Honeywell Quick Check 650 Bar Code Verifier Desktop with 6 mil Pen Wand

Honeywell Quick Check 650 Bar Code Verifier Desktop with 6 mil Pen Wand
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Product Description

Honeywell Quick Check 650 Bar Code Verifier

***Hand Held Products - Honeywell Quick Check 600 and 800 Series Bar Code Verifiers have been replaced by the Axicon 6015, 6515, 7015 Series Bar Code Verifiers***

Need ISO conformance? All Honeywell bar code verifiers are designed to meet ISO/IEC standards 15416 (the bar code print quality test speculation) and 15426-1 (bar code verifier conformance). A certificate stating this conformance is included with every new verifier from Hand Held Products/Honeywell. Bar code symbol reproduction accuracy is critical throughout the distribution supply chain, especially in an era of stringent compliance programs. Hand Held Products assures that you can produce, receive, and use bar codes that meet these tough requirements with Quick Check verifiers. The Hand Held Products - Honeywell QC600 and QC800 verifiers analyze bar code quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI/CEN/ISO bar code print quality guidelines. Each unit includes all standard symbologies and is manufactured and traceable to N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards developed by the U.C.C. (Uniform Code Council) and AIM (Automatic Identification Manufacturers).

For testing traditional and full ANSI/CEN/ISO parameters, HHP offers the full-feature QC600 Series. These models perform quick pass/fail tests or use more powerful measuring tools for highly detailed analysis. Test results are provided through a 4 line by 20 character LCD, light emitting diodes, and audible tones. The unit is also RS-232 compatible and works with a Windows based verification software package.

Hand Held Products - Honeywell Quick Check 600 Bar Code Verifier Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Shut Off. Unit will shut off after two minutes of non-use to conserve power.
  • LCD and LED's Display Test Results. All the information needed for proper bar code evaluation is provided in one quick glance.
  • Menu Driven Program.Easy programming that guides the operator through each step.
  • Special Reflectometer Mode Provides static reflectance reading
  • Command code programming
  • ANSI/CEN/ISO scan profile test method; Instant “On-Screen” ANSI / CEN / ISO grade; ANSI/CEN/ISO 10-scan grade averaging
  • Symbologies: EAN/UPC with addenda, Code 39 (1-49 characters), Interleaved 2 of 5 (2-78 characters), Codabar, Code 128 (1-70 characters), MSI (1-50 characters), Code 16K (individual rows), Code 49 (individual rows), Code 93, Code 11, Regular 2 of 5 (Discrete/Industrial 2 of 5), IATA 2 of 5 (Straight 2 of 5), Database look-up feature
  • Warranty: 2 Year Factory Warranty

    Honeywell Quick Check 600 Bar Code Verifier Data Sheet (.pdf 201KB)
    Honeywell Quick Check 600 Bar Code Verifier User Guide(.pdf 1.34MB)
    *Order Online the Honeywell Quick Check 650 Desk-Top Style Verifier Kit. featuring the Honeywell Quick Check 650 Bar Code Verifier, Symbologies Only, 6 mil Visible Pen Wand, AC Charger, Plastic Ruler Gauge, Metal Ruler, Reference Symbols, Reflectance Page, and User's Guide (QC600/800UG).

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