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Datalogic GD4590-BK-B-HD Gryphon I 2D Megapixel Imager | High Density | All in One Permanent Base

Datalogic GD4590-BK-B-HD Gryphon I  2D Megapixel Imager | High Density | All in One Permanent Base
Item# GD4590-BK-B-HD
Regular price: $525.00
Web price: $336.10

Product Description

Order Online the Datalogic GD4590-BK-B-HD Gryphon I GD4590, 2D Megapixel Imager with USB/RS-232/Wedge Multi-Interface, High Density, Black (Includes Scanner and All in One Permanent Base). Scanner Only. Order Cable separately below. Warranty: 5 Years.

New! Datalogic Gryphon GD4500 Press Release
  • All new orders for the Gryphon GD45XX readers with an integrated permanent base now have an improved Stability Kit included in the box free of charge.
  • Can now upgrade the Gryphon GD4500 Firmware within minutes using the Datalogic's Aladdin configuration tool
  • Can now increase and decrease the brightness and intensity of the GD4500 illuminator light via firmware.
  • OCR is now available in predefined formats (e.g. passports, EU Identity Cards, etc) via newest firmware.

    Datalogic Gryphon GD4500 Corded, Megapixel Area Imager Data Sheet (.pdf 500KB)
    Datalogic Gryphon GD4500 Corded, Megapixel Area Imager User Guide (.pdf 3.5MB)

  • Accessories

    Datalogic 90A051939 Ruby Verifone Serial Cable (Gem II) CAB-327 SH3630, 8 pin RJ Plug, POT, Voltage Regulated Direct-Connect, Straight, Length 6 ft.  For use with QuickScan, Gryphon, Dragon, Heron, Touch, Catcher Scanners.
    Regular price: $62.00
    Web price: $47.90
    Datalogic 90A052258 USB Cable, Type A, TPUW, Straight, Length: 6.6 ft. / 2M, Color: Black | Compatibility Gryphon (Gryphon Desk, GBT4100, GD4400, GBT4400, GD4500), QuickScan (QBT2131, QM2131, QBT2400, QM2400), Heron (HD3100, HD3430)
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $23.90
    Datalogic 90A051330 RS-232 Cable, CAB-362, 9 Pin Female, Coiled, External Power,  Length: 6 ft.   For use with Datalogic Gryphon, QuickScan and Heron Scanners.  Requires 90ACC1893 Power Supply.   Available below.
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $26.90
    Datalogic 90ACC1893  Power Supply - 5VDC, PG5-05P55-US - Includes Power Cord, 2-Pin, US, P/N 90ACC1886
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $27.90
    Datalogic 90A051230 Serial RS232 Cable CAB-350 9-PinF Straight Pwr Pin 9, Length: 6 ft.   For use with the Gryphon GD4220, GD4290, GM4100, GBT4100, GD4300, GBT4400, GM4100, GM4400, GD4100, GD4500, GD4200, TD1100, QD2131, QD2400, QBT2400, QM2400, HD3100, HD3430, PowerScan 9501
    Regular price: $23.00
    Web price: $22.14
    Datalogic 8-0935 Power Supply Adapter 12V DC, AC/DC Regulated, RoHS (For Use with 6003-XXXX Power Cords).
    Regular price: $28.00
    Web price: $25.30
    Datalogic 6003-0941 Power Cord, 110V, North America, Standard, 3 Prong.  Requires power supply part# 8-0935
    Regular price: $10.00
    Web price: $9.60
    Datalogic 90G001095 RS232 Cable CAB-362 Coiled 12' 10 pin RJ plug, POT.
    Regular price: $36.00
    Web price: $30.76
    Datalogic 90A052065 USB, Type A, Enhanced Cable | POT, USB Certified, Length:  6.56 ft. | Gryphon, QuickScan, Heron Scanners
    Regular price: $22.00
    Web price: $21.90