Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Industrial Bar Code Scanner

Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Industrial Bar Code Scanner
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Product Description

Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Industrial Bar Code Scanner (Corded)

NEW! The Datalogic PowerScanŽ PD7130 Standard Range Linear Imager Scanner is the most durable and reliable on the market. With an industry leading 500 scans per second read rate and a depth of field to rival the best laser scanners, the value priced PowerScan 7100 delivers top performance for demanding industrial applications at a very competitive price.

The Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Standard Range Linear Imaging Scanner (SRI) has been designed from the ground up to be the most rugged, durable and reliable industrial handheld scanner on the market. It is perfect for package handling and tracking, warehouse applications, shipping and receiving, manufacturing shop floor and other demanding applications. The overmold covers all of the likely drop contact points, adding an extra degree of shock protection for the scanner. In fact the scanner can withstand 50 drops of two meters (6.5') to concrete. The scanner is sealed to dust and water at an industry leading IP65 rating. It can operate between -30° C and 50° C. These specifications are not surpassed by any competitive scanner.

Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 SRI Features and Benefits

Datalogic Scanning's Solid state design makes the PowerScan 7100 the most rugged and reliable scanner on the market:
  • Tested to 50 drops of 6.5' / 2 meters
  • Stands up to tough environments and rough handling
  • Will last for years with fewer service returns
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Lowest priced full performance industrial handheld scanner on the market:
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Environmentally Sealed Rating IP65 to withstand harsh environments:
  • Best dust and water sealing (IP65) on the market.
  • Useful in a wider range of applications

    Industry leading standard range depth of field (DOF):
  • Meets the broadest range of customer label reading requirements
  • Minimizes operator motion

    Full multi-interface capability:
  • RS-232, KBW, USB, IBM 46XX, and Wand
  • Provides the necessary interfaces for various environments

    Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty:
  • Investment protection

  • Decoding Capability (autodiscriminates among):
    Codabar, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Code 128 add-ons, Code 128 ISBT, EAN 128, IATA, Interleaved 2 of 5, Italian Pharmacode 39, Micro PDF, MSI/Plessey, P2 /P5 add-ons, PDF-417, Standard 2 of 5, UPC/EAN/JAN, RSS-14/Limited/Expanded (linear & stacked), Composites CC-A and CC-B (only RSS composites)

    RoHSRoHS Compliant

    Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Corded Scanner Data Sheet (.pdf 144KB)
    Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Standard Range & High Density Data Sheet(.pdf 448KB)
    Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Technical Specifications (.pdf 525KB)
    Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 User Manual(.pdf 701KB)

    Range Comparisons
    Label Density
    Standard Range
    5 mil
    3 to 6" / 7.6 to 15.2 cm
    7.5 mil
    2 to 16" / 5.1 to 40.6 cm
    10 mil
    1.5 to 22" / 3.8 to 55.9 cm
    13 mil
    1 to 30" / 2.5 to 76.2 cm
    20 mil
    1 to 42" / 2.5 to 106.7 cm
    55 mil
    2 to 80" / 5.1 to 203.2 cm

    *Order Online the Datalogic PowerScan PD7130 Industrial Bar Code Scabber. Includes: PD7130 Multiple Interface Scanner, No Pointer, No Power Supply, No Cable, CD/User Guide, Color: Yellow/Black. Order cable/power supply (if required) seperately below.

