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Honeywell CK65 Ultra Rugged, Handheld, Enterprise Mobile Computer

Honeywell CK65 Ultra Rugged, Handheld, Enterprise Mobile Computer
Item# CK65-L0N-BLC210F
Regular price: $3,112.96
Web price: $2,033.60

Product Description

Honeywell CK65 Ultra Rugged, Handheld Enterprise Mobile Computer , 4 slot battery charger, Flexdock, 4 slot charge only cradle for CK3/CK65, batteries, holsters

The Honeywell CK65 is the industry’s most advanced ultra-rugged mobile computer that’s ready for the toughest DC environments and the broadest range of workflows, the Honeywell CK65 is designed to maximize worker productivity and minimize TCO.

In this environment of ever smaller orders and ever shrinking delivery timeframes, you need ways to improve your inventory accuracy and order cycle time. The CK65 is purpose-built to help with those objectives by maximizing worker productivity. The perfect blend of keypad and touchscreen, ergonomics and durability, the CK65 is light enough to be used all day yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. And with a 7,000 mAh extended smart battery, the CK65 is capable of up to 28 hours of continuous operation, so workers finding themselves with a dead battery in the middle of their shift will be a thing of the past.

Built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, the CK65 minimizes TCO like no other product on the market by future-proofing your investment with support through Android™ R and beyond, and accelerated provisioning to minimize your time to value. And with its ultrarugged design that can withstand 3 m (10 ft) drops to concrete as well as being rated to IP65 and IP68, the CK65 is durable in even the toughest DC environments. The CK65 even offers cold storage models for freezer environments and non-incendive (NI)/ATEX models for areas with hazardous gases.

Honeywell’s legacy of imaging innovation continues on the CK65 with the newest FlexRange FR imager. The FlexRange FR has a dual-lens architecture that simultaneously captures near, mid, and far range with no moving parts. It’s the ultimate combination of speed, range, and ruggedness. From picking to the pallet to the rack, the FlexRange FR imager is capable of handling the broadest range of workflows. And without moving parts, there’s no time spent re-focusing, so the FlexRange FR is always operating at lightning speed.

Honeywell Ultra Rugged Mobile Computer Features & Benefits
  • The Mobility Edge hardware platform and enterprise lifecycle tools drive an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach for accelerated and secure development, deployment, performance management, and lifecycle management

  • The CK65 device provides future-proof investment protection with support for four Android 8 (O). Security updates are also available for up to two years after the last Google patch through Honeywell Sentinel.

  • The large touchscreen with a 38- or 30- key numeric keypad with function keys or 51-key alphanumeric keypad supports both legacy key-centric and newer touch applications. Keypads allow input in extreme environments and optimize efficiency in all environments.

  • Rugged construction withstands multiple 3 m (10 ft) drops to concrete across the temperature range and 2,000 1.0 m (3.3 ft) tumbles. IP65 and IP68 ratings against dust and water spray.

  • Enhanced 1D/2D scanning/data capture for short, mid, or long range workflows, as well as direct part marking scan capabilities
    Honeywell CK65 Rugged Mobile Computer Data Sheet (.pdf350 KB)
    Honeywell CK65 Rugged Mobile Computer Configuration Guide (.pdf 4MB)
    Honeywell CK65 Multi-Dock Instructions (.pdf 295KB)

    *Order Online the Honeywell CK65-L0N-BLC210F Handheld Mobile Computer. Featuring: CK65,4GB/32GB Memory, Alphanumeric Keyboard, FlexRange XLR,Camera, SCP, GMS, Disinfectant Ready, FCC, Warranty: 1 Year.

