Opticon BarCode Scanners, Companion BarCode Scanners

Opticon BarCode Scanners, Companion BarCode Scanners
Order Online Opticon BarCode Scanners. Select from (1D/2D/Corded/Cordless/Wearable/Fixed Mount/SR-HD-XR).

  • Featuring OPN2001, OPN2004, OPN2006, OPN3002i, PX-20 companion scanners.

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    Collect scanned barcode data with your laptop, tablet or Smartphone using a batch or Bluetooth companion barcode scanner from Opticon. For simple batch scanning, select the OPN-2001 or OPN-2004 USB companion scanners and for the convenience of wireless data collection, select the OPN-2006 (1D laser), OPN-4000i or OPN4000n (CCD), PX-20 (2D imager), or OPN-3002i (2D imager) Bluetooth companion scanners.

    Opticon Companion Handheld BarCode Scanners Product Highlights:
  • All Opticon OPN-series companion barcode scanners are extremely small and lightweight making them easy to carry or store in a pocket
  • OPN-series scanners all come at an affordable price point that enables any business to integrate barcode scanning into their mobile applications
  • The companion scanners are an ideal, cost effective solution for field sales and service, retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, asset tracking and many other mobile applications
  • The OPN-2006, OPN-4000i, OPN-4000n, PX-20, and OPN-3002i Bluetooth companion scanners pair with any host device (Android, Apple, or Windows Mobile) that supports the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID), Serial Port Profile (SPP) or Apple MFi (OPN-3002i and OPN-4000i only) profiles
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices from the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Audible and visible feedback after a successful scan
  • USB rechargeable, high capacity Lithium-Ion battery
  • Extremely durable and reliable with a comprehensive two-year warranty that protects your investment.

  • Opticon OPI3301I-00 1D/2D CMOS Imager, Bluetooth,Wireless Bar Code Scanner
    Regular price: $399.00
    Web price: $307.90
    Opticon 14-OPA3201-00  OPA-3201 Wireless BlueTooth USB Adapter.
    Regular price: $40.00
    Web price: $32.90
    Opticon M5 1D - 2D - QR Code Presentation Handheld Scanner - Ideal for POS and Mobile POS Marketing Applications!
    Regular price: $499.00
    Web price: $329.10
    Opticon  OPN-2001 OPN-2004 OPN-2006 OPN-3002i  OPN-4000i  OPN-3102i  OPN-4000n Companion Scanners, Rubber Boots, Batteries.
    Opticon OPN-2001-00 Pocket Memory Laser, Batch Scanner, USB Kit
    Regular price: $229.00
    Web price: $109.90
    Opticon OPN-2004-00 Companion Bar Code Reader USB Kit
    Regular price: $229.00
    Web price: $109.90
    Opticon OPN-2006 Bluetooth Laser Companion Memory Batch  Bar Code Scanner (1D, Postal Codes).  Works with Apple IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android.
    Regular price: $315.00
    Web price: $204.10
    Opticon OPN3102I-01 (1D/2D) CMOS Imager Bluetooth Companion | Compatible: Apple IOS MFI, Android, Windows
    Regular price: $495.00
    Web price: $334.10
    Opticon PX-20-00 Bluetooth Companion Scanner, (1D/2D), Data Collector, SDK
    Regular price: $495.00
    Web price: $332.10
    Opticon OPN4000I-00 Bluetooth HID, SPP CCD (1D) BarCode Scanner.  Apple Devices: iPod, iPad, iPhone.
    Regular price: $299.00
    Web price: $192.10
    Opticon OPN4000N-00 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (OPN4002N, No MFi Chip (1D, CCD) .
    Regular price: $299.00
    Web price: $192.10
    Opticon Portable Data Collectors with GPS
    Opticon OPL-9815-SK1  GPS, Date/Time Stamp, BlueTooth, Batch Data Collector.   Includes Cradle, usb/rs232 cable and power supply.
    Regular price: $549.00
    Web price: $419.10
    Opticon C37 CCD Handheld BarCode Scanner | 1D |  USB RS232 Kits Cabled
    Regular price: $139.00
    Web price: $71.46
    Opticon OPI2201R1-00 OPI2201 1D/2D Imager Scanner (USB, HID, Auto Focus)
    Regular price: $299.00
    Web price: $189.90
    Opticon OPR3301 Opticon OPR3301 Portable Bluetooth Barcode Laser Scanner
    Regular price: $259.00
    Web price: $228.10
    Opticon M5WU1S-00 M5 Stationary Scanner (2D Presentation Imager with USB Connection Kit) - Color: White
    Regular price: $349.00
    Web price: $199.10
    Opticon CRD-9723RU OPL9728 single cradle serial communication, charging cradle.  Charging/Communication Cradle with RS232, USB and IrDA Interface for OPL9700 series and PX35 Single
    Regular price: $199.00
    Web price: $104.10
    Opticon CRD9723RU5 OPL9700 5-Bay charging and communication cradle with RS232, USB and IrDA interface.   This cradle is for the OPL98xx family only.
    Regular price: $669.00
    Web price: $399.10
    Opticon 28-OPLHOLST-01 OPL9728 Holster (with Belt Clip).  For use with the OPL9728
    Regular price: $34.00
    Web price: $21.90
    Opticon 28-OPLHOLST-02 OPL9728 Holster (with Belt Clip and Transparent Window).  For use with the 9728.
    Regular price: $34.00
    Web price: $21.90
    Opticon 32-00539-01 H16/H19/OPN2002 AC Power Supply (Wall Charger).
    Regular price: $30.00
    Web price: $29.10
    Opticon 28-OPNBOOT1-01 Protective silicon rubber boot for  OPN Companion Scanners.
    Regular price: $15.00
    Web price: $14.90
    Opticon 41-USB008S-01 USB Cable for OPN Companion Scanners.
    Regular price: $17.00
    Web price: $16.10
    Opticon OPT-28-STD2201B-01 Scanner Stand for the OPI2201.  Color: Black.
    Regular price: $49.00
    Web price: $47.90
    Opticon 02-BATLION-26 lithium ion replacement battery for the OPN3002 and the OPN4000 companion scanners
    Regular price: $39.99
    Web price: $29.90
    Opticon OPN-2002 Small Laser Bluetooth Memory Scanner with Date & Timestamp.   Batch or send data real-time to your laptop, tablet or Smartphone!
    Regular price: $315.00
    Web price: $249.10
    Opticon OPN-2005-00 Small Laser Bluetooth Companion Memory Scanner with Date & Timestamp. Batch or send data real-time to your laptop, tablet or Smartphone!
    Regular price: $315.00
    Web price: $239.10
    Opticon OPN-2003 Pocket Memory Laser Scanner, Includes Lithium Ion Battery, USB Cable, and Hand Strap.  ***Same as OPN2001 but with Black Plastic***
    Regular price: $229.00
    Web price: $109.90
    Opticon OPL-9728 Wireless Portable Data Collector
    Regular price: $699.00
    Web price: $408.10
    Opticon 28-STRAP10-01 Replacement Velcro strap for the RS2006 ring scanner.
    Regular price: $10.00
    Web price: $9.70
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