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Honeywell 4600g HD/SR/SF 2D Area Imager BarCode Scanner Kits

Honeywell 4600g HD/SR/SF 2D Area Imager BarCode Scanner Kits
Item# 4600GSR051C-0F00E-PROMO
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Product Description

Honeywell 4600g 2D Area Imager Scanner - Commercial/Retail Bar Code Scanner/Imager

Note: The Honeywell 4600G 2D Bar Code Scanner has been replaced by the Honeywell Xenon XP 1950 (1D, 2D) Bar Code Scanner, Corded

Note: The Honeywell 4600g/4600r can read the drivers license of 47 states. They cannot read NC, GA, and IL (which have encrypted licenses). Encrypted licenses require the end user to purchase a key from the respective state to encrypt the bar code data. If you do not, the scanner reads the barcode but the data that is output is ‘garbage’ data.

Honeywell 4600g 2D area imager (formerly Hand Held Products) combines the versatility of area imaging with the speed and cost of linear scanning for a wide range of applications. Powered by Adaptus™ Imaging, the Honeywell 4600g 2D Imager is full featured, fast, and cost effective. The omnidirectional reading capability of the 4600g 2D Bar Code Scanner/Imager allows for fast and easy reading of EAN-UCC composite codes, PDF417, Matrix codes and Postal codes. Simply point and shoot. There is no need to align a scan line or wait for a raster beam to open up. Moreover, with no moving parts the IT4600g is as durable as it is versatile.

Today’s demanding retail and commercial applications involve much more than linear bar codes. EAN·UCC composite codes are beginning to appear in food stores; PDF codes are used for age verification (i.e. driver license scanner) in restricted item sales; and postal bar codes are used to sort mail. The omni-directional reading capability of the 4600g allows fast and easy reading of all these codes. Simply point and shoot. There’s no need to align a scan line, or wait for a raster beam to open up.

Whether capturing a signature as proof of delivery, taking a picture for identification, or even storing data electronically (U.S. healthcare institutions are implementing electronic health records (EHR) in order to improve productivity and provide a higher quality of patient care), image capture is a mainstream requirement and an important part of current and future solutions. Equipped with Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0, the 4600g provides best-in-class image quality and image transfer speed, all at very economical prices.

In addition to this new focus, the entire family of 4600g and 4800g area imagers now have a new and improved aiming system. Both the Standard Range (SR) and Special Focus (SF) optical configurations now have a bright green aimer that offers superior contrast to the red illumination.

The 4600g (SR) Standard Range is designed to read 2D bar codes over 10 mil in size.
The 4600g (SF) Special Focus is designed to read 2D bar codes under 10 mil in size.

NEW! Honeywell is the first company in the AIDC industry to introduce disinfectant-ready housings designed specifically for healthcare environments. Excellent at resisting the harmful effects of popular cleaning agents, the Dolphin 9900hc, the 4600gHDH and the 4820HDH are built to withstand frequent exposure to any of their recommended cleaning solutions. Honeywell products with disinfectant-ready housings allow healthcare professionals to execute the 5 rights of patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

  • Cleaners Approved for Use with Disinfectant-Ready Housing: Sani-Cloth® HB, Sani-Cloth® Plus, CaviWipes™, Virex® 256, 409® Glass and Surface Cleaner, Windex® Blue, Clorox® Bleach (100%)

