Zebra Bar Code Scanner Cables (USB, KBW, RS232, Power Supplies)

Zebra Bar Code Scanner Cables (USB, KBW, RS232, Power Supplies)
Order Online Zebra Bar Code Scanner Cables (USB, KBW, RS232, Power Supplies)

Zebra USB Bar Code Scanner Cables (Lengths: 7, 9, 15 ft.) Shielded, Straight, Coiled, EAS, Kiosks
Zebra  CBA-U01-S07ZAR Type A USB Cable, 7 foot, Straight Cable. For use with LS and DS BarCode Scanners.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $26.90
Zebra CBA-U32-C09ZAR Shielded USB Cable with a Series A Connector, 9ft. (2.8m), Coiled, Color: Gray
Regular price: $41.38
Web price: $39.21
Zebra CBL-58926-06 USB Cable, 9 pin, female, straight scanner connector, 9 ft. coiled.   To be used with general purpose fixed mount scanners.
Regular price: $35.00
Web price: $29.40
Zebra CBA-U21-S07ZBR USB Cable,  (7 Feet, Universal Style, Type A USB, Shielded, Straight).   Replaces p/n  CBA-U21-S07ZAR.  TAA compliant
Regular price: $35.79
Web price: $32.70
Zebra CBA-U23-S07ZBR  Cable - Shielded USB: Power Plus Connector, 7ft. (2m), Straight, 12V.
Regular price: $42.00
Web price: $34.58
Regular price: $55.92
Web price: $44.90
Zebra  CBA-U10-S15ZAR USB Series A Cable,  Length: 15', Straight
Regular price: $53.00
Web price: $43.90
Zebra  CBA-U12-C09ZAR USB Type A Cable, Lenght:  9', Coiled,
Regular price: $37.00
Web price: $30.90
Zebra CBA-U29-C15ZBR 15FT. (4.6M) USB Type A Cable, Shielded, Coiled.   Replaces CBA-U29-C15ZAR
Regular price: $107.61
Web price: $84.70
Zebra CBA-U09-C15ZAR USB Cable, 15', Coiled
Regular price: $102.00
Web price: $80.70
Zebra CBL-58926-05 Cable (18 Inches, USB, Straight, No Beep, No Trigger).   For Kiosk Applications.  Compatibility:  Kiosk Application Software.   To be used with general purpose fixed mount scanners.
Regular price: $25.32
Web price: $21.90
Zebra CBA-U29-C15ZAR USB 15 feet, Shielded Cable, Coiled.
Regular price: $107.61
Web price: $81.70
Zebra CBL-58926-04 MiniScan USB Cable (6 Feet - No Beeper or Trigger Jack).  This cable is used with the Motorola Miniscan series and the DS457.   Replaces p/n 25-58926-01R, 25-58926-04R.
Regular price: $24.00
Web price: $20.96
Zebra CBA-U03-S07ZAR   USB Cable, 7 foot, Straight, Power Plus Connector.  NCR Cable Part# 1432-C012-0025
Regular price: $42.00
Web price: $34.62
Zebra CBA-U08-C15ZAR USB Cable (15 Feet, Universal Style USB PowerPlus Connector, Color: Black, RoHS Compliant, Straight)
Regular price: $99.00
Web price: $80.29
Zebra CBA-U06-S09EAR Cable (9 Feet, USB EAS, Series A Conn., Straight) cable
Regular price: $68.00
Web price: $55.70
Zebra 25-68596-01 USB Client Communication Cable.    This USB active sync cable provides USB communication between the MC1000 single slot cradle and a host system.  For MC3000,MC1000,MC70,WT40XX,  ROHS.
Regular price: $20.00
Web price: $17.49
Zebra 25-58925-02R DS457 USB Cable 6' Straight, Beeper with Trigger
Regular price: $42.20
Web price: $33.80
Zebra Keyboard Wedge PS/2 Bar Code Scanner Cables
Zebra CBA-K01-S07PAR Keyboard Wedge Cable: PS/2, Power Port, 7ft. Straight. Cable
Regular price: $21.09
Web price: $19.10
Zebra CBA-K02-C09PAR KBW/PS2 Cable,  9',  Power Port, Coiled. Standard KBW Cable.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $26.70
Zebra CBA-K08-C20PAR  Keyboard Wedge Cable.   This coiled, 20-foot keyboard wedge cable fits a PS/2 power port.
