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Fargo DTC400e Card Printer/Encoder

Fargo DTC400e Card Printer/Encoder
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Product Description

Fargo DTC400e Card Printer/Encoder, Ribbons, Overlaminate, Cards, Asure Id Card Software, Printhead

Print and Encode Photo ID and Access Control Cards.
Making your organization more secure just got easier... The Fargo DTC400 Card Printer/Encoder is designed to make issuing ID cards easier and more secure, which adds to the security of your entire organization. The DTC400 is simple to operate, virtually maintenance-free and can be field-upgraded as your needs expand. When you combine the DTC400 with the optional Print Security Suite™ software, Visual Security cards and Fargo’s exclusive SecureMark Technology, you get the most secure ID card issuance solution in its class. The DTC400 uses Fargo’s Direct-to-Card (DTC®) Technology to print sharp, colorful photos and graphics as well as bar codes and digitized signatures. It’s an excellent choice for small- to midsized corporations, K-12 schools, public safety departments and local and state government agencies and facilities.

Never hassle with ribbons:
or card cleaning again.
Anyone who’s ever operated an ID card printer knows the drill: hard-to-load ribbons, separate card cleaning mechanisms and confusing indicator lights. The DTC400 eliminates these hassles with simplified materials handling and a user-friendly interface. Our SmartLoad™ Ribbon Cartridge combines the printer ribbon and SmartClean™ card cleaning roller into one disposable cartridge. Just slide it into the DTC400 and you’re done. The LCD control panel replaces blinking indicator lights, giving you easy-to-follow prompts and commands so you’ll always know the status of your DTC400.

Easily adapts to changing security needs.
Organizations these days are constantly evaluating and improving their security measures. It’s difficult to .know what type of card functionality you might need in the future. Fargo lets you add encoding and dual-sided printing modules to your DTC400 as your security needs change. Order the model that’s right for you today (with mag stripe encoding only, for example). Then rest easy, knowing that you can add a prox card reader, smart card encoder or dual-sided printing module to it tomorrow.

Options for protecting the entire issuance process and ID card authenticity
Your ID cards are only as secure as the system that issues them. The DTC400 offers several easy-touse options that greatly improve the security of your ID cards and issuance process: Print Security Suite is a set of five essential applications that help control the issuance, and ensure the authenticity, of your photo ID cards. Fargo HoloMark™ and VeriMark™ Cards pose tough challenges to wouldbe counterfeiters. And Fargo’s SecureMark Technology reduces vulnerabilities in your card identity system such as stolen printers or ribbons.

Fargo DTC400 Card Printer Specifications:
Print Method: Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
Resolution: 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
Colors: Up to 16.7 million / 256 shades
Print Speed:** • 7 seconds per card (K)*
• 27 seconds per card (YMCKO)*
• 12 seconds per card (KO)*
• 35 seconds per card (YMCKOK)
*Accepted Card Thickness: 20 mil to 30 mil (.020" to .030" / .51mm to .76mm)
Software Drivers: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003
Input Hopper Card Capacity: 100 cards (.030" / .762mm)
Output Hopper Card Capacity: Up to 30 cards (.030" / .762mm)
Print Area: CR-80 edge-to-edge (3.36"L x 2.11"W / 85.3mmL x 53.7mmW)
CR-79 (3.3"L x 2.04"W / 83.8mmL x 51.8mmW)
Options: • Dual-sided Printing Module - Field-upgradeable
• Magnetic Stripe Encoding Module - Field-upgradeable
• E-card Encoding Modules - Field-upgradeable
• Printer Cleaning Kit
• Ethernet Networking with internal print server
• 100-card Output Hopper with or without Reject Tray

