Battery Part# 10-2427.   RoHS.  Includes US power cord.
    Regular price: $260.00
    Web price: $168.70
    Datalogic 90ACC0193 PowerScan/QuickScan/Magellan Universal Power Supply, Desktop, (12V, Brick, ROHS).  PWR ADP,12V/18W,PSAA18U-120(D6)2-R
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $20.90
    Datalogic 8-0738-03 Keyboard Wedge Cable 5 Din, 12'
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $22.10
    Datalogic 8-0734-08  12' USB Cable For use with the QS2500/QS6000+/PowerScan  scanners.
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $16.95
    Datalogic 8-0736-02 RS232 Cable 25 DSUB, 12', Coiled, Color: Black,  RoHS.   For use with PowerScan/QuickScan scanners.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $26.90
    Datalogic  8-0736-03  RS232 Cable, 8 ft., Coiled,  9 pin "D" connector, Socket, Power off the terminal @ pin 9, RoHS.   For use with PowerScan/QS1000/QS6000
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $26.90
    Datalogic 8-0736-17  RS232 Cable (12 Feet, DE9S RS Coil Cable).  RoHS.  For use with QS2500/6000+/PWSCN.
    Regular price: $43.00
    Web price: $30.20
    Datalogic 8-0740-02 Wand Emulation - 8', 9 pin squeeze cable
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $19.90
    Datalogic 8-0740-09 Cable (8 Feet, Wand Emulation, Power Off Terminal, Black).  For use with the PowerScan, QS1K, QS6K and LXE
    Regular price: $160.00
    Web price: $119.70
    Id Tech 8042403USB Keyboard Wedge to USB Direct Connect Cable, 8 ft.    For use with PSC QS1000/QS6000/Powerscan.
    Regular price: $100.00
    Web price: $53.15
    Datalogic  11-0095  PowerScan Autosense Stand.  Replaces Part# 7-0477.
    Regular price: $90.00
    Web price: $62.90