Desktop/Tabletop Thermal Transfer Printers (Maximum Print Width 4.0" - 4.2")

Desktop/Tabletop Thermal Transfer Printers Desktop and Tabletop (Maximum Print Width 4.0" - 4.4"). Desktop Printers - for printing 1,000 labels plus per day.

Zebra TLP2844<br>2844-10300-0001<br>Desktop Printer
Zebra TLP2844 Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer (203 dpi, 4.09" Print Width, 4 ips Print Speed, Serial/Parallel/USB Interfaces, 256KB RAM, 512KB Flash).
Regular price: $675.00
Web price: $409.10
Cognitive DLXi  DBD24/DBT24 and DBD42/DBT42 Blaster Advantage Printer,  2.4", 4.2" Models Available.
Cognitive Advantage DLXi combines the rugged durability and reliability of the Blaster Advantage with our leading edge print technology to offer unsurpassed performance. The DLX printer is the most powerful desktop printer on the market today with best-in-class print and first label out speeds, popular language emulations, patented USB A host technology, and a full connectivity suite.
SATO CG408 & CG412 Cerner Certified Printer
SATO CG408 & CG412 Desktop Printer have superior performance and affordable price, these 4 inch, 203 or 305 dpi, Direct Thermal/Thermal printers are best in their class. The SATO CG Series models are delivered stock out of the box with competitive emulations onboard, optimal interfaces (built in USB standard) and an anti-microbial casing for outstanding performance in clinical and processing environments.
Regular price: $695.00
Web price: $529.10
Honeywell e-Class Mark III Printers E-4204B Basic - E-4205A Advanced - E-Class Mark III Printers
Honeywell Datamax E4204B E-Class Mark III was designed from the ground up to be more price-feature-value competitive than any other printer in its class. It can print a wide variety of labels ranging from small office shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product identification labels and tags.
Regular price: $469.06
Web price: $319.10
Honeywell  Intermec EasyCoder PD41 & PD42 Industrial Printer
Intermec EasyCoder PD41 is a dependable and versatile printer suitable for medium duty applications in manufacturing, transportation and warehousing environments. With all-metal chassis and covers, proven printing mechanics and powerful electronics, it provides the sturdiness and performance your business depends on.
Regular price: $1,445.00
Web price: $926.10
Honeywell Intermec PM43 EasyCoder Industrial Printer
Honeywell Intermec EasyCoder PM43 is the first industrial strength label printer to offer integrated serial, USB and EasyLAN™ Ethernet interfaces as standard equipment. It can operate as a “smart client” eliminating the PC from the application while also running peripheral devices such as scanners, weight scales and other printers.
Regular price: $2,152.70
Web price: $1,309.10
CognitiveTPG CXD2/CXD4 and CXT2/CXT4 2 inch and 4 inch Compact Industrial Printers
NEW! CognitiveTPG's C Series printers are the next generation of high performance thermal label printers, ideal for both mid-range and desktop printer applications. Available in both direct and thermal transfer and 2 inch and 4 inch media widths, the C Series printers will shape the future of the on-demand barcode and label printing markets. C Series printers are packed with attributes that go beyond feeds and speeds, including the patented USB-A Host port and Real Time Clock standard on every printer. C Series printers deliver exceptional performance with fast print speeds and full connectivity options, all packaged in a all metal frame and a small footprint to offer the reliability that CognitiveTPG printers are known for. All of the C Series printers have a Real Time Clock.
Regular price: $974.00
Web price: $609.90
SATO CL408NX Industrial Printer, Multiple Interfaces: SERIAL/PARALLEL/ETHERNET/USB/BLUETOOTH/WLAN  <font color=white><b>NEW!</font color></b>
NEW! SATO CL408NX Award Winning Printer! Available in multiple emulations and resolutions in an easy to use design!
Regular price: $2,190.00
Web price: $1,696.10
Zebra ZM400 Midrange Tabletop Printer
The ZM400 includes additional productivity-enhancing features and modern, flexible network connectivity for easy system integration in most manufacturing, warehousing and business applications. Up to 10 ips print speed.
Regular price: $1,695.00
Web price: $1,185.20
Honeywell Datamax I-4308 Label Printer
Datamax I-4308 is excellent at printing very small bar code labels with its 300 dpi. It comes with a 4.1" print width, 8 ips print speed, & par/ser interface.
Regular price: $1,995.00
Web price: $1,489.90
SATO CL412e Industrial Printer
SATO's CLe high performance thermal printer featuring 305 dpi, 4.1" print width, and 6 ips print speed.
Regular price: $2,195.00
Web price: $1,711.10
Zebra 105SL
Zebra 105SL is ideal for moderate to high volume printing applications including distributed, batch, or single format used in: Manufacturing, Logistics, Inventory, & Product Identification. 203 dpi, 8 ips, 4".
Regular price: $2,295.00
Web price: $1,654.10
SATO M84Pro Industrial Printer
SATO's M8400RVe Printer has been replaced with the NEW! & Improved SATO M84Pro. Now printing up to 609 dpi with 4.1" print width just by changing the printhead.
Regular price: $2,495.00
Web price: $1,925.10