  • Accessories

    Honeywell CK65-L0N-BSC210F CK65,4GB/32GB Memory,Alphanumeric,Standard Range,Camera,SCP,GMS,Disinfectant Ready,Standard Environment,FCC
    Regular price: $2,747.78
    Web price: $1,789.10
    Honeywell CK65-L0N-BMC110F CK65,4GB/32GB Memory,Alphanumeric,EX20 Near/Far Range 2D Area Image, Camera, SCP,NON-GMS, Enhanced Durability, FCC
    Regular price: $3,186.61
    Web price: $2,081.56
    Honeywell CK65-L0N-DMC210F CK65,4GB/32GB Memory, Numeric-F keys, EX20 Near/Far Range 2D Area Image, Camera, SCP, GMS, Enhanced Durability, FC.    (UNSPC Code	 43211505)
    Regular price: $3,186.61
    Web price: $2,081.56
    Honeywell CK65-L0N-ASN210E CK65 Mobile Computer, 2GB/32GB Memory, Alphanumeric, 6703SR Optics,  No Camera, SCP, GMS, ETSI/Worldwide
    Regular price: $2,284.75
    Web price: $1,587.10
    Honeywell CK65-L0N-BMC210F CK65,4GB/32GB Memory,Alphanumeric,EX20 Near/Far Range 2D Area Image,Camera, SCP,GMS, Enhanced Durability, FCC
    Regular price: $3,125.34
    Web price: $2,039.80
    Honeywell CK65 Docks, Batteries, Chargers, Cables, Power Supply
    Honeywell 871-228-301 CK65 CK3X CK3R Mobile Computers Desktop Single Dock, US Only | Fits one device and one battery | Requires power supply 3011-8248-001 and US AC power cord 974-028-025
    Regular price: $360.24
    Web price: $239.10
    Honeywell  CK65 Chargebase  Kit.  Includes a 4 Device Dock, Power Supply and Power Cord.   (not compatible with rubber boot).  Replaces 871-229-301
    Regular price: $777.48
    Web price: $446.28
    Honeywell Intermec 203-990-001 CK3X, CK3R CK65 Universal AC Adapter Kit, 10W with cable. Universal Wall Charger kit includes wall power supply, changeable plug type, and power active sync cable (236-297-001).  Plugs directly to heel connector. Included in CK3R-Kit configurations. Global Level VI Certified
    Regular price: $170.16
    Web price: $122.10
    Honeywell 871-230-301  CK3 CK65 (AC20) CEC Compliant Quad Battery Charger US Only |  Not for charging Smart Battery Pack 318-046-113 | Requires Power Supply 851-810-002, NA Power Cord 1-974028-025 | Replaces 871-230-101
    Regular price: $621.98
    Web price: $414.90
    Honeywell Intermec DX2A2BB10 4-Position Battery Charger CK3X/CK70/CK71/CK65/CK75.  Includes Level VI North American Power Supply and Power Cord.    Accommodates two pack chargers.   Capable of charging four batteries.   For use with the Honeywell Intermec CK3X/CK70/CK71/CK75 Mobile Computers.
    Regular price: $628.34
    Web price: $428.60
    Honeywell Intermec DX4A2BBBB10 | CK3 CK65 CK70 CK71 CK75 | 8-Position Battery Charger | Accommodates 4 Pack Chargers | Supports 8 Battery Packs | Includes LVI PS & NA Power Cord
    Regular price: $1,114.65
    Web price: $748.70
    Honeywell DX4A2444410 Quad Dock - Charge Only.  (CK3/CK65/CK75)  Accommodates four mobile computers – CHARGE ONLY. Includes power supply and North American power cord.
    Regular price: $1,188.77
    Web price: $798.70
    Honeywell 871-229-301 MultiDock Charge Only | CK3X, CK3R, CK65 NA |Requires global power supply part# 851-064-416
    Regular price: $658.25
    Web price: $446.28
    Honeywell 318-063-001 Li-Ion CK65  Battery | Rechargeable 7000 mAh Smart Battery Pack | Replaces 318-034-033, 318-034-034
    Regular price: $130.85
    Web price: $89.90
    Honeywell 318-033-021 CK65 CK3R CK3X Li-Ion Battery 7.4W 2000 Mah.   Not certified with CK3N, CK3G.   Replaces 318-033-011.
    Regular price: $191.93
    Web price: $132.90
    Honeywell 318-063-002 CK65 Lithium Ion Battery, COLD STORAGE.
    Regular price: $157.03
    Web price: $108.70
    Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer Holsters, Scan Handles & Screen Protectors
    Honeywell Intermec 815-087-001 Holster (without Scan Handle).  For use with the CK65/CK3R/CK3X Mobile Computers
    Regular price: $171.44
    Web price: $122.10
    Honeywell  815-088-001 CK65 CK3R CK3X Holster with Scan Handle (Holster with Belt).   Waist Belt is 49 inches, leg belt is 34 inches.
    Regular price: $157.74
    Web price: $109.90
    Honeywell 213-065-001 KIT, 5 self-adhesive glass screen protectors for CK65. Not compatible with CK3X/CK3R ot Cold Storage version of CK65
    Regular price: $57.14
    Web price: $44.90
    Honeywell 203-879-003 CK65 CK3 EDA60K - Scan Handle - Pistol Grip Kit.
    Regular price: $203.23
    Web price: $136.70
    Honeywell CK65-SCH Rugged Scan Handle with Stylus.   UNSPC Code: 56101811
    Regular price: $214.57
    Web price: $142.90
    Honeywell 851-064-415 CK65 Universal Power Supply, 13V,7.7A,Lvl,VI    Replaces 851-064-315.   For use with the CK645.
    Regular price: $229.64
    Web price: $207.80
    Honeywell Intermec  Mobile Computer Software - Software Licenses
    Honeywell 454-023-001 Flexera Software License, Client Pack for Intermec Windows Devices - Enterpise TE + Enterprise Browser
    Regular price: $345.00
    Web price: $323.50
    Honeywell CK65 Protective Boots | 6703, FlexRange, EX20 Engine
    Honeywell 213-063-001 CK65 Protective Rubber Boot | EX20 Computer | Color: Orange
    Regular price: $50.51
    Web price: $41.90
    Honeywell 213-064-001 Protective Rubber Boot for CK65 Computers | 6703 or FlexRange Engine | Color: Orange
    Regular price: $50.51
    Web price: $41.90