Regular price: $94.00
Web price: $74.90
Zebra RS232 Serial Cables and Power Supplies.   For use with Zebra Hand Held, Fixed Mount and Presentation Bar Code Scanners.
Zebra CBA-R01-S07PBR RS232 Cable, Gilbarco Passport Cable,  DB9F,  (Length: 7 ft., Straight),  TXD ON PIN 2,  Includes TTL Current Limit Protection.  Power Supply PWR-WUA5V4W0US is required,  must be ordered separately.
Regular price: $32.44
Web price: $32.03
Zebra CBA-R31-C09ZAR RS232 NCR 7448 Cable, 7 ft., Coiled, Rohs.
Regular price: $105.00
Web price: $89.90
Zebra CBA-R02-C09PAR RS232 Serial Cable 9 Feet, DB9F, TX 2, Coiled.   Requires power supply, part# PWR-WUA5V4W0US
Regular price: $37.00
Web price: $30.90
Zebra CBA-R28-C09ZAR Verifone Ruby Cable (9 Feet, Verifone, Ruby, True, RS232, CL).
Regular price: $43.62
Web price: $40.90
Zebra CBA-R37-C09ZAR RS232 Cable 9 ',  DB9F Power Pin9,  Coiled.   Requires power supply p/n PWR-WUA5V4W0US, available below.
Regular price: $88.00
Web price: $70.10
Zebra CBA-R06-C20PAR Cable Assembly (20 Feet, Universal Style 3, RS232, Coiled, Gray)
Regular price: $94.00
Web price: $74.99
Zebra CBL-58918-02 RS232 Cable (9 Pin Female, 6 feet,  Straight, No Beeper, No Trigger).   Compatibility: Symbol MiniScan Imager MS4404, MS4407.  Replaces part# 25-58918-02R.  Requires power supply part# PWRS-14000-253R.
Regular price: $24.00
Web price: $19.50
Zebra 25-63852-01 RS232 Cable.  Provides serial communication between the Single Slot Serial/USB cradle and a host computer.  For use with CRD9000 CRD7000 Cradles.
Regular price: $27.43
Web price: $22.40
Zebra (Formerly Motorola)  PWRS-14000-148R  12 V DC Power supply.   For use with the MC50, MC1000, four slot cradles and MC55, MC55A0, MC55A0-HC, MC70, MC75, MC3000, MC3100, MC90XX, MC9190-G, WT4000,  MC75A, DS6878 single slot cradles.   Requires North American Power Cord P/N 23844-00-00R)
Regular price: $58.00
Web price: $47.90
Zebra 23844-00-00R US AC Line Cord, 1.8M, 3 Prong, Grounded, Nema 5-15P Plug.   3  wire grounded AC line cord, Cord Length:  90" or  7.5ft. Associated Country: United States.
Regular price: $12.88
Web price: $11.90
Zebra PWRS-14000-253R Power Supply (5VDC, 850MA, CA-MX-JP-TW).   For use with Symbol LS1220/22XX/3408/4000/400XI/920XX,DS3408/660X;M200X;MS120X; MS220X;MS320X;MS804;MS904 Scanners. Also, compatible with CS3000/CS3070 and MT2000.   Includes:  Line Cord .   Replaces p/n 50-14000-253R.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $28.60
Zebra CBA-M01-S07ZAR IBM: 468x/9x, 7ft 2m Straight, Port 9B
Regular price: $71.74
Web price: $58.20
Zebra CBA-M02-C09ZAR Cable (9 Feet, Coiled, IBM 468X/9X-Port 9B)
Regular price: $78.00
Web price: $62.90
Zebra CBA-M04-S07ZAR Cable (7 Feet, Straight, IBM 468X/9X-Port 5B) Cable
Regular price: $41.50
Web price: $35.60
Zebra CBA-R08-S07ZBR  (7 Feet, RS232 Cable, Nixdorf  Beetle, 5 Volt, with TTL Current Limit Protection)  DB-9/RJ-45
Regular price: $25.00
Web price: $21.90
Zebra CBA-R09-C09ZAR Nixdorf Cable (9 Feet, CL, RS232, Nixdorf 5V)
Regular price: $42.00
Web price: $34.90
Zebra CBA-R22-C09ZAR  FUJITSU  Cable,  9 FT, RS232 Cable, FUJITSU Team POS 500 ICL, Coiled
Regular price: $53.00
Web price: $44.76
Zebra CBA-R23-S07ZBR FUJITSU Cable (7 Feet, ST, RS232 ICL FUJITSU T POS500)
Regular price: $42.00
Web price: $34.90
Zebra 25-33359-31R P300 P460 Phaser RS232 Cable Assembly 4 inch Strain Relief Cable.  Length: 8 ft.