  • Accessories

    Datalogic PD7130-YBK1  PowerScan PD7130, Kit, USB, Linear Imager, USB/KBW/RS-232/Wand Multi-Interface, No Pointer, Yellow/Black, (Kit inc. Imager and USB Cable CAB-439)
    Regular price: $589.00
    Web price: $363.20
    Datalogic PD7130-YB-PTRK1 PowerScan PD7130, Kit, USB, Linear Imager, USB/KBW/RS-232/Wand Multi-Interface, With Pointer, Yellow/Black (Kit inc. Imager and USB Cable CAB-439)
    Regular price: $619.00
    Web price: $378.80
    Datalogic PD7130-YBK2 PowerScan PD7130 RS232 Kit.   Includes CAB-434 (Cable (8 Feet, RS232 9-Pin Female, Coiled, External Power) for the PowerScan 8300/8500),  User Guide,  Color: Yellow/Black,  RoHS.
    Regular price: $589.00
    Web price: $363.20
    Datalogic 7-0519 PowerScan Holster/Fork Lift Mount kit
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $29.90
    Datalogic ADC CAB-524 Cable Assembly (2.4 Meters, USB, Type A, Power Off Termial, Coil).  For use with PowerScan8000 & PowerScan7100.
    Regular price: $39.00
    Web price: $27.90
    Datalogic 7-0519 PowerScan Holster/Fork Lift Mount kit
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $29.90
    Datalogic CAB-438 Cable (USB, Type A, POT, Straight).  For use with PowerScan PS83XX, PS85XX, PS7100.  Length: 6.5' (2M),
    Regular price: $32.00
    Web price: $22.90
    Datalogic CAB-439 Cable (USB, Type A, POT, Coiled).   For use with the PS8300/8500.   Length: 8', 2.4M
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $27.90
    Datalogic 90A051945 CAB-426 USB Cable, Type A, Straight, Plug, Power off Terminal.    For use with the Gryphon/Dragon/Lynx/Heron/Touch/PowerScan PD7100, PD8300, PM8300,  PM8500, QuickScan Mobile 2300.  for IBM PC or PC Clones
    Regular price: $17.00
    Web price: $16.90
    Datalogic 11-0110 PowerScan PD7100 and PBT7100 Hands-Free Stand.
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $27.90
    Datalogic 11-0110
    Datalogic 11-0109 PowerScan 7000 Power Hood Padded Cover
    Regular price: $50.00
    Web price: $35.10
    Datalogic 94ACC1386 Falcon X3 Battery (High Capacity, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 5000 mAh).   Compatibility: Datalogic Falcon X3 Data Terminal.
    Regular price: $135.00
    Web price: $94.80
    Datalogic 7-0404 PowerScan Industrial Take Up Reel Kit.  Features Retractable Cord
    Regular price: $80.00
    Web price: $56.10
    Datalogic 11-0180 4 Station, 110V AC,  Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Pack Charger.  For use with Datalogic Battery Part# 10-2427.   RoHS.  Includes US power cord.
    Regular price: $260.00
    Web price: $168.70
    Datalogic 8-0734-08  12' USB Cable For use with the QS2500/QS6000+/PowerScan  scanners.
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $16.95
    Datalogic 90A052211  6.5' USB Cable.  For use with the Magellan 1100i, Magellan 1400i, QuickScan QS2500, PowerScan 7000 1D/2D/BT, PowerScan SR/HD/LR/XLR RF
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $14.95
    Datalogic 8-0738-03 Keyboard Wedge Cable 5 Din, 12'
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $22.10
    Datalogic 8-0738-06 Keyboard Wedge Cable, 6 MiniDin, 12'.  For use with Datalogic QS6000, QS2500, Powerscan SR/RF.
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $14.95
    Datalogic 8-0736-01 IM8000/PowerScan/QS1000/QS6000 RS232 Cable.  8', 25 Pin-F, Coiled, Power off external brick.  Requires power supply part# 4004-0794
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $21.90
    Datalogic 8-0736-02 RS232 Cable 25 DSUB, 12', Coiled, Color: Black,  RoHS.   For use with PowerScan/QuickScan scanners.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $22.90
    Datalogic  8-0736-03  RS232 8' Coiled Cable,  9 pin "D" connector, Socket, Power off the terminal @ pin 9, RoHS.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $26.50
    Datalogic 8-0736-17  RS232 Cable (12 Feet, DE9S RS Coil Cable).  RoHS.  For use with QS2500/6000+/PWSCN.
    Regular price: $35.00
    Web price: $24.60
    Datalogic 8-0736-80  RS232 Cable, 12', DB9F.  For use with QS1000/6000/2500/PWRSCAN.  External Power Required
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $18.90
    Datalogic 8-0740-01 Wand Emulation RJ6,  8 Feet, POT.
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    Datalogic 8-0740-02 Wand Emulation - 8', 9 pin
    Regular price: $30.00
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    Datalogic 8-0740-09 Cable (8 Feet, Wand Emulation, Power Off Terminal, Black).  For use with the PowerScan, QS1K, QS6K and LXE
    Regular price: $160.00
    Web price: $106.70
    Datalogic  4004-0794 PowerScan/QuickScan6000/QS6500BT/VS800/DUET Power Supply,  Wall Mount, 110/120 Volt,  US Standard.
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $20.00
    Datalogic 8-0936 PowerScan/QuickScan/Magellan Universal Power Supply, Desktop, (12V, Brick, ROHS)
    Regular price: $20.00
    Web price: $20.00
    Datalogic 8-0742-06 Unicable (12 Feet, Undecoded, 8 Pin MOD, JK, ROHS)
    Regular price: $25.00
    Web price: $21.25
    Id Tech 8042403USB Keyboard Wedge to USB Direct Connect Cable, 8 ft.    For use with PSC QS1000/QS6000/Powerscan.
    Regular price: $100.00
    Web price: $53.15
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