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Zebra TLP2824 Plus 2" Desktop Thermal Printer

Zebra TLP2824 Plus 2" Desktop Thermal Printer
Item# 282P-101511-000
Regular price: $772.36
Web price: $477.82

Product Description

Zebra TLP2824 Plus 2" Desktop Thermal Printer

The Zebra TLP2824 Plus has one of the smallest footprints of any two-inch desktop printer in the industry, the LP and TLP 2824 fit into places other printers cannot, without sacrificing speed, print quality or media capacity. This space conservation is great for the typically congested areas around cash registers, desks, and countertops.

For easy integration with existing systems and a variety of applications, the LP/TLP 2824 printers also offer the widest range of interface choices, including serial, parallel, USB, internal, or external Ethernet with the ZebraNet® PrintServer II option, and an optional cash drawer kicker interface (LP only). Their sturdy, dual-wall, high-density plastic construction ensure they will survive punishment that would damage other printers in their class. A full five-inch media roll is easily loaded into the LP/TLP 2824 printers thanks to the OpenACCESS™ design, and media usage can be monitored through the clear top cover.

Zebra TLP2824Plus Features & Benefits

Printer Specifications
  • 203-dots-per-inch resolution (8 dots per mm)
  • Print width: 2.2" (56 mm) maximum
  • Maximum label and liner width: 2.36" (59 mm)
  • Maximum label length (with standard memory): 11" (279 mm)
  • Maximum label length (with optional memory): 22" (558 mm)

    Media Dimensions
  • Total thickness: .003" (.075 mm) to .007" (0.18 mm)
  • Label roll diameter: 5" (127 mm)
  • Core diameter: 1.5" (38 mm) or 1" (25.4 mm)

    Dual Media Sensors
  • Transmissive
  • Reflective

    Print Speeds
  • Maximum Print Speed: 4" (102 mm) per second

    Programming Languages
  • ASCII EPL2 programming language (Page Mode) Line Mode

  • Standard: 128KB SRAM; 512KB Flash
  • Optional: up to 256KB SRAM; 1MB Flash

    Communication Interface Choices
  • Serial RS-232 (DB9) & USB v1.1
  • Centronics parallel
  • Optional internal Ethernet (ZebraNet PrintServer II) & Serial RS-232 (RJ-11)
  • Optional Cash Drawer Kicker (RJ-11), serial RS-232 (DB-9) & USB v1.1 (LP 2824 only)
  • ZebraLink-enabled: No

  • Height: 6.8" (173mm)
  • Width: 3.6" (93mm)
  • Depth: 7.5" (190mm)
  • Weight without options: 2.7 lbs (1.2kg)

  • Keyboard Display Unit (KDU)(serial units only)
  • USB adapter option (parallel units only)
  • Cutter
  • Liner-free platen
  • Real time clock
  • Asian language support
  • External rewind
  • Dispenser with label taken sensor
  • Cash Drawer Kicker (serial units only)
  • External ZebraNet PrintServer II (provides ethernet connectivity available on parallel units only)
  • Windows label design software
  • Expanded memory (up to 1 MB flash; 256 KB SRAM)

    Zebra TLP2824 Plus Thermal Transfer Printer Data Sheet (.pdf 128KB)
    *Order Online the Zebra TLP2824 Plus Thermal Transfer Printer (P/N 282P-101511-000) Dispenser - Peeler Model featuring the TLP2824 Plus Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer (TLP2824, TT Printer Plus; 203dpi, US Cord, EPL, ZPL, USB, Internal 10/100 Ethernet, Dispenser (Peeler). Includes Create-A-Label Demo Software.

  • Accessories

    Zebra 282P-101110-000 TLP2824+ TT Printer 203 dpi EPL ZPL Ser USB, US cords)
    Regular price: $562.82
    Web price: $349.10
    Zebra 282P-101210-000 TLP2824Plus Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer (203 dpi, 2.2 in. Print Width, 4 ips Print Speed, Parallel Interface, 128K SRAM, 512K Flash and No Real Time Clock)
    Regular price: $562.82
    Web price: $349.10
    Zebra 282P-101112-000 TLP2824 TT Printer+ Cutter 203dpi Ser USB EPL ZPL
    Regular price: $789.91
    Web price: $492.79
    Zebra 282P-101510-000 TLP2824 Plus DT/TT Printer (203 dpi, USB and Ethernet Interfaces, EPL and ZPL programming languages, US cords, no media options)
    Regular price: $732.86
    Web price: $456.82
    Zebra 282P-101111-000 TLP2824Plus Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer (203 dpi, Serial and USB Interfaces and Dispenser)
    Regular price: $603.41
    Web price: $376.42
    Zebra 282P-101512-000 TLP2824Plus Direct Thermal-Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer (203 dpi, USB and Ethernet Interfaces and Cutter)
    Regular price: $959.97
    Web price: $592.10
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    Zebra 4000D Direct Thermal Paper Labels & Tags
    Zebra TLP2824-Plus Thermal Transfer Labels (ribbon required)
    Zebra 8000T Butterfly Jewelry Synthetic Tags - Thermal Transfer (Desktop Printers)
    ZEBRA ZA0-DSK0-100 ZebraCare Extended Service Warranty.  1 Year Additional ZebraCare Extended Warranty 2800/3800/R402/R2844Z Series Printers.
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    Web price: $45.50
    Zebra ZKDU-001-00 ZKDU Keyboard Display Unit (ZPL/EPL)
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