Regular price: $78.07
Web price: $62.10
Zebra CBA-R46-C09ZBR RS232 Cable (TRU TTL, DB9F, Power Pin 9, Coiled, Length: 9 ft.)
Regular price: $88.62
Web price: $70.90
Zebra Enterprise Hand Held, Fixed Mount Bar Code Scanner Power Supplies and Line Cords
Zebra PWR-BGA12V50W0WW  Power Supply, Level VI AC/DC Power Supply Brick. AC Input: 100-240V, 2.4A. DC Output: 12V, 4.16A, 50W. Requires: DC line cord (part# CBL-DC-375A1-01) and Country specific AC grounded Line Cord (part# 23844-00-00R)
Regular price: $59.08
Web price: $46.90
Zebra PWR-WUA5V4W0US Power Supply, Level VI AC/DC, Wall Adapter, with Captive DC Cable and US Adapter Clip.AC Input: 100-240V, 0.2A DC Output: 5.2V, 1.1A, 5.7W
Regular price: $41.38
Web price: $39.20
Zebra CBA-R49-C09ZAR RS232 Cable, DB9 Female Connector, 9ft. 2.8m Coiled, Power Pin 9, TxD on 2, True Converter, Low Temp -30C
Regular price: $84.00
Web price: $66.90
Zebra 23844-00-00R US AC Line Cord, 1.8M, 3 Prong, Grounded, Nema 5-15P Plug.   3  wire grounded AC line cord, Cord Length:  90" or  7.5ft. Associated Country: United States.
Regular price: $12.88
Web price: $11.90
Zebra 50-14000-266R (100-250VAC, 9VDC, 2A) RoHS.   Requires Power Cord  Part# 50-16000-182R
Regular price: $41.00
Web price: $32.60
Zebra 50-16000-182R  Line Cord (AC Power, 6, 18AWG)
Regular price: $5.61
Web price: $5.61
Zebra PWRS-14000-058R Universal Power Supply AC Adapter (100-250 VAC, 5.2VDC, 2A) (Requires Line Cord Part# 23844-00-00R, available below)
Regular price: $42.00
Web price: $33.50
Zebra 23844-00-00R US AC Line Cord, 1.8M, 3 Prong, Grounded, Nema 5-15P Plug.   3  wire grounded AC line cord, Cord Length:  90" or  7.5ft. Associated Country: United States.
Regular price: $12.88
Web price: $11.90
Zebra 50-16002-029R Cable, DC cable for power supply PWRS-14000-241R. To be used with any multi-slot cradle
Regular price: $47.00
Web price: $38.46
Zebra PWR-WUA5V6W0WW Power, Level VI AC/DC Power Supply Wall Adapter, with AU, US, EU, and UK Adapter Clips. AC Input: 100-240V, 0.2A. DC Output: 5.2V, 1.2A, 6W. Requires: USB to micro-USB or USB to device specific cable cup and BR adapter clip.
Regular price: $21.10
Web price: $18.90
Zebra ADP9000-100R   MC90, MC91, MC92, Cable Adapter Module. 3.3v - 500mAh
Regular price: $78.00
Web price: $61.70
Zebra CBL-DC-388A1-01 Cable, DC Line Cord for running the single slot cradles or battery chargers from a single Level VI power supply, part#  PWR-BGA12V50W0WW, Level VI replacement for part# PWRS-14000-148R.   For use with the MC75
Regular price: $11.10
Web price: $9.90
Zebra 50-14000-253R Power Supply Kit (90V 264VAC, 5.0VDC, 850MA) ,  RoHS.    For use in  US, CA, MX, UK, JP, TW.   Does not require a AC/DC Line Cord.   It works with Symol LS and DS scanners.
Regular price: $32.00
Web price: $28.60
Zebra PWRS-14000-249R Proprietary Power Supply  (100-240VAC, 5.4 VDC, 3A).  Requires AC Line Cord.   Part#  50-16000-182R
Regular price: $46.00
Web price: $39.70
Symbol Motoroloa  50-14000-058R Power Supply (100-250VAC, 5V, 2A).  RoHS.
Regular price: $36.00
Web price: $30.60