Bar Code Scanner Date and Time Stamp (1D/2D, Hand Held, Pocket, Companion, Scan Gun Cordless Scanners, Mobile Computer)

Bar Code Scanner Date and Time Stamp (1D/2D, Hand Held, Pocket, Companion, Scan Gun Cordless Scanners, Mobile Computer)
Bar Code Scanner Date and Time Stamp (1D/2D, Hand Held, Pocket, Companion, Scan Gun Cordless Scanners, Mobile Computer)

(Screen shot of the Opticon OPN2001, OPN2002, OPN2003, OPN2004 Time & Date Stamp)

The OPN2001 communicates with the OPN2001 Companion Software. By default the date and time are included in the data that is downloaded using this software. That data can then be set up to automatically save to a location on your computer. Attached is a screenshot that shows the information that is retrieved through the OPN Companion Software as well as the file that can be generated.
Collect scanned barcode data with your laptop, tablet or Smartphone using a batch or Bluetooth® companion barcode scanner from Opticon. For simple batch scanning, select the OPN-2001 or OPN-2004 USB companion scanners and for the convenience of wireless data collection, select the OPN-2006 (1D laser), OPN-4000i or OPN4000n (CCD), PX-20 (2D imager), or OPN-3002i (2D imager) Bluetooth companion scanners.

Opticon Companion Handheld BarCode Scanners Product Highlights:
  • All Opticon OPN-series companion barcode scanners are extremely small and lightweight making them easy to carry or store in a pocket
  • OPN-series scanners all come at an affordable price point that enables any business to integrate barcode scanning into their mobile applications
  • The companion scanners are an ideal, cost effective solution for field sales and service, retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, asset tracking and many other mobile applications
  • The OPN-2006, OPN-4000i, OPN-4000n, PX-20, and OPN-3002i Bluetooth companion scanners pair with any host device (Android, Apple, or Windows Mobile) that supports the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID), Serial Port Profile (SPP) or Apple MFi (OPN-3002i and OPN-4000i only) profiles
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices from the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Audible and visible feedback after a successful scan
  • USB rechargeable, high capacity Lithium-Ion battery
  • Extremely durable and reliable with a comprehensive two-year warranty that protects your investment.

  • Companion Scanner Date and Time Stamp Settings for time sensitive applications
    Date Stamp SettingsTime Stamp SettingsDefault

    Unitech Pocket Companion Bar Code Scanners for retail, health care, field service and hospitality
    Unitech  MS912-FUBB00-TG  Bluetooth, Pocket  Companion  Bar Code Scanner (1D)
    Regular price: $260.00
    Web price: $174.10
    Opticon  OPN-2001 OPN-2004 OPN-2006 OPN-3002i  OPN-4000i  OPN-3102i  OPN-4000n Companion Scanners, Rubber Boots, Batteries.
    Opticon OPN-2001-00 Pocket Memory Laser, Batch Scanner, USB Kit
    Regular price: $229.00
    Web price: $109.90
    Opticon OPN-2004-00 Companion Bar Code Reader USB Kit
    Regular price: $229.00
    Web price: $109.90
    Opticon OPN-2006 Bluetooth Laser Companion Memory Batch  Bar Code Scanner (1D, Postal Codes).  Works with Apple IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android.
    Regular price: $315.00
    Web price: $204.10
    Opticon OPN-3002i Bluetooth Companion Scanner (1D,2D, PDF417, QR Code Imager)
    Regular price: $495.00
    Web price: $334.10
    Opticon OPN4000I-00 Bluetooth HID, SPP CCD (1D) BarCode Scanner.  Apple Devices: iPod, iPad, iPhone.
    Regular price: $299.00
    Web price: $192.10
    Opticon OPN4000N-00 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (OPN4002N, No MFi Chip (1D, CCD) .
    Regular price: $299.00
    Web price: $192.10
    Zebra CS3070 Companion 1D, BlueTooth, Bar Code Scanner, Smartphone/Batch
    Regular price: $371.00
    Web price: $279.90
    Ruggedized Cordless Wireless BarCode Scanners / Timestamp Applications
    Opticon OPL-9815-SK1  GPS Bluetooth Laser Data Collector.  Batch Available.
    Regular price: $549.00
    Web price: $439.10
    Datalogic PowerScan PM9501 PowerScan  Rugged (1D, 2D) Cordless Scanner with Optional: Keypad, Display
    Regular price: $1,247.00
    Web price: $819.10