    Honeywell 4600g (SR/SF) 2D Bar Code Scanner Features & Benefits
  • NEW! 4.5” Focus Read Range – powered by AdaptusTM Imaging Technology 5.0, read range extends beyond all competing area imagers reading 10 mil matrix codes and high density
  • NEW! Increased Resolution – Improved image quality for visionbased applications.
  • NEW! Increased Motion Tolerance – Ease of use in all types of scanning applications; better hand/motion tolerance for linear codes.
  • NEW! Faster Time to Read (TTR) – Advanced Linear Decoding (ALD) is faster and reads more like a linear unit.
  • NEW! Increased Field of View (FOV) – Ability to read wider bar codes quickly and easily, including hard to read bar codes.
  • Omni-directional reading of 1D, PDF417, MicroPDF417, Postal, Matrix, and EAN•UCC Composite codes, and OCR fonts for the easiest ever data collection. Image Capture - Class-leading image quality and image transfer speed provide crisp images in less than one second.
  • Symbologies - 2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, QR Code, Aztec, Aztec Mesas, Code 49, and UCC Composite. Linear: Codabar, Code 39 including PARAF, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 2 of 5, Code 11, Code 93, Code 128, UPC, EAN/JAN, RSS. Postal: Postnet, Planet Code, British Post, China Post, Canadian Post, Japanese Post, KIX (Netherlands Post) OCR: OCR-A, OCR-B.
  • Built to Last - Durable, with no moving parts. Best-in-class...Five Year Factory Warranty.
  • Connectivity – The most popular interfaces in one model. Uses the standard HHP cable set.
  • IQ Editing Pro™ - Provides easy integration into existing applications, without expensive host software changes.
  • Interfaces: All popular PCs and terminals via keyboard wedge, keyboard replacement/direct connect, USB, TTL level RS-232, wand emulation mode, TTL level Serial Wedge, and IBM 46XX retail terminals. HHLC non decoded laser output in 4600SR000 model. True RS-232 in 4600SR030 model.
  • New! Bright Aimer – Offers a sharp crisp line that provides clear contrast between the red illumination for reading and the green aimer light source.
  • Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology – delivering aggressive read rates and depths of field on linear, PDF417, matrix codes and other image capture applications.
  • Future Proof Investment - capable of capturing future signature and image capture applications without obsolescing your reader.
  • Five Year Warranty - Industry leading 5 Year Warranty.

    RoHSHoneywell 4600g RoHS Compliant

    Honeywell ImageTeam 4600g Data Sheet(.pdf 146KB)
    Honeywell 4600 Firmware Upgrade Instructions (.doc 28KB)
    Honeywell ImageTeam 4600g/4600r/4800i 2D Installation Guide(.pdf 2.9MB)

    *Order Online the Honeywell 4600g General Purpose 2D Image Scanner (Standard Range, Commercial USB Kit: Features 4600g Standard Range Optics, 7 foot, Type A, USB Cable, and User Guide). Features Complete Decode of 1D, 2D, PDF, matrix, postal bar codes, image capture, and OCR. RoHS compliant. Color: Gray.