Fargo DTC400e Card Printer Encoder Data Sheet (.pdf 449KB)
Fargo DTC400e, Persona C30e, Persona M30e Manual (.pdf - 4.3MB).
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Fargo 54101 DTC400e Single Sided Card Printer, USB, ISO Dual Magnetic Stripe Encoder, Two Year Printer Warranty
Regular price: $3,494.00
Web price: $3,494.00
Fargo 54134  DTC400e Bundle:  Includes Fargo DTC400e Single Sided Printer, Asure ID Express Photo ID Software, Digital Camera, inPhoto Capture Software, YMCKO Print Ribbon, Ultra Card I - 300 count and USB Printer Cable and 1 Year Asure ID Protect Plan, Two Year Printer Warranty
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Fargo DTC400e Color Ribbon Cartridges & Monochrome Ribbon Cartridges
Fargo 044230  DTC400, DTC400E YMCKO Cartridge with Clean Roller, 250 Images, Full-Color.  Compatibility: Fargo Card Printers: DTC400, DTC400E.
Regular price: $112.25
Web price: $75.90
Fargo 044240 YMCKOK Cartridge w/Cleaning Roller: Full-color ribbon with two resin black panels and clear overlay panel 200 images.   Compatibility: Fargo DTC400 Duplex Printer.
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Web price: $74.10
Fargo 044280 YMCKO Start Cartridge (with Cleaning Roller - 250 Images).  Compatibility: Fargo DTC400 Printer.
Regular price: $99.75
Web price: $70.90
Fargo 044245 DTC400E YMCKO Ribbon Refill: Full-color ribbon with resin black and clear overlay panel - 250 images.   Compatibility: Fargo DTC400 Printer
Regular price: $94.50
Web price: $65.90
Fargo 045200 DTC4500e & DTC4500 YMCKO Color Ribbon with Resin Black and Clear Overlay Panel, Yield: 500 Images.
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Fargo 045209 YMCFKO DTC4500 Color Ribbon, Yield:500 Images.  Compatibility: Fargo Card DTC4500/e Printers.
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Fargo 045112 Ribbon (YMCFKOK Cartridge w/Cleaning Roller: Full-color ribbon with two resin black, fluorescing and clear overlay panel – 175 images).   For use with the Fargo DTC400 and DTC4000 printers.
Regular price: $100.00
Web price: $69.30
Fargo 045100 DTC4000 YMCKO Cartridge with Cleaning Roller: Full-color ribbon with  resin black and clear overlay panel,  250 images.    Compatibility: Fargo Printers: DTC400 , DTC400e , DTC4000 Fargo Persona Printers: , C30 , C30e.   Package Contents: 045100 Ribbon , 1 x Cleaning Roller.
Regular price: $98.48
Web price: $68.90
Fargo 081774-001  PolyGuard 1.0 mil Overlaminate, with left side cutout for smart chip, Clear, 125 count.    Compatibility:   Fargo ID Card Printers: DTC-LC Series , HDP-LC Series
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Web price: $49.90
Fargo 081780  Thermal Transfer Overlaminate (Clear - 500 Count).  Compatibility: Fargo Card Printers: DTC515-LC , DTC525-LC , DTC550-LC , HDP600-LC , HDP820-LC , HDP825-LC , Cheetah II , Persona II , Pro-LX , Pro-L  printers.
Regular price: $45.83
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Fargo 081783 PolyGuard Overlaminate (0.6 Mil, Clear - 250 Count).   Compatibility:  Fargo DTC550 ID Card Printer.
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Fargo 081789  PolyGuard Overlaminate (1.0 Mil - 250 Image).   Compatibility: Fargo DTC515LC ID Card Printer, Fargo DTC525LC ID Card Printer, Fargo DTC550LC ID Card Printer, Fargo HDP600LC ID Card Printer, Fargo HDP820LC ID Card Printer, Fargo HDP825LC ID Card Printer, Fargo Pro-L ID Card Printer, Fargo Pro-LX ID Card Printer, Fargo Cheetah II ID Card Printer, Fargo Persona II ID Card Printer.
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Colored PVC Cards | CR80 30Mil Qty. 500 | Red Green Yellow Blue
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Fargo 081754 UltraCard PVC Cards 30M-CR80 500 Box Color: White Glossy Finish
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Fargo 081786 UltraCard CR100 Cards (PVC/Poly 30mil Card with HICO MAG Stripe CR-100, 500 cards per box ).  (Note: For use with HDP600 CR100, HDP710/720/820, DTC710/720 and Pro-L Oversized printers only)
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Web price: $182.10
Fargo 081751  UltraCard PVC Cards 30 mil -- CR-80, High Co Mag Stripe, 500 Ct.
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Fargo 081750 UltraCard PVC Cards 30 mil -- CR-80, Low Co Mag Stripe, 500 Ct.
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Fargo 081758 UltraCard PVC Cards 10 mil -- CR-80, 1,000 Ct.
Regular price: $90.00
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Fargo 081759 CR80 10 Mil UltraCard PVC Cards | Proximity & Smart Card Apps | Adhesive Paper-backed Cards, 500 Count, Color: White
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Web price: $159.10
Fargo 086511  Asure ID Solo Version 7,  Entry Level Card Design Software
Regular price: $292.00
Web price: $209.10
Fargo 086412Asure ID Express Version 7.0 Card Design Software
Regular price: $945.00
Web price: $417.80
Fargo 086513 Asure ID Enterprise Software Version 7.0, e-Mail Delivery
Regular price: $2,043.00
Web price: $918.70
Fargo -  Applet - Development Tool - Drivers - Firmware - Language Pack
Fargo 044301 DTC300, DTC400, C30 Thermal Printhead (configured for field replacement) , DTC300/400/C30
Regular price: $749.00
Web price: $464.10