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Unitech and WASP Pen Wand Bar Code Scanners

Unitech and WASP Pen Wand Bar Code Scanners
Unitech and WASP Pen Wand Bar Code Scanners USB Keyboard Wedge RS232 Holders

Pen Wand BarCode Scanners - Decoded, USB
Unitech MS120-NUCB00-SG USB Stainless Steel Pen Wand, Decoded, Straight Cable, Replaceable Wand Tip.
Regular price: $174.00
Web price: $118.90
Unitech MS100-NUCB00-SG Handheld Pen BarCode Scanner (1D).   Featuring ABS plastic housing, USB interface and a 6 foot USB Type A, straight cable. Decoded. Color: Black/Blue (two-toned color). RoHS compliant.  Replaces Part#  MS100-4G.
Regular price: $150.00
Web price: $102.90
Unitech Pen BarCode Scanners - RS232 /Serial
Unitech MS100-NRCB00-SG RS232 Serial Pen Wand Bar Code Scanner Stainless Steel , Decoded, w/DB9 Connector and Power Supply Connection.   Replaces  p/n MS120-2G
Regular price: $146.00
Web price: $100.80
Unitech MS120-NTCB00-SG Pen Wand BarCode Scanner, 1D, Laser Emulation, 9-Pin Squeeze
Regular price: $106.00
Web price: $74.30
Unitech MS120-CUST RS232 Serial Pen Wand Scanner, 9F pin, RS232 Interface, Decoded, Stainless Steel Housing, Sapphire Tip (P/N MS120-CUST).  Has 1 cable: (9F pin serial cable).   No Power Supply  (i.e. required).   Receives power off the host terminal device.
Regular price: $150.00
Web price: $104.80
Pen Wand  BarCode Scanners  Keyboard Wedge (PS/2, AT/XT)
Unitech MS120-NKCB00-SG  Keyboard Wedge Pen Wand Bar Code Scanner (Stainless Steel, decoded, with keyboard wedge cable, PS/2 MiniDIN connector), RoHS.    Replaces p/n MS120-3PS2G
Regular price: $166.00
Web price: $112.10
Unitech MS120-3G Keyboard Wedge Pen Wand Bar Code Scanner (Stainless Steel.  Decoded,  AT-XT Y Cable),  RoHS.
Regular price: $150.00
Web price: $80.10
Unitech MS100-NKCB00-SG  Keyboard Wedge  Bar Code Wand (PS/2 - DIN6  Interface, 6 Ft. Cable).  Color: Black/Blue.  ROHS.  Replaces p/n MS100-3PS2G.
Regular price: $116.00
Web price: $82.70
Pen Wand Wand Emulation Undecoded Bar Code Scanners
Unitech MS100A Bar Code Wand (Undecoded, Wand Emulation, 9-Pin Squeeze, 6 Ft. Cable) - Color: Blue/Gray.
Regular price: $90.00
Web price: $44.10
BarCode Pen Wands | RSS14, GS1 | WASP, Unitech
Unitech MS120 Stands, Power Supply, Wand Tips
Unitech 400120-Z010 | MS100, MS120 | Pen Wand Stand
Regular price: $20.00
Web price: $19.90
Unitech  MS120-T Replacement Wand Tip
Regular price: $18.00
Web price: $16.90
Unitech 101000-0150 AC Adapter/Power Supply |  110-240V AC to 5V DC | MS100, MS120, MS146, MS335, MS337, MS830
Regular price: $24.00
Web price: $21.90
Unitech MS120 Pen Wand Scanner Adapter Cables
Unitech PW201-3 USB Adapter Cable (for Keyboard PS2)
Regular price: $40.00
Web price: $25.95
Unitech PW201-2  MS120 Adapter Cable RS232 / USB Adapter Cable (DB9-M plug - USB-A plug).  Length:  6 ft.
Regular price: $60.00
Web price: $31.80
Unitech Pen Wand BarCode Scanners | Decoded | Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic | Tips | Stands
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