  • Accessories

    Honeywell 4600gHD/HDH High Density 2D Imagers.  Designed for reading High Density 2D Bar Codes.
    Honeywell 4600GHD051C-0F00E 4600gHD High Density 2D Image Scanner USB Kit,  Includes USB Cable p/n 42206161-01E (Type A, Straight,  Length: 8.5 ft./2.6M),  and  a 2D Quick Start Guide).  RoHS.
    Regular price: $467.00
    Web price: $327.10
    Honeywell 4600GHDH051C-0F00E 4600g General Purpose 2D Image Scanner (4600GHD with Disinfectant Ready Housing, USB Cable ( Length: 8.5 ft./2.6M, Straight) and QS Guide)
    Regular price: $504.00
    Web price: $353.30
    Honeywell 4600GHD151CE 4600g General Purpose 2D Image Scanner (4600G, Supports TTL, RS232, USB, Keyboard Wedge and IBM4683 and Green LED) - Color: Black.   Scanner Only. Requires Cable.  RoHS.
    Regular price: $449.00
    Web price: $320.95
    Honeywell  4600GHDH051C Supports TTL, RS-232, USB, KBW and IBM4683/White Disinfectant-Ready Housing/Green LED  Color: Gray.   Scanner Only.  Requires Cable.
    Regular price: $485.00
    Web price: $339.10
    Honeywell 4600gSR Standard Range 2D Imager
    Honeywell 4600GSR051C-0F00E  IT4600g 2D USB (PC) Kit.  Includes Retail-Commercial Grade Area Imager (Standard Range),  Commercial USB Cable p/n 42206161-01E (Type A, Straight, Length: 8.5 ft./2.6M), User Guide, Complete Decode, RoHS compliant.
    Regular price: $467.00
    Web price: $329.10
    Honeywell 4600GSR031CE IT4600g 2D Standard Range Scanner.  Supports True RS-232 and 12V DEC wedge.   Color: Gray.  Green LED.  Scanner Only.
    Regular price: $449.00
    Web price: $320.95
    Honeywell 4600GSR051C-0G00E IT4600g SR User Guide Kit.  Scanner Only.  Complete Decode.  Includes User Guide.  RoHS Compliant.          Supports TTL RS-232, USB, KBW, IBM 4683, and Wand Emulation.  Color: Gray.  LED: Green.
    Regular price: $467.00
    Web price: $327.10
    Honeywell 4600gSF Special Focus 2D Imager
    Honeywell 4600GSF051C-0F00E IT4600g SF USB Kit.  Includes 4600g SF Scanner, Commercial USB Straight Cable P/N 42206161-01 (Type A, Straight, Length: 8.5 ft./2.6M), and User Guide.  Complete Decode.  RoHS
    Regular price: $467.00
    Web price: $329.10
    Honeywell HFSTAND5E Flex Neck Holder | 3800r/i  4600g/r 4800i | Color: Black
    Regular price: $42.11
    Web price: $34.70
    Honeywell ImageStand with mounting plate.  For use with the 4600g & 4600r
    Regular price: $130.00
    Web price: $102.20
    Honeywell UCOVERE 3800r, 4600g  Padded Fabric Boot Cover with Hanging Ring
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $21.10
    Honeywell UHOLDERE
    Regular price: $15.00
    Web price: $10.95
    Honeywell 4220616101E USB Cable, Length: 8.5 ft./2.6M, Straight.  For use with the Honeywell 3800g, 3800i, 3800r, 3820, 4600g, 4600r, 4800i, 4820, 4820i BarCode Scanners.
    Regular price: $23.17
    Web price: $20.90
    Honeywell 42206202-02E USB Cable Type A (9.2 Feet, Coiled, ROHS).   For use with the 3800g/i/r/3820/4600g/r/4820
    Regular price: $32.40
    Web price: $28.90
    Honeywell 42206202-03E USB Cable (12 Feet,  Coiled)
    Regular price: $106.92
    Web price: $78.53
    Honeywell 42203758-03E RS232 TTL Cable, Connector: D 9 Pin F, power on pin 9, TX data on pin 2, coiled, length: 7.7ft. (2.3m).   3000/3800/3900/4600g/4800i/5700 Scanners
    Regular price: $106.92
    Web price: $79.10
    Honeywell RS232 Cable TTL, Connector: D 9 Pin F connector, TX data on pin 2, external power, coiled Length: 7.7ft. (2.3m).   For use with the 38/39/46/48/38R/38I Scanners.
    Regular price: $32.40
    Web price: $31.90
    Honeywell PS-050-2400D1-NA LV6, 5V Power Supply.  For use with 3800g 4600g 4800g BarCode Scanners.
    Regular price: $64.85
    Web price: $52.90
    Honeywell 42203758-03SE RS232 Cable: TTL, Connector: DB9F, power on pin 9, TX data on pin 2, straight, length: 7.7ft. (2.3m).  For use with the 38/39/46/48/56/5800 scanners.
    Regular price: $32.40
    Web price: $31.90
    Honeywell 42206422-01E RS232 Cable DB9, 5V, TX Data on Pin 2 | 3800g 4600g 4800g Bar Code Scanners | Requires Power Supply
    Regular price: $72.34
    Web price: $62.90
    Honeywell 42206132-02E Keyboard Wedge Cable (3700/3800/3900/4800i/5700 Mini Din/PS/2, Length: 9.2'; ROHS, Coiled)
    Regular price: $37.50
    Web price: $36.50
    Honeywell 42205895-01E RS-232, 9-Pin Cable
    Regular price: $69.30
    Web price: $48.40
    Honeywell 42203758-06E  15' RS232 - Coiled
    Regular price: $77.00
    Web price: $53.90
    Honeywell Quick Check 2D Print Quality Assessment .  For use with the 4410, 4710, 4600g, 4800i
    Honeywell 46GR-48IUG-CD  User's Guide (CD) for the 4600G, 4600R and 4800I
    Regular price: $18.00
    Web price: $17.90